GameDay: Anaheim @ Columbus

Posted: 02/12/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

Whoops, my bad. Joining the game in progress. It’s early in the second. Jason Blake just put our Ducks ahead 3-1.  Ryan plants one 4-1.

  1. czhokej says:

    Getzy’s first good game in months. Perry’s reinventing himself, and his 11 SOGs looked really good. B. Ryan was skating much better, played with more passion. Good passing by Getlaf couldn’t completely compensate for his poor shooting effort – only 1 shot on goal. But he was winning one-on-one battles, helping defensively, and he played the point well.

    • cz, between periods the Captain talked about the team making adjustments before the game. He mentioned establishing net presence as one of those adjustments. The result was Ryan’s goal was scored from inside Mason’s house and Blake and Perry’s 3 goals were scored from inside his kitchen.
      I don’t know if it was a planned adjustment but our Ducks did execute 8 Take Aways, mostly caused from putting backside pressure on the opposing puck carrier.

      Gabby called this a sloppily played game. The media reports suggest this is how our Ducks must play if they are to make the playoffs. What gives?
      I agree with Gabby. Our Ducks are still not confident in themselves to the extent that our guys dictate what happens on the ice. We played up to the level of competition against Detroit, and especially after going up by 4 goals, down and under Columbus. The Blue Jackets outscored us 2-0 in the second half of the game.
      Our Ducks 13-3-3 record in 2012 is awesome. It still doesn’t indicate that they are a good team though. Successful? Oh yeah, 13-3-3 is successful. Good is a different animal. Good teams set the terms and conditions upon which the game is played. Good teams dominate and break the collective will of their opponent.
      Records aside this team is vastly different both structurally and organizationally from the dysfunctional and disorganized collection of individuals Gabby inherited back on December 1, 2011.
      Still these Ducks are not yet a good team. Good teams have the discipline to play their own game at their own level regardless of the competition. When these Ducks start doing that, I’ll buy an “I believe” T.

  2. bbdux93 says:

    First two periods the guys played OK, 3rd – not so good.

  3. bbdux93 says:

    I have to add to my last post and comment on BC’s post.

    I do not want to see our guys make the playoffs this year. This team is IMO not good enough. While they may have the skills needed, for long periods they lacked the heart. I still think we need to improve our defense – the kids are improving but they need more help.

    To just get into the play offs seems to leave the impression you only have to play 1/2 a year of hockey. Their Bad.

    That won’t do against teams like the Wings, the Coyotes, the Penguins, etc. Those teams have periods when they’re struggling but they “right the ship” soon enough and well enough to be competitors most years. I didn’t include the Sharks for obvious reasons.

    Our guys simply have not been competitors often enough to be real contendors for The Cup. If the goal has become simply to make the playoffs – big whoopie do – that frustrates me. In the 03/04 season the trade deadline brought some missing pieces to a team that was almost good enough. That helped to take us to the 7th game of the Stanley Cup finals. The loss was hard, but that team deserved to be called a playoff contendor.

    With a new coach I am hoping for a good start and consistent good play during an entire season next year.

  4. czhokej says:

    Good comment, bb, even though I would like to see some Ducks’ playoff games.
    I like our new coach, he does so many things right. Even when he shuffles the line combos, i like it. But we still cannot play different strategies (tactics), we quite often panic, and we do not have shut down – stay home solid defensive game plan. We still make too many mistakes. But we are much better team than before, when under RC.

  5. Hey Guys, Since winning the Cup our Ducks certainly give the impression that they can turn it up and down at will. That is particularly frustrating. When Brian Burke came here his stated goal was to produce an elite Cup contending team year after year. Burkey even referenced Detroit as the example, it not the model.
    Under Bob Murray the goal has changed to, “let’s make the playoffs and see what happens.” Frankly, I’ve never been convinced that Bob Murray knows what a Cup contender looks like or how to construct one. He’s always impressed me as a guy who wings it and I’ve got real issues with his credibility. In other words I don’t believe most of what he says but rather, wait for confirmation by what he does.
    Jeez Bob Murray trades one Norris & hart Trophy winning D-men, loses another to retirement and denies he’s rebuilding? The notion passes the laugh test because I was ROFL when I heard it. Well, I guess it maybe kinda sorta technically isn’t a rebuild when you cheapen the product from elite Cup contender to just making the playoffs.

    cz and I are approaching the same issue from different perspectives. Obviously, each of is attempting to get inside Gabby’s head. Honestly Bud you can label positive/negative if you want. I have nothing but respect and appreciation for your eye on the game. This is true of all of you who post here BTW.
    Coach has definitely gone to a traditional meat and potatoes system. He’s also leaving the creativity to each of his players ability to read and react to the what’s in front of them. While I don’t attend practices, I see that Coach Boudreau puts more focus on the details than Coach Carlyle ever did. That isn’t necessarily a criticism of RC, just contrasting the approaches of each.
    The last time our Ducks had a great half season they went on to beat San Jose in the first round of the playoffs and pushed Detroit to the waning minutes of game 7 in the second round. It was also the year Chris Pronger, sensing he was about to get traded, spoke out against Coach Carlyle’s system. Then question for you cz, is are our Ducks better now or then? Here’s a link to the 2008-09 playoff roster to help refresh your memory or is memory called a bio-file now?

    • czhokej says:

      bc, I personally believe that we have better team now. We have more weapons now. We are in a bad position because of poor coaching during the first half of the season, which was the main factor. To be fair, I must say that so many players also performed below their abilities, including Hiller, Lydman, Perry, Getz and Ryan, just to name a few. If our top line scored 1.5 goals a game (as projected and expected – by me), we would be close to seventy points. Last year it was 1.26 goals per game for our 5 million dollars salary group. This year the numbers show that Perry, Getz and Ryan combined scored 55 goals in 55 games. That’s below the expectations – I was hoping for 25 more by now. Considering that we lost 15 games by one goal or in OT, or in SO, just small improvement in scoring would have made a huge difference, even if the defense stayed disorganized like it used to be under TC.

      • This team on paper is deeper offensively and you’re right. They haven’t produced. Yes they’d be more successful though I differentiate between successful and quality. For example, technically Frank Sinatra was not a great singer. He had a range of about six notes. Not even a full scale. But man, when he sang, everyone got the message. Same with Madonna and Lady Gaga today. Whitney Houston was a great singer but not as successful even at her peak.
        Just a though on the in ’09 D and the impact on the backchecking. With Niedermayer, Pronger, Whitney, Beauchemin, Wisniewski, Brookbank and Festerling mabye the forwards didn’t have to come back deep and support as much with that much talent on the backline.

  6. czhokej says:

    bc, another point: we have discussed here that the aggressive defense needs more support from the forwards, otherwise there were too many holes and openings for the opposing team. BB recognized that in a few games, and now only one D is chasing the puck, and the forwards improved the puck support, they are deeper in our zone. The center is often guarding the low slot.
    Gabby also recognized the ineffectiveness of cycling and playing behind the goal line in the offensive zone, when there was no transition into shooting positions. when nobody was driving the net, when nobody was screening, etc. Maybe even Getzlaf now understands it.

    • Good point cz. Just for clarification words and phrases like puck support. strong on the puck, backside pressure, outnumbering the opposition at the puck or point of attack, box plus1, net presence in both zones also describe aspects of the system that Gabby is trying to install. LOL @ Maybe even Getzlaf now understands it. Getz can occasionally wow us but he’ll never be mistaken for the being the brightest bulb in the light show.

  7. czhokej says:

    You see much more than I do, because of your experience. I usually notice only the most obvious problems. But somehow the fact that we were right about the coaching issues of the past, gives me some satisfaction.

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