Who knew? CZHOKEJ knew, that’s who knew

Posted: 01/03/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

Hope this doesn’t embarrass you too much. It is important to give credit where credit is due. The only person commenting on the Ducks who has consistently expressed serious reservations about where this team was headed is our bud, czhokej.
First a little business. It usually takes a couple-3 hours to craft a post for this board. This one has taken closer to twice that. I’ve been looking all over the net for someone who got it. Someone who knew what was missing from this roster. Someone who saw this coming.
Obviously, our Ducks problem is defense. It’s why we lose. We give up more goals than we score. Only czhokej saw that our problem was on both sides of the puck though. I admit that I didn’t get it. I genuinely thought we had a mostly flash and dash team that would win a lot of 5-3 games. Instead it’s gone the other way.
Click forward for a peek at a greatest posts hit list from czhokej…

On May 22, 2011 cz is looking ahead:

Now, one of my major concerns: checking/shut-down line (I do not care if they score). I would love to see a trio of defensive forward to be able to shut down opposition’s best, to dominate them either with speed or physical plays, to make them tired and frustrated, to keep them off balance and out of position.


And Shawn T. (Thornton)had his best season 2010-11 with the Bruins as a role player. That brings me to another issue: development of youngsters: Not everybody can be a star player. And coaches should recognize it, and help this maturation process and to produce much needed role players. Too many people just get discarded.

September 22, 2011 Observations in Training Camp:

Even though these are preseason games, we must be concerned – 13 goals in 2 games is way too many. And 6 goals in the third periods. Our best offensive trio did not score and did not even play that well. There was again too much confusion on the ice, that I couldn’t see any system or a game plan.

4 days later on adding size to the roster:

I was hoping that Sexy and Holland would make the roster. Macenaeur, DSP and Maroon are for me surprise choices. I am glad that we kept some big bodies (Smaby, Grattan, Jaques) who can (hopefully) together with Parros, Maroon and Foster physically overpower the opposition, and make them tired.

10/14 cz looking ahead at the Sharks game and the first line:

I am looking forward to see DSP (I like his style of play) and other new faces. I certainly hope that our first line shows that they are worth the $$$$. This season, they are expected to be a major and decisive factor. We won’t win too many games if they don’t score.
Another interesting thing will be RC’s new system – puck possession, aggressive defense (which requires forwards to cover the openings) and revamped fore-checking (Randy said that the Ducks were a strong forechecking team, and I do not agree with him). Yesterday, I watched the Kings – decent game for the beginning of the season, fast pace, a lot of hard work. from both teams. The Sharks used to play the similar style of hockey. We should win (if we show similar work ethics), I do not think that the Sharks are better than last year.

3 weeks later, more on the top line:

Too often in the past our top line took the play to the corners to cycle. We kept the puck in the offensive zone, but the transition to the scoring opportunity was not there, until Perry started to attack the net.
So much talent, and it’s not showing.

There’s more, much more actually. But we’re already over 600 words and they say viewers drop off at the 500 word mark. So yeah, expect a part deux.

  1. tearingitup says:

    Very nice way to respect a fellow poster. Watching the Avs against the Kings last nite proves that that speed and passion will prevail over big names that can not put out great effort each shift.

  2. czhokej says:

    bc, I do not deserve any credits. A lot of other fans expressed similar opinions, and maybe only slightly different point of view. It is however possible that I wrote some of my comments with a lot of passion. Look, I was wrong when I blamed mostly RC. And now, I even do not have an idea what the team should do next. I am afraid we are going to lose the next game….

    We do not know what is going on in the locker room, we even do not know whether the players accepted the new coach and his new system. We do not have any information about lifestyles, private problems and nagging injuries of our best paid players.

    Thank you for the compliment, but is is mostly you who see the thing more clearly.

    “tearing”, I came to the same conclusion – speed, effort, simple plays, skating into the open spaces – that’s Colorado’s strength.

  3. czhokej says:

    I would like to share another idea with you: I have compared +- numbers for every captain in the league. I was surprised to find out that Getzy is not the worst in the NHL. His -18 is of course bad, but behind him are E. Staal with -22 and Rick Nash with -19. Mark Streit is close (-16). ( In fact, Rick Nash and E. Staal are at the very bottom of the whole NHL). Chara is at the top (+22), followed by Lidstrom (+17) and Toews, Weber and Sedin (+14).
    We know that these numbers represent more a team performance than the individual skills and effort. And I do not believe that the best player should always wear the C.
    However, it’s just another look at the leadership issue.

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