PostGame PostUp: Ducks 2 Blues 4

Posted: 12/09/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

This game defined the difference between a groove and a rut. Were our Ducks in a groove we’d post Halak’s glove is faster than the puck. A fortuitous bounce here, caught on a line change there and a guy (Porter) playing smart hockey. Actually, each of those events is true except our Ducks aren’t in a groove. We’re in a rut. When you’re in a rut that fortuitous bounce becomes a turnover, caught on a line change is a failure to execute. Porter digging out the puck in the crease is the culmination of 3-4 sequential errors on the same play. And lastly we didn’t run into a hot goalie, we failed to finish.
Our Ducks faced one of NHL’s hottest teams over the past month and the league’s second best defense. Our guys out shot them 9-5 in the second period but were out scored 2-0. The effort is there but we just aren’t gelling yet. Unlike in previous games and in recent seasons we didn’t come unglued when we fell behind. The Blues scored first and we got that one back when Teemu Selanne fed a wide open Bobby Ryan in the slot. as mentioned we fell behind by two goals but we didn’t stop skating. We didn’t start a procession to the sinbin. Our guys stuck with it and came within one when Smith-Pelly smacked one in behind Halak.

When you take the aforementioned incidents that determined the outcome of the game, it’s to take this as a frustratingly. disheartening loss. Just like our tweet of the game:

Alain C - 빅탱
BigTaengAlain C – 빅탱
Another Ducks loss, another night cranking up Forever and wallowing.

When you look at the things that really matter though, the effort and the character, it’s untrue to suggest that the glass isn’t half full. As the OCR’s Mark Whicker reported,  “A few defensive breakdowns cost us the game,” Bobby Ryan said. “We had to get more pucks deep in the second period, because with the long change it just puts too much pressure on our D. I don’t think we took 10 minutes off. I think we made two mistakes in 10 minutes, and that hurt us.”

I don’t know when this rut will turn into a groove. Again drawing on Mark Whicker’s report, “A confident team, with a record opposite of ours, would have put one of those shots in, in the third period,” Coach Boudreau said. “This team’s got a lot of heart, but they need to get on a little bit of a roll to get that confidence. It’s a little bit lacking right now.”

In other words, a fortuitous bounce, a deep dump, Lydman ties up his check and/or a shot goes in and our Ducks have back to back wins.

Note: Bob Murray announced today Devante Smith-Pelly will be loaned to Team Canada and play in the World Junior Tournament beginning December 26th.  DSP will be gone for about 2 weeks. Way2be Devante!

  1. czhokej says:

    I wanted to write almost the same: we do not get lucky bounces, we do not score easy goals. We worked hard, we created the same number of scoring chances. I would say that Halak out-dueled Hiller, and the Blues were better organized. You have to admire their plays along the boards, Not a typical cycling, but great puck movement there. There were winning more battles at the boards. Hitchcock is a good coach. So, I said good bye to the post season, we have to build and get used to the new system. However, I enjoy the hockey we play under Gabby.
    We have a huge problem with Getzlaf, always in the wrong place, his timing is gone, his hockey intelligence gone, no shots on the goal last night. He is totally useless, and his minus 12 is despicable and speaks volumes, and his excuses are pitiful. He, as a center, makes the whole top line dysfunctional.

    • BackCheck says:

      Good eye on the Blues attacking off the wings cz. It was unusual for them especially with the talent they have down the middle, Backes, Berglund, Arnott and Vladimir Sobotka.Consider those four have pushed Andy McDonald, Alexander Steen and Scott Nichol from center to wing. It wasn’t just the Blues who came at us off the boards. The Kings did as well. Though L.A. did it mostly by activating a D-man.

      Let’s look for that tomorrow night against Nashville. The Preds are team that will drive through middle with guys like Legwand and Fisher leading the attack. Both Suter and Weber like to shoot from the center lane as well. If Nashville starts attacking off the wings we’ll know it’s scouting.

      Ryan Getzlaf hasn’t been the same since he got married in August 2010 and became a father in 2011. I’m not a medical person but I appreciate the impact of that on a guy.

  2. czhokej says:

    I am sure that the new coach is also puzzled by Getzlaf’s performance. Marriage and fatherhood may cause some distractions, but not of this magnitude (?). I do not know.
    One satisfying aspect of the game was the fact, that we have played basically even contest, and it was entertaining, good hockey.

    • BackCheck says:

      Over the past 10 games Getz has 2 goals and 9 assists for an average of 1.1 points per game. Over that span our Ducks are 2-7-1. This might be the first time in his career that Ryan Getzlaf hasn’t been able to strap a team on his back and carry it into the playoffs.
      What also hasn’t happened in the past two years is Ryan Getzlaf rising to the expectations we’ve all had for him. He’s played more like a 19 overall selection than a top 5 pick. Just 18 months ago, how many of us would have voted that Corey Perry would have won the Hart (MVP) before Getz did?
      What has Getz done that is so out of character though? He showed his temper at critical points in games. Getz on ice drama queen dances and hissy fits has us all a bit exasperated. but out of character? No, Getzlaf has acted like a Miss Priss a drama queen for years.
      Maybe for the first time in his career Getzlaf’s leadership is challenged publicly, most notably by Teemu Selanne and Bobby Ryan. I was surprised to read Ryan is still needling him.
      Our Ducks may have made the same mistake with Ryan Getzlaf that the Philadelphia flyers made with Eric Lindros. As it turned out Big E was nowhere near ready for the responsibility of the ‘C’ and being the face of the franchise when it was thrust upon him. The Ducks election for captain ended in a tie. Randy Carlyle then selected Getz. So at best, you can’t say that Ryan Getzlaf has ever had the full support of everyone in the room.
      Our Ducks are in a pickle of their own making when it comes to Ryan Getzlaf. Robert “Don’t call me Bobby” Clarke resolved it by trading Lindros. Do the Ducks follow that path? My preference is to support our still “very young” leader.

  3. Patience is the key now with Boudreau. There’s nothing else to do now.

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