BackChecking the Trade Deadline with Bob Murray

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You won’t find my bits posted at the original.

Awhile back we kind of challenged this group and they responded. Since way back on January 1, I don’t know who has been better in this league than our team. They have earned the opportunity, deserved the opportunity and wanted the opportunity to continue. We just stayed out of the way. Going in, we tried to look at a couple that might even help. You look back at late December, we were thinking about selling. You come to today and because of how well they have played here, you’re almost thinking ‘Well maybe we can get in on something here.’ They made it real difficult here in the last couple of weeks. Good for them. I have no problem with that.

Jeez Bob, that’s either the most convoluted “dog ate my homework” excuse for not doing something or you really mean it. Fact is, you’ve been tinkering around the core for a while now. Andrew Cogliano, Niklas Hagman, Rod Pelley, getting Jason Blake healthy have all proved to be astute additions. The young guys like Devo and Nick Bonino are contributing every night. We’re too smart to believe Gabby when he says he hasn’t made many changes. We see it and we know it, though his modesty and respect for his predecessor speaks to Coach Boudreau’s character. As a guy who wanted both you and Coach Carlyle fired, you might finally have this org team headed in the right direction.

On the price tags on trades around the league
They started out high back with the Philly acquiring of Grossman, and they just stayed that way. You hoped they might come down today. We’ve been studying it here and they didn’t come down. I don’t think a lot happened really. We are all so bunched up.  We dabbled in a couple of things and the price tag was too high for us.

Like I tweeted earlier in the day Bob:
BackCheck ‏ @SlashSkater
Why the stalemate, cap or parity? Obviously Bob says it’s both, and he’s right.

On Selanne
I never let him get to that.  I told him it wasn’t going to happen. He was going to have to come to me and make me do something. We never even talked after that. It would have taken a real lot for him to tell me that he wanted out of here and for me to listen.  No, there was never a discussion on that point.

Get over yourself Bob. Had you traded flash the barn would have been empty. Teemu’s chase up the All Time points leader board was all we had to cheer about before until the new year.

On the moves at this trade deadline
It was a pretty interesting deal, that last one by the way (involving Vancouver and Boston).  When you get to the draft, I think Philadelphia proved it last year, all of a sudden you have more people trying to make a major move because they have had playoff failures or they haven’t made the playoffs. In a move right now, you can only talk to certain teams because of the cap and money. No, it didn’t surprise me. I think it may have held up things a little bit, but that happens every year. It opens up much more at the draft.

Bob is probably way too smart and experienced to be surprised. 

On the minor league deals
Erixon will go to Syracuse. He’s a bit banged up right now. It hasn’t gone well in the minors this year. We’re very disappointed in what has happened down there. We tried to shake a few things up and will continue in the offseason.

Hey Crunch here’s a banged up D-man you can put on that broken wheel.

On offers that came his way
As always goes on these trade deadlines, months ago, teams start lining up what is going to happen and what you are going to do. A long time ago, you thought we’d be sellers here and the players responded to the challenge. We weren’t going to sell. As the weeks went on and we got closer to it, the talks weren’t really talks anymore. We pulled ourselves right back from everything. These players deserve this opportunity and they are getting this opportunity.

Fair enough. Bob Murray might have a made a trade or two but the price was too high. I get that. There are just 7 guys left from the roster that Murph inherited from Brian Burke. These are Bob Murray’s Ducks. Bob Murray is rated by how this team does. Fair enough?


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