Goalie John Gibson signs EL contract

Posted: 03/17/2012 by bc in Uncategorized
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The learning curve on NHL ready goaltender development is 5-7 years. There are exceptions of course but Jonas Hiller, who made our Ducks as backup to J.S. Giguere at age 26 proves the rule.
Every drafted player receives an NHL EL contract but less than 5% ever receive a second contract. While it isn’t likely that we’ll ever John Gibson start an NHL game for our Ducks, his hockey resume is impressive.

  1. czhokej says:

    Sometimes I think that the good goalie is one third of a successful team. Let’s hope that Gibson has enough talent and determination to make it for us.

  2. Quantifying the importance of goaltending is one of the most fascinating subjects in hockey. cz puts it at 1/3. It’s a question that has puzzled me forever. One third could be spot on.

    David Johnson has established a methodology for establishing a goaltender’s importance by comparing SP with P% for that particular netminder. In this report Johnson focuses on our 2009-10 Ducks.

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