Blakey, Blakey, Blakey

Posted: 02/14/2012 by bc in Uncategorized
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Jumpin’ jeebers the media and blogosphere gets a tad whacked this time of year. Eric Stephens’ post on Jason Blake is going viral. Even the Hockey News is featuring Gabby in today’s Say What?!? feature, “I think our record with him, you often wonder whether he came in at the right time or he’s one of the main reasons it is what it is.”
Okay, Ice I get. He filed a feel good story on an otherwise slow news day.
Unlike, young Matt Beleskey, as a vet Blake isn’t overly impressed by anybody. He can play his game alongside anybody against anybody. That’s a quality in short supply on a team known for playing up or down to the competition.

  1. czhokej says:

    Eric’s articles and reports are usually OK. Blake deserves a compliment and commendation and Gabby will praise his players, that’s expected and necessary (criticism must be private). But this piece and others in the newspaper, look like every person on the Register staff is (and were) trying to avoid an honest and full evaluation of Randy Carlyle (because they did not see his shortcomings over a period of 3 years). So called experts did not see the problems under RC which were fully and many times exposed here, at this blog (and before at OCR blog too). This politics was a disservice to the Ducks, because our GM praised his friend until the last day. By the same token, Bruce B. doesn’t get the credit, and only indirectly by the quotes of the players we can tell that they like him. Blake’s good play is only a small part of our present improvement.

    I hope that this couldn’t be interpreted as a libel.

    • Nope cz, doesn’t meet any test for libel for which I’m familiar.
      Jeff Miller and Randy Youngman were and recently have been very supportive of Randy Carlyle. While the “hockey guys” Eric Stephens and Mark Whicker haven’t really expressed an opinion either way. If either of the latter have, I missed it.
      Dan Wood really made me laugh when he compared RC to Scotty Bowman though. Apparently he saw some similarities while reading a Ken Dryden book. That’s like seeing a similarity between satirist Stephen Colbert and the satirized Bill O’Reilly and missing the joke.

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