When Girls Love Hockey

Posted: 12/26/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

Check out Jenelyn Russo and Suz Broughton follow our Ducks through some sad but very Real TV at CHOC. If you can take a minute, please make a donation. To give the gift of life to a kid click here.

  1. zseller says:

    I would like the share the following with regards to the Travis Roy Foundation. They have a matching donor for up to $50,000 for any funds raised by 12-31-11. I have mentioned this to you before and hope that you have had the time to read about Travis and his foundation. He really is an amazing young man. I am hoping you will allow the post but understand if you feel this is not the forum for this type of thing.

    I hope your Christmas was a merry one and that your new year will be a healthy and happy one.
    I am posting today to you to let you know of the great opportunity the Travis Roy Foundation has for the Annual Appeal that is taking place. A $50,000 matching grant has been made possible for this years appeal. So far they have raised over $21,000. They have until December 31, 2011 to raise up to the $50,000.00 match in funds to take advantage of this great opportunity. If you would like to make a donation, please go to Travis Roy Foundation Annual Appeal.. A $5.00 donation becomes $10.00. A $25.00 donation will mean $50.00 etc.
    This is a great organization fighting a worthy cause. If you could possibly make a donation it will get matched dollar for dollar until the end of the month.
    Thanks so much for your consideration in this matter.

    • BackCheck says:

      My bad zseller. A link to the Travis Roy Foundation is up on the Menu task bar. It will stay up permanently, alongside a link to CHOC. This is a pretty good use of the menu bar.
      Just an idea that CHOC and/or the Travis Roy Foundation can turn some of the $28billion we spent on gift cards into something useful as well.

  2. zseller says:

    Thanks for the help, Travis’ story is one of great sadness to me as well as great inspiration.
    I still remember get the LA Times on a Saturday morning several years back and seeing it on their front page. For the Times to cover a hockey story on the front page was amazing to me, followed by a great rush of sadness finding out that it was a good friends son who the story was about.
    He has touched many in the hockey community and his family are amazing people.

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