GameDay: Edmonton @ Anaheim

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If you’re going to the game and haven’t purchased your tickets yet, you’ll get a discount by using this HOPE link. It took my a good ten minutes to work my way through supporting this charity. I’ve known 3 people who ended their own life. It’s surprising to discover that I’m still angry at them. Is there a more selfish act? Frankly, I’m not sure why I’m supporting this but there you go. Maybe some good will come from it.

The Skinny: Each team has hit the skids losing 3 of its last 4 games. The Oilers bring the #1 ranked PP against the NHL’s second most penalized team. If the officials are looking to make a statement this could be their game. IIRC NHL rosters expand  Thursday March 9. Don’t look for much change before the weekend.

Milestones: Teemu Selanne is one point shy of tying fellow Finn Jarri Kurri for 19th spot on the NHL All Time points leader board. Flash also leads all Ducks in points this season. Bobby Ryan needs six goals in the remaining 16 games to reach 30 goals for the fourth consecutive season. Corey Perry needs 9 for 40.

  1. czhokej says:

    Isn’t it amazing that the Oilers have the best PP. What do they do and how??
    I just hope for a good hockey game.

    • Speed kills! That’s the one thing that sets Oilers PP apart. It doesn’t matter if they’re moving their feet, the puck or both simultaneously; the Oilers get up on their wheels and get things moving until the opposition makes a fatal mistake.

  2. The ducks won one that they didn’t deserve to win. Another 3 periods of uninspiring play (well, i only watched the last 2 but I hear the first was different – cant believe that after watching the last two though). In watching the game I thought Edmonton was by far the more physical team and I really didn’t like seeing that. Boys weren’t strong on the puck, weren’t winning battles, and weren’t hitting. The stat sheet reflects this lack of engagement as well – 41 EDM to 24 ANA for hits. Blocked shots – 10 ANA vs 15 for EDM.

    On a different note, the officiating in this game was horrible as well. It was called fairly consistently the whole game. Then again, I don’t know how you could say ‘it was called’, because it wasn’t. The refs were there to drop the puck and the linesmen were there to call offside. Saw the modern day version of clutch & grab tonight boys – wtf is going on?

    • Funny Blake, I did the exact opposite. Watched the very uninspiring first. Kept nodding off in the chair. Went to bed early. Post game media reports tell of our guys climbing to within 5 points of 8th seed San Jose. The same media conveniently omits the fact that the Sharks have two games in hand over our Ducks.
      I swear some of these reporters could officiate NHL hockey games. They certainly are skilled at ignoring critical facts.
      Teemu tied Jarri Kurri on the points leaderboard. It’s a hoot that Jarri texted him, “What’s taking you so long?” a couple of weeks ago.
      Corey Perry scored two moving him closer to 40 which just proves that his 50 goals last season was no fluke.
      Bobby Ryan reached 25 goals for the 4th consecutive season.
      Ryan Getzlaf continued his own consecutive games without a goal string at two.
      Brian Hayward has been in rare form pointing out missed calls by the Refs these past two games. It’s a gutsy issue for him to take on given the NHL’s practice of sanctioning dissent.
      As a player I never cared how a game was called so long as it was called consistently. The absolute worst thing is for a player to wondering where the line is drawn. As a guy who pushed the envelope myself, the relationship between player and ref is cat and mouse, catch me if you can.
      What we have now, penalty parade one game and only that goon Selanne taking two the next is an unacceptable level of inconsistency.
      So yeah, Blake I totally get the guys laying off physically. It’s what happens when you can’t trust the Ref.

  3. czhokej says:

    I saw the whole game. The first period we were much better team than the Oilers. We out-shot them (11-4) , out-chanced them (I would say 8-3 with two pipes), we were skating well, using the experience to our advantage. However, the different Edmonton team came out from the locker room at the beginning of the second period. As both of you (blake and bc) pointed out, the Oilers started skating fast, moving the puck quickly, they had frequently 3 guys very close to Hiller, at least one of them had his behind in Hiller’s face, and suddenly we started to panic. It was no fun to watch how they demoralized and incapacitated us, but Hiller did his amazing magic and kept it tied. Third period was not as bad for us, and a terrible mistake by the Oilers and Ryan’s breakaway decided the game. Officiating mistakes were probably equally divided between the two teams.

    • True cz, we had a territorial advantage and out shot them in the first but we failed to do much with it. Work is measured by what’s accomplished. We don’t finish enough plays.
      Imagine where we’d be without Jonas Hiller’s heroics.

  4. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Same old story guys (30%-60% effort)…the only positive thing to focus on is Teemu breaking records and Jonas recovery/working with vertigo. As Brad indicated, without Jonas we would be a joke.

    I agree officiating has much to be desired…however, good teams find a way to put the puck in the back of the net regardless of how the strips call it. If we resort ourselves to the “poor officiating” card we are in big trouble…games should never be that close.

    Hopefully we finish the season with the same effort that the Oilers put out last night.

  5. Not pulling the officiating card, just merely pointing out how absurd it is. Officiating should be like a third pairing d-man: you shouldn’t notice it other than to say they did their job. One night the officiating is calling phantom calls and then the next the game was played like they weren’t there. As a fan that type of officiating takes away from the fun of watching the game.

    Re: your other thread brad… Someone said we need to get weber. Thats not going to happen. I don’t think nsh is going to trade him… I know I wouldn’t if i was them.

    • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

      I agree that the poor officiating takes away from the game. However, if we would execute more often it would become a mute point. Also a stronger PP and PK would definitely help…Bottom line is we have allot of areas that need work…officiating is out of our control as it is in any sport. We need to point the finger out ourselves and execute!

      Per the act of congress deal to bring Weber…we are all replaceable…question is at what cost…Weber is a Free-Agent this summer…look for him to shop the field if the Predators fail this post season.

  6. If unsigned, Shea Weber becomes a Restricted Free Agent on July 1. The Preds can make him a qualifying offer and go to arbitration. Weber could sign an offer sheet and Nashville gets that team’s next 4 first round picks in the Entry Draft.

    Just acquiring Weber’s negotiating rights would take a eye popping package. There will be plenty of teams bidding which will drive up the price. On the other hand, are the all the unanswered surrounding the next CBA. The unknowns are such that I’m not sure the prospect of tendering Weber an offer sheet can be measured even semi-accurately in a SWOT analysis.

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