Ducks keep roster intact

Posted: 02/27/2012 by bc in Uncategorized
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Today’s tweets really summarize the trade deadline:

Anaheim Ducks ‏ @AnaheimDucks
Bob Murray on lack of Ducks moves: “They’ve earned the opportunity and they deserve it, and they wanted the opportunity to continue.”

Dark Knight ‏ @ShadowOftheBat
@rollingdux Even if it doesn’t get them into playoffs has given them credibility with the fans showing it was the coach (RC) not the players

Ducks sent Andrew Gordon to Vancouver for D-man Sebastian Erixon and Mark Fraser to Toronto for F Dale Mitchell.

I’m okay with standing pat and giving these guys every chance they’ve earned. You never want to lose a teammate. Even when you know it’s for the best. The friendships that get created from playing on a team together is something so special. Ask any player and I’m sure they’ll tell that their memories include just hanging out and being in the room.

BTW, earlier today AP raised our Ducks playoff chances to improbable.  Let’s go Ducks!!!

  1. czhokej says:

    I am OK with no trade, even though I wouldn’t mind losing Getzlaf. However, I do not think that anybody would want him because of the money he is getting and his low productivity.

    • No doubt Getz’ trade value is lessened due to his declining goal scoring production. Until this season his points per game was still increasing.
      Another way to consider Getz declining production is, would we care if we still had Andy McDonald or had found another point per game producing center? I don’t mean this as smack@Saku but his offensive production is closer to top 9 than top 6.
      I only favor trading Ryan Getzlaf if the return is a Norris Trophy candidate.

      One thing worth watching down the stretch is the progress of Devo & Nick Bonino. If they can show top six production, 12-15 points each in the remaining 19 games and Lubo gets it going, lookout-cookout.

  2. czhokej says:

    The loss against Colorado cooled my enthusiasm. It looks like you were more realistic bc. It takes a lot of energy to win so many games, and now I do not think we have it.
    The lack of scoring from young forwards is unfortunate, and it is another reason, why I am not as optimistic as I was before the game against Tampa Bay. The Sabres will start with Cody Hodgson, who is a rookie (he played only 10 games last year) with 16 goals in 63 games this season. His numbers are better than Getzy’s.

    • LOL cz, today I’m the voice of reason. Our Ducks get back on the winning cycle and I’ll be Oh ye of little faith. Jeez, make the 2nd season or not, it’s a heckuva ride, no? That we’re disappointed when our Ducks fall off the track en-route to making the greatest in-season turnaround in NHL history says much about us.
      We’re living the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat with every bounce off the stanchion.
      A month ago Ducks were running giveaway specials on tickets. Attendance at the Chicago games was over 17,000. That’s what, about 95% of capacity? Our stats here are averaging about 120 views in the 24 hours following a loss and 200 after win. A 2-3 game win streak and we draw up around 250-300 views per day according to WordPress. A 2-3 game losing streak and our views drop between 70-90.
      I don’t know that WordPress’ numbers are spot on but the flow of traffic to this blog tracks pretty closely to the Ducks attendance trends.
      Some people call that the bandwagon. I think it’s just human. For comparison sake, during 27 consecutive years of marriage there have been days when I wasn’t Retired Hockey Mom’s fave guy 😉 If we never spent time in the basement how would we know how to appreciate the penthouse?

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