GameDay: Ducks @ Queens

Posted: 03/03/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

Joining the game in progress. Carter just put the queens up 2-1. You can find me on Twitter. Will be back for post game chat.

Well we knew it was coming. The idea that our Ducks would complete the most successful in-season turnaround was unlikely. We’re now 7 points out of 8th place in the Western Conference with just 16 games remaining. To make those 7 points our Ducks have to 4 games better of Dallas and Los Angeles who both have a game in hand on us. We need to go 3 games better than Colorado and two better than Calgary.
While our Ducks have a mathematical chance of making the playoffs the odds of us doing it are less than 3%. That’s about the same as Eklund getting a trade right. It’s time to keep one eye focused on next season.

  1. czhokej says:

    Too disappointed to comment.

  2. ha. i think your thoughts echo through the message board. both their PP and PK seem to be failing them right now & as with any sport, that is never a winning combination. neither is our rekindled romance with the penalty box samba

    I’ve been saying for weeks that I hope the ducks get a high draft pick but don’t like to see them lose. In this regard, every game has been bittersweet for me.

    On an unrelated note, I was reading something about how Justin Schultz can opt to be a UFA. Has anyone heard about this? Thoughts?

  3. From Twitter:
    Curtis Zupke ‏ @curtiszupke
    Ducks’ room was as grim as I’ve seen it this season.

    On Justin Shultz it would appear that the Badger is holding all the cards.

  4. czhokej says:

    This loss means also that we have to start rebuilding. We have some older guys, some young boys who need more experience, and some players in their prime, who should be scoring goals and who are not performing that well. What are your thoughts about that, gentlemen?

  5. If the Ducks lose out on Schultz because he chooses to become a UFA after Bonehead Bob gave away Gardiner for someone we could have had anyway…well, lets just say that the fan base will be outraged. I’ll personally buy a ticket just to start a “Fire Murray” chant at a game. Here’s to hoping, as per the article you linked Brad, that he’s playing in a Ducks uniform on March 13th.

    In regards to the rest of the season, the Ducks organization need to milk their “playoff” aspirations as long as possible. This is a business to run after all and they need to focus on selling seats, because its going to be pretty clear in no length of time that the ducks aren’t going to make the post season. After that, who knows. One problem I do have with this team is that there are too many old players with this club…Koivu, Blake, Selanne – all might very well retire after this year is over. Do you sit them for the remaining games and bring up youth? I don’t think you’d disrespect Koivu or Selanne by doing that. Do you bring up Holland and Palmieri? If so, who do you sit? I feel there is just too many people clogging the pipeline right now to ‘try’ youth on for a change.

    I could ramble on forever right now. I’ll stop and wait for someone to prompt some specific thought out of my head. Fair enough, eh?

  6. @czhokej, have to admit I just flat out don’t understand the thinking behind our Ducks. Henry & Susan Samueli have done more to promote hockey in SoCal in their 6-7 years than the L.A. King have done in more than 40 years. The long term view they’ve taken with respect to growing youth hockey is contrasted by the short term, short sighted quick fix methodology practiced with the big club.
    It isn’t just Bob Murray. One season Samueli/Shulman are extending the contracts of both the GM and Coach. The next, we’re firing the coach and the jury is out on the GM.
    Maybe that first Cup came too quickly and seemingly too easily for the new owners. They really weren’t around for much of the trench digging and foundation laying by Bryan Murray.
    We discussed it here a bit. The smart thing to do this season was too sell into what was a seller’s market. Instead we made the short term bet that our Ducks would achieve the single greatest in-season turnaround to make the playoffs in the history of the game.

    Falling asleep as this is getting written. Will get back to it in a few hours.

  7. czhokej says:

    I have to admit I was wrong too. I have blamed mostly everything on RC. Nowadays, in order to be competitive, you have to have a good mixture of speed, skill, size, chemistry and meanness (beside coaching). When we won the Cup, the Ducks had everything. Murray did not do a good job during the years after Nieds-Pronger-AndyMac-Pahlsson era. He was basically dismantling the team (it started under Burke). His another sin was that he did not see RC’s shortcomings sooner even though they were obvious.
    However, my miscalculations were also about the players. I expected the top line, with its size and skills, to be dominant and score at will, especially on PP ( my prediction was approx. 40 goals each for a season). In 2007 our top line had 100 goals with speed and skills, and our second line scored in that season 71 goals with physical plays, aggressiveness, self-confidence.
    What I am trying to say, that in my calculations I did not realize that players have their up and downs, injuries, confidence problems, mental issues etc. For example Ovechkin from 65 goals in 2008 he has now only 26. Penner had 29 in 2007, this year only 5.
    Nevertheless, to complete the story, coaching change came 2 years too late, and we should have been in a different position (and definitely some trades were also necessary).

  8. bbdux93 says:

    I agree with all of the comments here.

    A friend thinksTeemu will not retire because all of our last games are away from home… I don’t agree. I think Teemu will sign a one day contract for next year and retire during the game. He’s done it all and IMO – it’s time for him to quit. There’s no reason for him to play to the point where he looses support of the team and the fans.

    As to our older players – I don’t see any of them on the team next year and would include a few others we should replace.
    Parros – As others have proven lately – we no longer need a fighter and George doesn’t contribute enough on offense.
    Rod Pelley – I’m hoping we can replace him with someone more productive.
    Belesky – maybe the same – but I do like the energy he brings and think other teams may see him as a potential scoring threat on every shift.
    And now for the one you may not like – Visnofsky – he isn’t the same player since he injured both shoulders last season. He is too small and loosing some of the speed he’s used in the past to make up for his lack of size.
    The only change I’m concerned about would be trading Getz. I remember clearly what happened when we traded Teemu to San Jose. Kariya was angry and the way he left the club showed just how deep that ran. What would happen to Corey if we traded Getz – Big question. Corey has proven his worth – would he understand a trade of his bud ? ? ?

  9. I agree about george insofar as on ice product is concerned. However, we live in the land of Hollywood… George seems to me to be a promotional tool. And it seems to work. He is very much an off ice face of this team to the average flakey fan.

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