Bob McKenzie says Justin Schultz likely going UFA

Posted: 03/12/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

Little more than one calendar year ago, Bob Murray told us that we could afford to include Jake Gardiner along with Joffrey Lupul for Francois Beachemin because we had Justin Schultz. Many scouts think Schultz is actually better than Gardiner. Fact is, we never had Justin Schultz. Only the guy our Ducks pay over a million a year to know who we have and under what terms and conditions obviously didn’t know that we didn’t have Schultz. Or he lied. He’s either Bozo Bob or Bamboozeler Bob. Either way he’s a B Market Bozo in my book and Ducks fans deserve much better.
Here’s the video. The pertinent part begins about 1:16 in.

The issue once again is Bob Murray’s cred. Was he lying or just negligent? Either way, it should disqualify him from continuing in his present capacity.

Murray’s outright lying became apparent during the Bobby Ryan contract negotiations. Now I’m told Bobby’s Dad is working for the Flyers and Bobby recently bought his Mom a home in Philadelphia. Something is up. This is just too much ground work for nothing to be happening. Thing is Flyers don’t have the young, No. 1 D-man that we need.

How long Mr. Samueli? How many more lies and how many more acts of negligence must your customers witness before you act?

  1. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    I will wait to comment on this post to after this weekend…Ducks hope to have him signed by the weekend (Stevens of the OC Register Reports, March 12)…

  2. Here’s the link to the Iceman’s post that yougetwhatyouputin is referencing. I was hoping that I or Bob McKenzie missed something. I was hoping to bake some crow and eat some flying rat. That is not to be the case.
    What Bob Murray did when he reacquired Beauchemin is, he risked our future for a shot at making the playoffs. He didn’t have Justin Schultz. That future is now here. Where’s Schultz? Justin is mulling his options and enjoying time with his teammates before he moves on.
    I can see risking the future for a shot at the Stanley Cup, but the playoffs? Over half of the NHL make the playoffs every year. The playoffs are a better than 50/50 given.

    Trading Gardiner when you don’t know if you have Schultz isn’t about making the team better. It’s about Bob Murray sacrificing our Ducks future to preserve his own job. That’s the part of this I can’t accept.

    • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

      Does not look good…hope Murray can make it happen…this would be a huge disappointment…hope the Samuels are watching!

  3. tearingitup says:

    I was not even aware of this situation…….now that this season has taken us to an unexpected low, I am concerned about the future. No Selanne and I believe a mediocre crew coming up to the big game. Seems like our AHL stars can’t jump the gap to the NHL very easily

  4. bbdux93 says:

    With the poor attendance this year one can only hope that – if nothing else – will send Mr & Mrs S. a wake up call.

    As for making the play-offs – getting there and out in the first round last year – another wake up call ???? If Bob isn’t making these calls by himself – who in the heck – besides him – is doing such a poor job?

    Luck went our way several times in recent history –
    1st we acquired Rob Neidermeyer & Scotty obviously came to help his brother get his name on a Cup too. And, we already had a pretty darn good group under contract.
    Pronger (so the story goes) was involved with a female reported and his wife demanded they make a major change of address.
    Cam Fowler went unclaimed in the draft and was available when it was the Ducks turn to pick.
    How much of this was luck and how much of it was some else making the calls? I’d be interested to know and wil check to see when Dave McNab moved out of Director of Player Personnel.

  5. czhokej says:

    bb, I would add another good luck we had in the past: It was our second line in 2007, playing good aggressive hockey, scoring quite a few goals and they were at entry level salaries. And when I think of 2007, we could continue – our third line was simply amazing playing their shut-down hockey (and they added some scoring too). And we had two excellent goalies… etc., etc. OK, that was 2007, I am being sentimental and nostalgic.
    I would accept 1 bad season, if there was a hope for the future. From what we know about Bob Murray, (his behavior, his statements – quite often not very smart), we cannot generate too much optimism.
    Attendance is dwindling – another good point bb.
    Burke and Randy Carlyle are not very successful in Toronto (5 losses in a row).

  6. czhokej says:

    I was comparing stats of Jeff Carter and our Ryan Getzlaf. Carter is not a big contributor for the Kings yet, but 5 goals in 9 games for his new team is not too bad. He goes to the net, he shoots 3.2 SOG a game, he is over 50% on FO circle.

    For a while the Kings couldn’t score, now we have the same problem.

    • cz, Five goals would have made a big difference over our Ducks last nine games. We lost to the Avs in OT. The tilts against the Stars and Kings were one goal games until EN’s put us away. There’s 4 pts right there with 2 goals to spare.
      The guy I like to compare Ryan Getzlaf with is Joe Thornton. Similar players in similar roles who’s respective teams are underachieving. The Boston Bruins recognized that Joe Thornton couldn’t be coached and shipped his butt to San Jose.

  7. czhokej says:

    bc, Thornton and Getz, that’s of course much better analogy. (I just mentioned Carter, because of his recent trade to the Kings). Back to Jumbo Joe and RG: Their numbers are very similar from 2007 to 2011. However this season is quite different: Thornton has 15 goals, he is + 16 (best on the team), and his FO% is very nice 55.9%. (Getz:9 goals, -13 (almost the worst of the Ducks), FO % 46.7). They play style of hockey resembling each other, they are well matched physically, and both played with good line-mates. However, this year is/was really bad for Getzlaf. That 6 goal difference could mean a lot of points, and those FOs and giveaways were also quite meaningful. Getzlaf also takes twice as many penalties. In spite of those similar numbers throughout the years, I have always felt that Joe was reading the game better, and that he was a smarter player. What do you think? And why are these two players performing differently this season?

    • Yeah cz, the Carter comparison is valid for each player’s (Carter & Getzlaf) impact on their respective team.

      While Big Joe has been more successful statistically than Ryan Getzlaf the result for each team has been disappointing. The reason IMO is that you don’t win hockey games playing on the perimeter. Both the Sharks and our Ducks have constructed their offense around a perimeter player.

      Thornton is a much better skater than Getzlaf. Big Joe is more even tempered than Getz. You don’t see him whining at the Refs when things don’t go his way. While Getz does tend to play better when he’s po’d he also often loses it to his anger. The result then ain’t pretty. He looks like a big baby in diapers out there.

      I don’t know that those differences account for Getz’ less than stellar year stat wise.

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