Keeping up with Joffrey Lupul

Posted: 02/06/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

Are athletes role models? Is it fair we ask them to be? Like it or not it goes with the territory. One passage in the Jonas Seigal blog about Loops hit home with me.

The naturally talented are often at a disadvantage when it comes to the work ethic required to succeed at the greatest heights of any given endeavor. Gliding by on the strength of their ability, the need to strive beyond all limits is rarely, if ever needed.

So yeah, there’s something for all of us to take from their stories.

  1. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Always liked Lups…Glad he has finally found his grove. He has been missed… we didn’t give him the support/time he needed to develop (both times)…Beauchemin for Lupul and Gardiner…great move Bob! Burke understood what he was getting!

    Overall, I hope he continues to succeed. He works hard and never give ups. Perhaps Getz should take a few notes.

    Backcheck thanks for sharing.

    • BackCheck says:

      Hey Bud, we rip into people pretty hard. So when something gets said that hits home, stand up and be counted. for the most part, I’m at peace with the choices I’ve made in life. So long as you don’t abuse kids, don’t kill or steal, be truthful in your relationships, how bad is the rest of it, really?

      As for Loops, I always thought the spot for him was alongside the Finn Twins. Putting together a Masterton Line was pretty special, but it was never the best use of assets, on paper or on the ice. So Lupul goes to Toronto and what does Ron Wilson do? Puts him alongside a couple smallish flash and dash boys, where he gets to be the big man in a mucker role and he excels.

  2. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Hey Backcheck, our Ducks have the potential to play competitive hockey year after year and for some reason they choose not to (not everyone). Getz has shown how good he can be… At times, he looks labored (holding back) on the ice (not skating as hard as he has). Is he nursing an injury?

    I have been a Ducks fan from the very beginning. I want our team to succeed and become a team that plays competitive hockey year after year (give 100% every night). I want us to become a team that opponents hate to play (not going to be an easy two point).

    I understand it’s just a sport and perhaps we are asking too much from our So-Cal Team. I don’t believe we are that harsh as the Toronto (Canadian)/Eastern US media would put us to shame! I will do my best to be positive or choose not to respond. I also understand that at some point we just need to accept and move on…

    Perhaps my expectations are set to high.

    • BackCheck says:

      Okay, well yougetwhatyouputin, since we’re being honest, truth is I used to be a Kings fan. Three things happened. I found I could no longer tolerate being lied to by Tim Lieweke. The guy has less cred than a used car salesman in a bad suit. It was all comical really. Andy “Supercuts” Murray was blowing smoke up Lieweke’s shorts and convinced him that he, Lieweke, was a hockey guy. You know how climbers work. What Murray was doing was throwing his boss, Dave Taylor, under the bus. That’s how climbers work, no? In 2002-03 I was posting at what became McKeen’s and picked the Ducks as the Cinderella team going into the playoffs. That was the year I really started paying attention to the Ducks. Up until then I was aware of them of course but didn’t follow them.

      Then at 4:35p.m. April 6, 2005 we received a phone call that changed our lives. It was our son’s mother-in-law telling me that our grandson Bodie Thrasher had just been killed in a car accident. It was 3 weeks before his second birthday and his Mom had only recently given her permission that we could take him ice skating. We never made it to the rink. That’s his pic you see on the site and on Twitter page. And yeah, I feel like I’m sharing my love for the game that we didn’t got to share in this physical life. It just my way of keeping him with me.

      Ducks were very important to Bobo. He bathed with a yellow rubber duck. It was his fave toy for awhile. Whenever The Wobbles version of Old McDonald got to the duck verse, Bobo leaped to his feet, flapped his arms like wings and sang “Quack, quack.” He’d sit down for the rest of the song. It was only for the ducks verse, LOL. Then at the funeral, Retired Hockey Mom went outside for some fresh air and there was a pond just beyond a knoll. We could see a duck stick its head up and squawked one loud “Quack, quack.” As you might imagine its comforting for us to believe that the “Quack, quack” was a sign.

      And if you’re still reading this post, thank you. It isn’t often I get to brag about my grandson. Bobo brought me to your Ducks.

      They say our Ducks suck this season and sometimes I agree. But like you, yougetwhatyouputin, watching them do it and sharing in it is enough for me.

  3. czhokej says:

    That’s a very sad story, It must have been extremely hard for the whole family.

    Regarding talent versus hard work, I learned this, exactly in this order: First significant ingredient for success : “talent, natural ability and intelligence or/and skills”. But it’s true, talent is only a small part of achievement. Hard work is another one, and probably more important, but still not enough. The third important component is opportunity, which can be often created by the the talent and hard work. However, not always. And then there is a factor of luck in life. (Benjamin Franklin said: diligence is the mother of good luck.) But again, not always.

    • BackCheck says:

      Bobo’s death is certainly a sad event but I can’t accept his short life is a sad story. I imagine that Brian Burke, Bob Gainey and Jose Theodore, who each have recently buried a child might feel the same way. Maybe I’m wrong to share it here, but I genuinely felt it’s a story of hope.
      This is a tough year to be a Ducks fan. Based on butts in the seats and this blog’s numbers about a third of the fan base is pursuing other interests. I shared how my grandson helped me become a Ducks’ fan because like any granddad I enjoy talking about him. Additionally, maybe Bobo’s love for his ducks will reinvigorate fan passion for our Ducks.

      Continuing with your other points cz; your idea, “talent, natural ability and intelligence and/or skills” is fascinating. Ducks blessed with the least amount of natural ability but who with hard work and intelligence got the most from of their talent and improved their skills include Keith Carney, Chris Kunitz and Todd Marchant. There are more but those three spring to mind.
      How it all might be factored into a formula is above my pay grade or outside my skill set, lol.

  4. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Hey BackCheck,

    Always wondered who that cute little face belonged too. I can’t imagine how painful this must have been for you and the family. It’s great that you have created this blog that has allowed you to share your love of the game with your grandson and your family. Hope your family has somewhat adjusted to the new normal…you never fully recover from the loss of a family member…I call it, “the new norm”.

    Czhokej, love that talent versus hard work. Our Ducks, at this level have the talent, have/had the opportunity and have worked hard to get here. Therefore, perhaps we should add the following to the equation: Consistent hard work is necessary to stay here, hence yougetoutwhatyouputin.

    Consistent hard work from everyone is what our team is lacking!

  5. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Note: This post moved onto a thread of its own.

    Interesting read on OC Register: “Bruce on Beauchemin: Leadership “second to none”

    “There aren’t too many guys I’d trade him for right now,” Boudreau said after practice Tuesday. “He’s doing everything he can to win. I think his team leadership is second to none.”


    • BackCheck says:

      Who wears the C serves at the Coaches pleasure. Beauch? Do we change the leadership?

      Do you mind if your post is re-published as a thread starter?

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