GameDay: Avs @ Ducks

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The Stakes: When you’re fighting for your job the stakes don’t change much from game to game. Our Ducks enjoy 3 games in hand while trailing the 8th place Avs by 13 points. Think of this as a 10 point game. It’s the usual 4 points at stake whenever rivals meet and the Ducks 3 games in hand total ten points. Ducks can’t just win the OT or SO point. They have to win in regulation time so as to deny Colorado any points at all. Such is the hole they’ve dug for themselves.

Trending: Each team is hot. Colorado is 6-3-1 in their last ten games while our Ducks have gone 7-2-1. These two met up on the last day of 2011 when J.S. Giguere backstopped the Avs to a 4-2 win. Jiggy really wasn’t tested in that game and he shouldn’t expect as easy a time of it later today. The teams are fairly close stat wise with the only eyebrow raiser being our Ducks PP against the Avs PK unit. We should keep in mind that the PP failed to produce against a weak Ottawa Senators PK units yesterday.

Who’s Hot: J.S. Giguere has taken the starters job from Semyon Varlamov and may start in back to back road games. Jiggy has won three straight and is 12-6-1 with a .925 SP and a 2.06 GAA. Also back and it’s great to see is Peter Mueller who missed all of last season and half of this one with post concussion syndrome. Mueller scored the winner last night in Los Angeles and has 3 goals plus an assist in since returning to the lineup 3 games ago. Ryan O’Reilly 6pts in 6 games and Paul Stastny 4 pts in 2 games are also lighting it up for the Avs.
Our Ducks hot hand is also between the pipes. Jonas Hiller is 4-0-0, 1.25 GAA and a .957 SP in his last 4 GPI. Other Ducks getting it done include Lubomir Visnovsky & Francois Beauchemin each with 3pts in 2 games, Corey Perry 9pts in 8 games, Bobby Ryan 12pts in 12 games and Jason Blake with 5 pts in 3 games.

Injuries: Ducks are healthy for the most part. Matt Duchene is on IR rehabilitating a bad knee. Duchene has been out since 12/30/2011 and as of yesterday hadn’t resumed skating.

The Zeitgeist: The Avs are still a very young team who refuse to accept defeat. Those kids just don’t quit and they keep on coming for 60 minutes. Look for Avs Coach Joe Sacco to get Eric Johnson and Jan Hejda over boards against the RPG Line. He’ll rely on the Avs depth to win out. Ducks are coming off a very physical win against Ottawa and will have to dig deep to keep up with flash and dash Avalanche.

  1. czhokej says:

    First intermission: we were out-shot 15 to 2 during the first period. Most of the time Colorado stayed in our zone, moving the puck well, and cleverly inter-changing their positions. We came out flat and with no energy.
    As bb noticed the similar scenario, when Ottawa did it yesterday. This needs to be addressed by Gabby.
    Getz was at least skating closer to Giguere and he recorded one missed shot.
    In sharp contrast to my opinion, OCR Randy Youngman wrote in his column: “Does Carlyle feel vindicated that he obviously wasn’t the reason the team was struggling ?”, – (arguing that the Ducks were still losing for a while under the new coach).

    • BackCheck says:

      2nd intermission: Same-o. Stars so far are 1. Jonas Hiller, 2. Jonas Hiller and 3. Bobby Ryan.

      Easy too see why Youngman’s column torqued czhokej. RC did say he didn’t feel “vindicated” by the Ducks slow start under Bruce Boudreau.

      I’ve never been a fan of coaching from the negative. One need only look at how well and how fast are young guys are improving under Gabby to see the difference.

  2. BackCheck says:

    Ducks used some fresh, fast ice to take a 3-0 lead on goals by Getzlaf and Ryan in the third. They then hung on for a 3-2 RT victory. 8-0-1 in their last nine games it’s a shame they have to take a week off for the All Star break following Tuesday’s game in Dallas.
    For the second consecutive game Jonas Hiller stole games that otherwise our Ducks didn’t deserve to win. So why was he ignored by local media who failed to select him as the first start in either game?

    Tonight’s Tweet of the Game:
    Tim Valenzuela
    So the #AnaheimDucks are being outshot 32-12, throughly outplayed, but lead 3-0??? I’m not complaining.
    42 minutes ago

  3. bbdux93 says:

    CZ – regarding the comment in the OCR – Amazing! Carlyle was head coach for years and the play of our team got worse every year following the 06-07 season. Don’t anyone post that they went to the playoffs again – Big Darn Deal! Losing in the 1st round is not how the season of a good team should end. Babcock probably did more with less when the Ducks went to the 7th game of the Stanley Cup playoff in 02/03.

    I disagree with the OCR comment – IMO Carlyle was the problem and it has only taken Gabby two months to prove it.

  4. czhokej says:

    I believe that these guys know each other personally. They were sitting in the same box watching the game. And Bob Murray was there too, in the same room (according to OCR). There is some politics behind it.
    For me the whole issue is different – part of the slow start under Gabby was actually unlearning RC’s system, and the second part, was psychology, trust, respect and confidence.
    Today’s game showed, that we still have a long way to go.
    I am very glad that Getzlaf scored, maybe that will change him. We have said many times here: When Getz goes to the net during the game, he scores. That’s what we need from him.
    Beauch played almost thirty minutes, and I am afraid it’s too much – but he is playing the best hockey of his life. Hiller’s performance should have been acknowledged, he deserved it. He stole several games for us.

    • BackCheck says:

      Getzlaf was our most dominate player on the ice tonight. He was again in the third period against Ottawa as well. This is closer to what we need from him. The thing is, doing it for half a season or less doesn’t get the team anywhere.

      Some interesting comments from ADHN PostGame.

      Gabby talks about lobbying for Hiller to get player of the week or month from the NHL. Jeez Gabby while yer at it have a chat with the knuckleheads of the local broadcast media who selected the stars. Fer cryin’ out loud Hiller goes 2-0, stops 74 of 77 shots for a SP of .961 and posts a 1.50 GAA and he’s not the first star in either game. BTW, the local broadcast media selecting the 3 Stars consists of John Ahlers, Brian Hayward, Steve Carrol and Dan Wood.

      As for Randy Carlyle, he will always have his defenders in the media and among the fans. You can’t argue with a Stanley Cup. I was glad to read Coach Carlyle acknowledge that the Cup was “…a long time ago. It’s time to move on.”
      Where will RC land next? There’s rumors of dissatisfaction in Tampa Bay. He starred as a player in Winnipeg. I don’t think he has strong ties to the current management in either city though. Winnipeg GM Kevin Cheveldayoff is a product of the Chicago Blackhawks system. Steve Yzerman made his bones as a Detroit Red Wing.
      RC looks to be collecting his Ducks paycheck at least into the coming off season, maybe longer.

  5. czhokej says:

    There could be an explanation for Getzlaf’s shyness to go in front of the goal. His injury. I almost forgot about it. He was hit in the face by the puck.
    His pass to BR was a beauty. He was helping quite a bit at our own end, he has won more one-on-one battles, but he still needs to improve. Almost every game Brian Hayward praises him, but with his 8 goals, he is 174th in the league, his -15 is 811th, which means there are only 10 worse players (in terms of +- stats) in the NHL. And 47% in the FO circle is not enough for the top line center. (As you can see, i usually focus on the negatives. The positive side of the story is that he is improving).
    RC will have to prove himself, that will be the ultimate test. I still believe that his credit for the 07 Stanley Cup is overrated.
    Our Ds are blocking so many shots, and sacrificing their bodies. That’s good, but the negative aspect of it is that we allow too many shots- against. 45 shots went on the goal, 27 were blocked and 16 were missed shots. That’s total 88!

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