Ducks v. Kings Poker Tourney

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The San Manuel is down the hill and two left turns from our driveway in Crestline, CA. Went there looking to meet Hockey Writer Jeff Shibley, but Shibber couldn’t be found. Had a nice chat with Ducks Radio Analyst Dan Wood. More on my chat with Dan in a bit.

Phil Hulett, Ducks announcer and morning host at KFWB980 is a stone cold pro. Phil Hulett is just one of those genuine guys who is always looking to help out in some way. I knew from the Twitter feed Phil and Jeff were in touch so I asked Phil if he had seen Jeff. Hulett whips out his phone, tried calling or IM-ming Jeff but his battery was low.  Phil said he had to plug his phone in somewhere and charge it up.

No biggie. I’m never alone in a crowd of hockey fans anyway. About 20-30 minutes later Phil spots me and says the phone is still charging, check back. Jeez, he remembered. That’s pretty real, no?

It was kind of fun to see the deference and respect the young broadcasters, Adam Brady, Kent French and Patrick O’Neal gave Phil Hulett. He bagged on O’Neal a bit but had to tell the kid he was just kidding, lol. The young ones are wrapped just a tad tight, eh. No doubt we all were, are or will be once, lol.

So I spot Marty McSorely and had to say hi. I have some history with Chris who I interviewed on the radio a couple of times when he coached the Las Vegas Thunder. Chris and I got along in part because I refused to ask him about his more famous brother during our bits. Anyway, I tell Marty that I just wanted to thank him for coming to the Pasadena Youth Hockey banquet. Marty laughs and goes, “You’re going way back.” He looks at Glen Murray and says, “Tim’s kid played at that rink. That was Tim’s deal.” So how real is that? I remind Marty McSorely about a kids hockey banquet he attended 25 or years ago and he remembers the back story to it. BTW, Muss Murray retired in 2008 but looks to be in game shape.

I shared the most with Radio Color Analyst Dan Wood. Color analyst sounds like an odd title for radio.  And yes, told him I was the guy who posted under Backcheck on the OCR blog. He remembered. He seemed most interested in hearing how I grew up with hockey. So we chatted about that a bit. He was fairly impressed by the fact that for five years while living in Ottawa I played goal on the grade school team, center on the neighborhood outdoor league team and D in the city wide Cradle League which was played indoors on that artificial stuff.

Dan shared that he grew up in the Bay area playing baseball. He was almost whimsical talking about Southern Ontario where I was born and raised. We shared a story about the old Windsor Arena where the Spritfires played. Apparently our Ducks held a practice there recently. Dan talked about going through Strathroy, Ont., Andy McDonald’s home town.
It became obvious that Dan Wood is as much a fan of the game’s history and culture as he is of the game itself.

We chatted about our Ducks. I asked him if he felt the guys had a miracle finish in them. He thought not. It was too big a hill. He thinks it will take 94 points which means they can’t afford more than 3 losses in the remaining 18 games. On Bob Murray, Dan Wood doesn’t think the Ducks will let him go because of his contract. I suggested that they let Randy Carlyle go but Woody said the situations are different.  He doesn’t think the Samueli’s will buy out or continue paying  Bob Murray for not working. One thing Dan Wood shared is that he’s never found a guy who played for Randy Carlyle who had anything good to say about the former Ducks coach.

The one thing that comes through chatting with Dan Wood is how much loves hockey people. He really seems smitten by hockey people.

It isn’t difficult to share in Dan Wood’s love for the game and its people. For example, I didn’t recognize Glen Murray and had to search out his name tag. Upon spotting the letters spelling out Glen Murray, I go, ‘You’re Muss Murray!” He laughs, Marty McSorely turns away and I tell Muss that I’m there to thank that ugly mug for appearing at the banquet.

Never did find Jeff Shibley though. Ah well, maybe next time. He owes me a beer for sure now. I really do enjoy his blog. And for whatever comes from the beer Shibber owes me, the moment will be every bit as real as these moments with Phil Hulett, Marty McSorely, Muss Murray and Dan Wood. After all, that’s hockey.

  1. Very interesting to read these comments…especially Dan Wood’s thoughts on Barstool. Sounds like organizational support for him might be waivering? Desperate GMs… :/

    And re: the RC comment by Dan Wood….I’m guessing this is just in relation to his style of coaching? Or is he suggesting that RC is a bufoon as well?

  2. Guess I should have asked Woody a couple follow-up questions.

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