GameDay: Anaheim @ St. Louis

Posted: 03/08/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

Trending: The NHL’s two hottest teams in 2012 face off at the Scottrade Center tonight. The Blues are 21-6-2 while our Ducks have gone 19-7-4 in this calendar year. The Blues are battling for the President’s Trophy while our Ducks are attempting to stave off elimination from the playoff hunt. St. Louis has remained hot going 7-3 in their last ten games. Meanwhile, our Ducks are trending back to their mean going 5-4-1 in their most recent ten games.

The Skinny: The one consistent feature in the Blues rise to the top is their refusal to accept mediocrity. Whether it’s a coach with an impressive resume like Andy Murray or the latest and greatest next Chris Pronger can’t miss draft pick, the Blues haven’t been shy about making changes to their leadership and/or their core. Our Ducks, perhaps to their credit, have shown great patience and loyalty to coaches and certain players. Could be the difference between having deep pocket owners like Disney and the Samueli’s and fighting for financial survivor. Could be our Ducks complacency stems from having won a Stanley Cup while the Blues have not.

SWOT Analysis: The Blues lack a 30 goal scorer. You won’t even find a 20 goal scorer on their roster right now. Nobody is even near point a game production. What they do have is eight guys in double digits in goal scoring, two more with 9 and one with 8 goals. Their only weakness and threat to their continued success is injury. The Blues have flown under the radar thus far but that appears to be ending. Coach Ken Hitchcock has done a masterful job instilling a one for all, all for one team approach.

Our Ducks are star driven. When the stars don’t come out, Ducks lose. Coach Boudreau is attempting to change the standard operating procedure but may have his hands full with a new problem. Bobby Ryan has gone public saying that he wants a line built around him. He’s not happy playing fifth wheel to Getzlaf and Perry. What Bobby Ryan may have done is bought his ticket out of Anaheim.

  1. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Hope the team brings their A game tonight…per Ryan comments, refer to the NBC link…more specific info per questions asked:

    My interpretation:

    “My next step ultimately would be to break away from Getz [Ryan Getzlaf] and Pears [Corey Perry]. I think we’ve had chemistry. But at some point, you’re going to have to prepare for life after Teemu [Selanne]. I’d like to fill into that role and have that second line be built. I think I can step into Teemu’s role. I think I can put up 35 to 40 goals year in and year out”.

    So he has had chemistry, he has liked playing with RPG Line. Eventually Teemu will retire, so he sees an opportunity and voicing his interest. This is probably the most important point: He is OK with playing on the secondary line. So he has set his ego aside…perhaps he sees his role as more productive in supporting the fist line?

    “Personally on the ice, I’d like to be able to break games open a little more. Sometimes when I play with Getz and Pears, I get the feeling like I’ve got to be a secondary guy.”

    Personally I agree with him…he has always been looked at as a third wheel…like he has yet to reach his full potential.

    “The opportunities for me to break away from it and try to give us a secondary scoring option on another line, it’s working right now,” Ryan continued. “When those guys [Selanne and Saku Koivu] leave, we have to build a second line. I’d like to do it around myself and be able to make adjustments to my game”.

    He sees a need and he would like to try and fill it. I don’t see any issues with his statements. The question to ask is why he is so candid with the media? His lack of experience speaks volumes. Final thought, I hope Teemu and Koivu are not going anywhere…we need these guys in helping our team rebuild/retool. Bobby, glad you want to better the team…but these things need to be handled in the locker-room!

    Will be an interesting summer.

  2. bbdux93 says:

    I don’t think Bobby’s comments were a mistake. He’s doing great on the 2nd line – whether Teemu & Saku come back next season or not – having him on a 2nd line can only increase the scoring opportunities.

    Some things do belong only in the dressing room, IMO this isn’t one of them. When Giggy went public last year with his dissatisfaction about not playing more – that’s a dressing room only comment. Saying I can do more – seems – to me – to be an OK public comment.

    • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

      The reason why I said the locker room is because we need both the Fins next year or two…also you can catch more flies with honey than you do with shXX. Bobby needs to understand that if the team (players, coach, management) is in disagreement with his position in the media than what? The best way to get things done is to communicate with management not with the media…it can/will be blown out of proportion. Some interesting questions Stephens has asked our young player.

  3. bbdux93 says:

    Just finished the post and then thought a bit more about the 2 situations I mentioned.

    To clarify – I think Giggy’s comment was a slam against the coaching decisions – I don’t see Bobby’s comments as anything like that. IMO he has played better with Teemu and Saku than he did with Corey & Getz

  4. bbdux93 says:

    you – good points.

    Maybe this can or will be caulked up to just being a young man. I expect Gabby may talk with him about how it could be interperted by some as Bobby being dissatisfied with how he (with his talents) has been used. It’s hard to imagine how someone of his age can deal with the hype that surrounds him – he is still a kid.

  5. So many mixed feelings about Ryan going public. It’s no big secret that Bobby Ryan has always wanted to be a Philadelphia Flyer. But to go public and say, “I don’t want to play on the same line as the captain,” is well, in hockey terms, mutinous.
    While I agree with BR theoretically, the facts dispute the theory. Our Ducks most success in the Getzlaf era has come with Bobby Ryan playing 3rd or 5th wheel alongside The Twins. It was in this role that the Top Line led our Ducks to a 4th place finish last season. Ryan himself had his best season statistically in this same support role.
    No matter how you slice Ryan’s comments, especially considering it comes at a time when he isn’t on a line alongside The Twins, is selfish. The notion that the team would be better if the scoring is spread out just isn’t supported by the facts.
    Bobby Ryan has had some success on other lines but by the same token neither Ryan or the team has been consistently successful with the Top Line broken up.
    It’s a bad season and much gets said that people might regret ever saying. My take is Bobby Ryan doesn’t want to stick around. It’s all speculation of course. We aren’t in Ryan’s head or his heart. I read this as a statement from a guy who’s sick and tired of playing with guys who show up for half a season or less.

    As for the loss well, the big guys didn’t get it done. They had their chances with 3 PP’s in the 3rd period. The difference in the game was the PP. St. Louis scored twice with the odd man advantage.

  6. bbdux93 says:

    Not being a guy – my thinking will be different. Not having played team sports outside of school – that too influences my thinking.

    So – I will defer to others here who say Bobby made a mistake in going public with his comments.

    • Your thoughts and ideas are valued here bb. There’s no scorecard about who’s right or wrong, who agree’s or disagree’s. It’s a chat.

      It’s kinda funny though. Bobby Ryan is saying that if this team wants to be successful it needs to build a second line around him. Forget that captain and face of the franchise and forget that Hart & Rocket Richard Trophy winner, forget their gold medal and Stanley Cup rings.
      The Brits would call that, ‘cheeky.’

  7. czhokej says:

    I think Bobby was too sincere. I was the same in my youth (and haven’t learned much since).
    But Bobby said the right things. We have discussed the issue of Ryan playing with the Twins before. Getzlaf dictates the style of play of the whole line, and its very often nonsensical. His attitude “cycle first and wait for the other team to get back” or “I will be the passer, there is no need for me to go to the net” or “why to drive the net, others can do that” makes me angry. Getzlaf improved a little bit under Gabby, but not enough.
    If somebody should be shipped out of Anaheim, it should not be Bobby (Bob would be a good start).

    • Agreed cz. One of the great failings of this franchise is that it hasn’t found a consistent spot and role for Bobby Ryan, it’s highest draft pick. Like you, I agree with Ryan but those pesky facts are in the way.

      Others disagree and their points are well founded but I just don’t see how this team goes into next season without a major shakeup in the leadership and core. Bob Murray is a good place to start. Secondly, we have to find help for the ailing blue line.

      bb mentioned it the other day. When was the last time you saw Lubo take a slap shot? Is this why Getz has been put back on the point on the PP?

  8. czhokej says:

    From time to time players (and coaches and GMs too, ) vent their frustration in front of the public.
    Hiller complained about our Ds. Our GM complained about players many times, and criticized them publicly. RC made similar statements for the press.
    Bobby Ryan said something which may indicate much deeper problems in the locker room. There’s a frustration in his words. The season is over, and we (and our players) feel that it was wasted. Besides, I have also sensed that players were not too happy about Getzlaf’s leadership.

    Nevertheless, this made an interesting discussion and opinions of all participants were thought-provoking.

    Why is our PP struggling?

    The following 2 paragraphs were taken from Dan Wood’s article: “The Ducks have converted just one of 15 power-play opportunities over the past five games, and are just 4-for-40 with the man advantage over the past 13 games. Ducks penalty-killers, meanwhile, have been burned for 10 goals in 27 times shorthanded over the past nine games.

    “We’ve been struggling a lot more (on the penalty-kill) than on the power play,” Boudreau said. “The PK loses you games. The power play wins you games.”

  9. tearingitup says:

    Watching the games since New Years eve has been the very least exciting. We have had one of the best bursts in the league only to come up short. It just showed how very very bad the start was. I hope we clinch 10th spot………This team ran out of time and ran itself out of gas, nonetheless I rooted them on. Last nite’s game showed a well coach team that believes the system and carried it out with reckless abandon. All the Blues were strong on their sticks…something you can’t coach. I believe we played the best game possible. We could not out hustle those guys. PP and PK is going backwards. Tell me why Getz has to be the point guy? His movement on the blue line is good, deliberate but slow. What is up with Viz, looks like he bought airline tickets early. I agree that the face of the franchise is a ghost…….not a dominant type of player………he should not lead us next year. BR needs to step it up if he wants the headlines in the sports pages. He is great at times ,but those times seem to be too few. I enjoy reading all your comments…out

    • It has been fun and exciting tearingitup even if we couldn’t quite get our heads around blind faith that our Ducks would actually make it. It’s still mathematically possible but so are the odds of a clerical error at Social Security declaring one of us no mas.
      Just a guess but Getzlaf is on the point because Visnovsky is still too injured to take a slap shot.
      In the remaining 14 games I’ve got my eye on Nick Bonino and Devante Smith-Pelly. Do they make the jump and establish themselves as Top 6 forwards or are they in development mode for another season?

  10. tearingitup says:

    DSP really does work hard and may work out as a checker that is not affraid to crash the net. I do not feel we have others that are diamonds in the rough…..maybe I am wrong. I hope great decisions are made this off season or else this club may be in danger of losing a greater fan base

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