Ducks save a million plus bucks

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To New Jersey: Kurtis Foster, Timo Pielmeier
To Anaheim: Rod Pelley, Mark Fraser.

If you’re having trouble making sense of this as a hockey trade, give it up. This one is about the money. Ducks traded a contract it didn’t want (Foster pending  UFA $1.8million with about $1.2million left) and a prospect we had given up on for a couple of depth players.
Rod Pelley is a 4th line player who will probably see top nine minutes in Anaheim. In 211 NHL games Pelley has scored 7 goals and registered 19 assists. Based on his career marks he could give our Ducks an offensive boost.
If you liked Matt Smaby you’ll love Mark Fraser. He’s a big, 6’4″ 220# physical D-man. At just 25 with parts of 3 NHL seasons behind him, Fraser could still develop into a guy you can trust out there. If he can develop some chemistry with either Luca Sbisa or Cam Fowler, Mark Fraser could surprise.
Kurtis Foster will get a chance to play in New Jersey. The Devils acquired him to replace Andy Greene who was placed on IR last Friday. Greene’s ATOI is 18:24 per game. So a guy we couldn’t use is going to New Jersey to play significant minutes.

  1. czhokej says:

    What puzzles me that we acquired so many different players in the past, we tried them (shortly) and traded them again. There is a long list of names, some very promising guys, some veterans. Isn’t it disturbing that too many players went through this Anaheim mill? Maybe it’s normal, maybe other teams do the same. but at the end we are not a better team. We do not have a group cohesiveness. And it’s possible that we also have a bad reputation. Is it a scouting problem?

    • BackCheck says:

      Good points cz. Do we have a bad rep? Depends who you ask. Pronger, Lupul and Whitney don’t have much good to say about Anaheim. And Pronger won his only cup here. Too bad Foster couldn’t play through that pesky broken femar.

      I don’t know if it’s scouting or hubris. The Whitney trade is perhaps the most glaring example. We didn’t know he is more play maker than shooter? We didn’t know we going to try and make into something he isn’t?

      We brought Foster in with some fanfare. Bob Murray poked his head out and talked about how Kurt would anchor the second PP unit. After not giving him much of a chance we trade him for a couple depth players. Next summer we’ll quite likely have some money to spend on UFA’s if Teemu retires and Saku moves on. Let’s revisit this conversation when we see who among the UFA’s are looking to play here.

  2. bbdux93 says:

    I often use the Red Wings as a bench mark in what successful teams do – or should bo. I don’t follow them as closely as one of their fans would, but I do check their roster and cap space often.

    My impression is that they spend wisely and do not have a lots of turn over on their team. They continue to be an elite team – even when they go through a slump – they seem to bounce back just fine. It seems to me these things can not be said about our Ducks.

    Blame it on the coach – even though it’s too late to help us this season – he’s finally gone.
    Blame it on the GM – he should be gone and with any luck that will happen before the end of this season.
    Blame it on the scouting people ? ? They have to be included in both of the above failures.
    For me it is all an indication of poor management and that starts at the top.

  3. BackCheck says:

    You’re right about the differences between our Ducks and the Red Wings starting at the top but you might have aimed a little higher than the GM’s office bbudx93. I don’t believe Mike Ilitch ever interfered with hockey operations to the extent that Henry and Susan Samueli did.
    When Detroit found a legit #1 D-man they stayed with him through thick and thin. Anaheim found two and traded one so they could afford the other who wanted to retire. Now we have neither.
    When Red Wings core players have off seasons the org supports them. When our Ducks core players have off seasons the org listens to offers.
    Red Wings core consists of a balance between forwards and D, Lidstrom, Kronwall, Datsyuk & Zetterburg. Three have been together in Detroit for a decade. Our Ducks core four has seen a 100% turnover in 3 years. Niedermayer, Pronger, Giguere and I would argue Pahlsson became Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan & Hiller.
    15 players on Detroit’s current 23 man roster were drafted and developed in the Red Wings org. Anaheim has 11 and 3 of those are rookies, 2 are sophomores.
    Obviously with 15 drafted players on their roster Detroit also stick with its supporting cast. We trade ours away or let them walk as UFA’s.
    Those are the main differences off the top of my head.

  4. ffe155 says:

    I think there are more similarities to the Ducks and Wings than might be readily apparent – and a key difference. IMO the Duck and Wings recent Stanley Cups were due to innovative scouting that allowed them to tap talent that other teams were overlooking to gain an edge.

    In the Wings case, it was the tapping of the European market and the creation of the Euro-Wings that gave them the core of players that they’ve rode to their last three Cups. They were able to lock up those players in long term contracts, many times with a significant home team discount. The league has caught up on European scouting and erased the Wings advantage. The Wings haven’t drafted a top six forward since Frazen in 2004. The only draft picks since then that have any significant time with the team are Abdelkader and Helm from the 2005 draft and those guys are are bottom sixers. The Wings run is over and they are starting the long fall back to the basement – unless they come up with another cutting edge scouting innovation.

    The Ducks were able to tap the U.S. college market for undrafted talented to create their edge and got key guys like MacDonald, Penner, and Kunitz. Take those guys off the 2007 roster and you don’t win a Cup as we have painfully been seeing since 2008. The NHL followed the Ducks lead and now everyone looks harder at the college ranks.

    A big difference is the Wings took the long view and locked up young guys with long term contracts and they are still contributing. The Ducks 2007 core of Nieds, Pronger, and Giguere were already in, or past, their prime and the Ducks paid a price for giving a big contract to Jiggy. The 2007 Ducks were built for a small window of opportunity. It worked in 2007, but fell apart in 2008 when Nieds and Teemu were allowed a post Cup vacation that the team has been paying for ever since.

    Like CZ, I wonder what’s going on in the Ducks scouting department these days.

    • BackCheck says:

      Spot on the draft and scouting ffe55. Dave McNab, Senior VP for Hockey Operations, is generally credited with pioneering scouting of NCAA hockey. A couple things with regard to our scouting, is what happens in Syracuse. I can’t imagine the Crunch has had time to incorporate any of Boudreau’s changes into their system. This Coach isn’t pigeon holing or stereotyping guys either. Kyle Palmieri skated alongside McMillan & Belesky ES and was moved up onto the 2nd PP unit.
      As for the scouting itself, we’re kind of in that awkward ‘tweener stage right now. A couple of guys who looked promising, Dan Sexton, Nick Bonino haven’t panned out at least not yet anyway. Others, Emerson Etem, Patrick have yet to break in at the NHL level.
      HF just updated their status report on our more promising Ducks. And Lindsay Kramer caught up with Todd Marchant on his recent visit to Syracuse.

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