GameDay: Chicago @ Anaheim

Posted: 02/26/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

The Intangibles: It’s the second of back2back road games for Chicago. It’s the first home game after a long road trip for our Ducks. Blackhawks will be looking for their second wind while our Ducks must guard against trying too hard and doing too much in an effort to please us fans. A month ago Chicago looked like a Stanley Cup contender but since their engine has seized. I suspect the reason(s) for Chicago’s collapse is off ice, non-hockey issues.
Our Ducks surge is awesome but we are a rather mediocre 1-1-1 in the last 3 games. Yeah it was a long road trip but, this is about results not excuses.

The Skinny: Chicago is 3-0 against us this season. Is the Blackhawks collapse so complete they fail to sweep the series? Does Gabby have to do more than remind them that they’re 0-3 against those guys?
Chicago went 2-7 or so then woke up to beat the Rangers, Red Wings and the Blues. They followed that with losses to Dallas and L.A. by a combined score of 7-1.

Beware the wounded bear.

  1. As a Blackhawks fan, I am just sick of this mess. They can’t keep a consistent streak going. They either lose five or more in a row, win five or more in a row or get blown out in every game.

  2. It might be a back to back for them, but we were given these teams that were tired at the beginning of the season and we lost almost all of them. Just focus on limiting shots so hiller can go tomorrow too.

  3. Hey Mighty, I get the sense Gabby will ride Hiller until he drops.

  4. czhokej says:

    Good game, good effort, precious 2 points.

    • Precious is right cz. Dallas won in OT. Kings won last night. Wild beat San Jose tonight. And the race just gets tighter. We were lucky to draw a slumping Blackhawk team because as Gabby said in the first period Coach’s interview, “They look like they’re skating in quicksand.”
      Good teams find ways to win games when they don’t have they’re best stuff. We’ve seen our Ducks do that of that late. While it may work against a slumping team it definitely won’t work against the teams playing desperate hockey.
      In recognition of Oscar night we can pass out a few awards. Nick Bonino takes best performance in a supporting role for his setup on Cogliano goals. Best actor in a comedy goes to Devo for the ice wash he gave to Ray Emery. Ryan Getzlaf walks away with a best for total physical domination from slot to slot. And where the heck would be without Jonas Hiller? A plate of crow at me for thinking he was done in December.

      With a goal and an assist Teemu Selanne moved past former Red Wing Luc Robitaille for 20th spot on the NHL All Time Points leaders. Flash is just 3 points behind arguably the greatest Finn to this point and former L.A. King Jarri Kurri.

  5. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Lets not forget the Oscar to our coach that has found a way for our group to compete! I look at Gabby as Rocky’s trainer Michael “Mickey” Goldmill! Washington lost a heck of a motivator.

    As for Hiller, I will take a piece of that crow pie. However, perhaps its the way Gabby has been coaching him without any practice. RC was working him into the ground with practices and games.

    Teemu is definitely an anomaly.

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