PostGame WrapUp: Ducks 2 Kings 3 (SO)

Posted: 12/23/2011 by bc in Uncategorized
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If you saw it you know our Ducks played hard and were even with the Kings after 60 minutes. What concerns me is three of the four goals scored on Jonas Hiller tonight. Breaking out for a two on two rush Hagman failed to pick up and stay with his check Anze Kopitar breaking through the neutral zone in the left-wing lane. Dustin Brown was the head man driving through the center lane. Getzlaf with Fowler in support converged on Kopitar leaving Brown wide open in the center lane. Beauchemin was collapsing low and Perry was out in nowhere land. Brown ripped one from about 25 feet out that beat Jonas cleanly high blocker side. In the shootout Jarrett Stoll fired one high blocker from about 15 feet that also beat Hiller cleanly. Brown scored the winner placing one between the leg pad and the glove from about 10 feet out.
Following the game Jonas said he didn’t feel right in the shootout. He wasn’t offering an excuse. Just stating a fact. I suspect he wasn’t feeling right on Brown’s goal that put the Kings up 2-1 at 8:02 of the third. An NHL goalie has to pick up shots from well out when he isn’t screened and there isn’t a deflection on the play. Jonas simply wasn’t picking up those pucks.
TSN’s Bob McKenzie says it best in, YOU CAN’T CHEAT A CONCUSSION;

Part of the problem is that concussed players can and do pass baseline and impact testing, suggesting to them and perhaps their club that they’re fit to play. But the best and most reliable test is the player knowing himself whether he’s symptomatic or feeling not quite right.

It’s time for Ducks medical personnel, management and Jonas Hiller to have a come to Jesus moment with regard to Jonas’ future.

The hot rumor begun by Craig Custance at espn and repeated by Gossip Girl Lyle Richardson is Bobby Ryan to Buffalo for Ryan Miller. This one is kind of hard to fathom. Not even I believe Barstool Bob would trade for a goalie having a sub-par season after suffering a concussion. The idea is beyond nuts.

At risk of making a political statement, I want to wish you and yours a warm & wonderful Christmas. To those who might be offended by that I wish you and yours a warm & wonderful holiday. Catch you Tuesday.

  1. So you think hiller is still concussed?

    • BackCheck says:

      Hey Blake, sorry for the delay. I was away for Christmas. To answer your question, I don’t have a medical degree. IMO there is something seriously wrong with Jonas. If you saw tonight’s game, 3-2 RT win over the Sharks, McGinn’s goal was similar. Unobstructed from about 25′ out that beat Hiller high glove side.
      I put the question to Josh Brewster and Mark Whicker, two guys who’s opinions I genuinely respect. Josh said Hiller is going through a slump, like Cam Ward, Ilya Bryzgalov and Ryan Miller. Mark Whicker suggested that the team hasn’t been as good in front of Hiller as they were in front of Emery and Ellis last season. I followed up with the guys aren’t blocking shots like the did last year.
      There ya go Blake, 3 opinions for the price of one 😉

  2. zseller says:

    One of the things the founding fathers of this country came here for was to avoid religous persecution. I do not think that anyone should have to apologize for wishing someone else a Merry Christmas.
    I wish you and your family as well as all the readers here and anyone else in the world a Merry Christmas and a great 2012.
    Here is hoping that the Ducks will awake from this slumber and put forth the effort required to win on a regular basis in the NHL.

  3. tearingitup says:

    Merry Christmas to all….best wishes. I think that game vs the Kings was about as good as the guys can play. The effort was better…..maybe not with BR though. What gives with him? Overpaid – whining athlete perhaps? If he is injured or sick I’II give him some slack…….but then again he has not been a factor most games. The core struggles yet do not turn it around. I wonder what happened to Sexton?

  4. czhokej says:

    My best wishes to you all.
    The fact is that the Kings were a little bit better team, and I hate to say it, they deserved to win. They outshot us, they had more pressure (better FOs) and more luck. On the other hand, with our PP in the overtime the game could have been won. Recently we lost quite a few games by one goal (or with EN by 2). Which means that one goal, one good shift, one bad pass, one mistake, one more FO win could make a big difference. Getzlaf had only one shot on Quick (and again – several bad passes), but he was trying harder. BR did not register a shot on goal. Niklas Hagman with his 1.5 mil. salary looked better than our 5 mil. guys.

  5. tearingitup says:

    Some say BR is just tired of losing……no excuse for lack luster work habits

  6. czhokej says:

    Getzlaf and Perry are 63rd and 64th on the list of the best paid players in the NHL (including Ds and goalies). Perry with his 29 points is at 30-36th place in scoring stats, in a company of Vrbata, Seguin, Elias, Jagr, Jokinnen and Benn. That’s not too bad, but compared with his best season, still very much below the expectations.
    Ryan Getzlaf is around 64th place with 25 points, but with his 6 goals this season, he is at 169th place in scoring. He is one of the most disappointing players this season (it has been reported elsewhere – behind Ovechkin, along with E. Staal, Ville Leino, Danny Heatley, and surprisingly many others).

  7. bbdux93 says:

    My friends of another faith participate a bit in, and wish their christian friends a Merry Christmas. They never ask for special consideration for the holiday they celebrate at this time of year – but of course that’s why I call them my friends. They’re strong in who they are and don’t have an agenda.

    For all of you who post and read here – And for our Ducks too –
    – our Ducks can certainly use that last part. 🙂

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