PostGame QuickWrap: Vancouver 5 Anaheim 2

Posted: 12/29/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

It was all over Twitter and mainstream media that the game last night pitted one team in a groove against a team in a rut. Not in so many words but that sums it up quite well. Vancouver finished most of their opportunities and Anaheim didn’t. It was as simple as that.
The frustration level among our guys must be near seething. Time to tear a page out of Randy Carlyle’s book and move on. We’ve got J.S. Giguerre and the Colorado Avalanche due Saturday night.

  1. tearingitup says:

    I was really impressed with the work ethic and play of our guys against a better San Jose team..I saw bits of old physical Ducks hockey. I could not believe they could play that well. Last nite the new Ducks showed up. It was like……I recognize these guys but they are really not playing hockey. How could it turn back that easily? These guys suffer from a jekyll and hyde psyche and that is too bad. They can not build on their successes.Hiller was left alone for two and maybe gave up a softy. Back checking was sub par and the D was doing the fire drill The speed and execution of the Nucks was impressive,and are a fun team to watch. We had so many chances on the PP but looked like we partied for New Years the nite before.Can you imagine the frustrations of a new coach?

  2. zseller says:

    I believe that this team does not know what it is supposed to be.
    It does not have enough size to be a banging team like the Cup winner.
    It does not have enough speed or talent to be like the Hawks who win more with finess than might.
    It no longer has a goalie who is going to keep you in the game until they right the ship or steal a victory or two along the way.
    I believe that this team has taken on the character or lack there of, of its captain. At this point in time the captain of this team should be leading by example. He does not. He should be out there putting forth a solid effort every shift, every night, he does not.
    It is time for Getz to give up the C or have it taken from him.
    It is time for Getz to decide if he truly wants to utilize the talents God has given him to be one of the best players of all time, or to pack it in.
    There is no excuse to waste talent that most of the world is not blessed with.
    Getz, if you do not want to play the game, then for all of us who would do anything to be blessed as you are, give it up. It is too frustrating to continually watch you go out there and give it a half hearted effort. If you think that it goes unnoticed, you are wrong, the fans see it, and more importantly your team sees it.
    And unless I am wrong the coach has seen enough of it and that is why you spent a good portion of the third period on the bench.
    Take a few games up in the press box and see if you can find the desire, if not please step aside as I would rather watch someone with less talent giving it his all than watch you waste the talents you have by not giving a crap.

  3. czhokej says:

    Good comments, “tear” and “zs”. The Nucks played a well organized game, they executed well, they were most of the time in the right positions, they worked hard. In the first period, we did not have a scoring chance. Our youngsters need more time for development (they are showing some promising skills), our veterans do not score enough. Perfect storm, as bc called it. Psychological impairment of the whole team is evident.

  4. BackCheck says:

    tearingitup and zseller are expressing the same frustrations that I’m certain is gnawing in the gut of every player in a Ducks uni right now. The seething frustration was evident on Bobby Ryan’s face after his goal. He knew it wasn’t enough. Silver also knew that in another universe he had a hat trick or a 4 goal night, Perry scores on the breakaway, Bele-choke-skey gets his first of the season, Teemu buries that backhander Edler blocked with the shaft of his stick and Schneider doesn’t snag Cogliano’s twisted wrister.
    I mean really, Ryan rings one off the post that deflects to the crossbar hits Schneider in the back and falls on the goal line? Just how often does that one not go in? Anytime you’re snakebit as all get out.

  5. tearingitup says:

    That is so right BC…..even if the hockey gods looked at us with favor, the Nucks and Hawks play a speedy skill ridden version of this game we so much enjoy

    • BackCheck says:

      Hey tearingitup, do you know a virgin willing to take one for the team?

      czhokej makes a good point about our youth, especially at key positions and roles.
      If you”re looking for a goat in that game, Toni Lydman is a good place to start. For whatever reasons, Toni is not having the same success in the one on one battles that he did last season. His checks are getting past him on a routine basis as he regularly loses inside position. He simply isn’t picking up his check and staying with the opponent.

  6. tearingitup says:

    Like most of the other vets, I do not see how he changed that much from last year. I am in a business that has few virgins so there goes that request. It will be interesting to see the return of Gigs tonite……how do we lose that game? Maybe I am not seeing it, but I do not see any true first liners in our youth not counting the D

  7. tearingitup says:

    I may go do a little skating, so have a good New Year to all

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