GameDay: Anaheim @ Dallas

Posted: 03/09/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

Trending: After facing a Blues team that had successfully killed 34 penalties our Ducks now visit Dallas which has killed 26 of its last 27 penalties. No doubt Gabby was aware of this when he decided to make working on the PP a priority. And while the Blues have the NHL’s best record in 2012, the Stars are the NHL’s hottest team going 8-1-1 in their last ten games.
This is final meeting between the Pacific Division rivals during the 2011-12 season. The Stars hold a commanding 4-1 lead.
Not even Ducks Die Hards are holding out any hope our guys can make the playoffs this season. The team can now look to playing the spoiler role but even that would be an improvement on their mediocre 5-5 record in their past ten games.

The Skinny:  The Stars have something to play for while our Ducks are playing for pride now. Things can and do change with one game but the Stars are on a roll while our Ducks have blown a tire. Anything can happen of course but realistically I look for the Stars to dispense with guys rather handily. Anything more would be cause for celebration.

  1. This was the kind of game that made Rush Limbaugh offer to pay for birth control. Ryan Getzlaf and Bobby Ryan looked like they were trying to out perimeter each other. Maybe I was just hearing things but it sounded like chod’ do certa pal, Slovak for go to the devil and burn.
    Hazy and John Ahlers talked about the effort. Big Whoop. The paying patrons want results.
    After Corey Perry was injured we had one forward, Devante Smith-Pelly, going to the net. Our best scoring chances came on shots from about 7-10′ above the hash marks. Lehtonen was giving up fat rebounds all game but our guys weren’t getting second shots.
    Virtually nobody went to the net and Brian Hayward said it was a great effort. His exact words were, “They left it all on the ice tonight.” Jeez Louise, if that was a great effort it was a race to nowhere.

    X-rays didn’t reveal any damage to Perry’s shoulder. He should be ready go Monday at Colorado.

    In their last 11 games our Ducks have scored just 21 goals. During the month of January this same team scored 40 goals in 12 games. Swings like this can’t be explained by slumps and bounces. Swings like this are about a willingness to pay the price of winning. With their jobs threatened our Ducks paid the price. The moment they got past the trade deadline, they fell apart.

    We’ve tried the stick approach in the person of Randy Carlyle. We’ve tried the carrot represented by Bruce Boudreau. Nothing has worked. This team is incapable of establishing themselves to any level of consistency.

    Maybe it is a leadership issue. I’m not close enough to the team to know for sure. Many who are close enough don’t know either. I do know that was one gutless performance our Ducks put on last night.

    • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

      I feel your frustration…what a waste, to be given the opportunity to play at this level, only to put out a just good enough effort… this team is a great example of the 80/20 rule. If I worked the way they played I would no longer have a job!

  2. tearingitup says:

    They did show that they had an extra gear for a few minutes in the third…… most of the shots on goal were not dangerous. Shots from the point were easily traced,and I think the transition game is too slow for the new NHL. The physical game by our guys is just about over. Dallas was able to keep the wingers out wide. These guys, as you mentioned, turned it up when the trade deadline loomed. Yes Hazy gives us “they left it on the ice”………..mediocre attempt though. All my opinion.

  3. bbdux93 says:

    This rant has been building for months now.

    I’ve chosen this post to express my utter and complete frustration with the phrase “must win” when referring to the coming game to be played. To me that statement is what contributed to the slow starts for at least the last two seasons. It implies you can take a night off here, a night off there and still make it up later. Just like stating the goal is making the play-offs – rathen than saying it’s to win The Cup – it is stupid, foolish, a@@-nine & IMO just unthinkable from a real professional, be it owner, gm, coach, player or sports commentator. When – do you think – those involved with truly competitive teams operate like this – answer – NEVER.

    OK we know it’s a long season – check you pay check – all of you are compensated for the long grueling season. Don’t like it – find another profession. Oh I forgot – since you’ve spent the better part of your whole life working to own, manage, coach or play in the NHL – you don’t know anything else. Bad problem.. Start managing, coaching, playing and commenting like you get it – or do all of us a favor and change your profession!

    Done writing the rant – not done with the feelings!

    First person I would “trade” would be the GM – Bar Stool – Bob. If you disagree talk about how you think he has made this team better… include example of good decisions.

  4. tearingitup says:

    They did this last year except they made the big show, and I believed they could get through the first round. Little did I know the problem was this big. Getz is not a hockey guy like Crosby…I get that but great or even very good games by this crew are far between

  5. czhokej says:

    Well, we are all frustrated and disappointed, and we are looking (after the wasted season) for the answers and solutions for the future. I am really tired hearing Getzlaf’s pre-game and post game simpleminded expectations and explanations. Hazy (and others) doesn’t like to be critical and fault-finding. That’s politically correct, but otherwise meaningless and inconsequential. I am not an insider, and I do not know what’s wrong. However, I believe that rebuilding should start with a new GM. I still think that we have more talent than Dallas, Colorado and other teams.

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