It ain’t over…Ducks fall again 5-3

Posted: 12/19/2011 by bc in Uncategorized
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This time it was to the Dallas Stars though the opponent doesn’t much matter at this point. In an interview following tonight’s game Bruce Boudreau covered a few of the points this blog discussed earlier in the day. Coach says we’re scoring enough goals to win but we’re allowing too many.
Pierre McQuire and Jeremy Roenick noted that Jonas Hiller has allowed four or more goals 12 times this season. Each opined the Ducks need to trade Bobby Ryan for a good goalie.
On the other hand, OCR’s Eric Stephens notes that our Ducks need the goalies to step up and steal a game.
Others, Pierre McGuire among them, call out the allegedly weak blue line. Good call out but the facts don’t quite support the allegation. Ryan Getzlaf minus-14, Cam Fowler minus-13, Corey Perry & Toni Lydman are minus-11, Devante Smith-Pelley & Luca Sbisa are next with minus-10. The facts suggest our weak play without the puck is a total team effort.

Whether it’s a goalie or a goal scorer this team has plenty of players who have strapped teams on their back and led them out of very deep ruts. Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf and Jonas Hiller have each done it before. Dan Ellis did it in Nashville. Bobby Ryan, Lubomir Visnovsky certainly have the talent to propel many teams to another level.

I subscribe to the Paul Coffey theory of winning hockey. When the other team scores five goals, you go out there and score six. At the end of the day the only stat that matters is the final score.

Tweet of the Night:

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Joy, we have the always unbiased Versus knuckleheads to report the game tonight. Where’s my blood pressure meds?
  1. czhokej says:

    It’s depressing, and even to write a comment is difficult. The whole team is stressed out, they make mistakes, but I am against the trade of BR or/and even of Getz. Yes we started scoring more, but we leave too many holes in the back. And I agree, it’s our weak play without the puck.

    • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

      I agree…I find myself not interested in commenting. BR needs to remain a Duck…Getz for Weber would be interesting! Weber works hard every game. Unfortunately we are on pace for the fewest victories in franchise history. Therefore, perhaps we will set a new record…for the fewest wins.

      Gabby is not the problem…we need a new Captain, period! Do it already!

  2. BackCheck says:

    I soooo hear ya cz and ygowypi. Posting has been difficult this year. So what has caused this slump?

    1. Is mainstream media right that this is simply a bad hockey team? If so, we fired the wrong guy. We should have fired the guy responsible for this roster, Bob Murray.
    2. Who would have thought this entire team was built around the presence of Jason Blake in the lineup. Not buying that one are ya?
    3. Can I sell ya on the missing truculence brought by Jarkku Ruutu, Brad Winchester, Kyle Chipchura and Andy Sutton? Not that either?
    4. Could it be that we’re missing the leadership Todd Marchant more than anyone heretofore appreciates? Am I getting warmer?
    5. Is it lack of experience? Not according to the facts.
    6. A perfect storm? Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan & Hiller all having off years simultaneously? Injuries to key players Lubo & Jason Blake?

    Have to admit that I don’t know.

  3. bbdux93 says:

    Things should be better than they are… Perfect storm – I’ll buy that

  4. czhokej says:

    We have to come to a conclusion that the cause of the problem was not only Carlyle (I have to admit, he was my main target, and I reproach myself for unilateral thinking). Besides our GM, and Getz, whom we also blamed for our poor performances, bc’s #6 is also a very likely cause.
    Should I repeat my theory about young people having too much money, and spending it the wrong way?

    • BackCheck says:

      Was that rhetorical cz? Jackie Gleason once said everyone should have two fortunes; a first that is wasted and a second that is respected and managed responsibly.
      Coach Carlyle stayed on two years past his effectiveness. Bob Murray organized the team into his own vision, RC never adapted to those changes. Perhaps it isn’t quite fair to lay it all on Bob Murray because the decision to keep Scott Niedermayer and trade Chris Pronger came from above. That decision defined the direction of the team. I’m not attempting to lay blame so much as apportion responsibility.
      Getzlaf is playing like the 19th overall pick he is instead of the Hart Trophy candidate that we all think he could be. Maybe Getz is just more of a 1-A than a genuine No. 1.

      I’m not ready to concede that this is a bad hockey team. It looks like a fairly decent team that has been run headwind into a near perfect storm. They’re doing the right things to turn it around. We see that in the effort. They just have to play a smarter brand of hockey. Avoid these costly lapses.

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