GameDay: Ducks @ Sharks

Posted: 03/19/2012 by bc in Uncategorized
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Intangible: The Sharks, never known as a team that rises to the occasion are fighting for their playoff lives. Our Ducks are auditioning for jobs. Martin ‘Mach 9’ Havlat returned to the Sharks lineup last Thursday after being out with an hamstring injury since December 17. Sharks are 18-7-3 with Havlat in the lineup this season. Havlat hasn’t scored since his return but our Ducks have proven to be something of a get well team this year.
Trending: Ducks are 3-1 against the Sharks this season. This could be a get well game for the ailing Ducks PP. Sharks are 28th overall with a PK insufficiency rating of 78.4%. A win would propel the Sharks into the 7th playoff seed. For our Ducks a win would keep their slim mathematical hopes alive.
Keys to the Game:  Our Ducks opened last night with arguably their best period of hockey of the season. They attacked the net,  activated the D at the right times and committed but one turnover. They can’t let the loss cause them to give up on the template they established against the Predators.

  1. Five goals and two points on the second of back2backs ain’t too shabby. Always nice to stall the Sharks drive for playoffs as well. Amazing how one sided the Battle of Cali has been this season. 1-5 against the Kings and 4-1 against the Sharks.
    Speaking of the Battle of Cali, Earl Sleek is hilarious and a talented cartoonist. He gets a tad blue so send the kids out of the room.

    Give an assist to Coach for tonight’s win. Looks like he is trying to build a line around Bobby Ryan.
    Madprops@Bonino for the playmaker.

    An honorary assist to czhokej for advocating go to the net.
    Ryan’s goal came on a second shot as he attacked the net. Palmieri’s goal came off a second shot off his own rebound. On Beauchemin’s goal we had two guys in Niemi’s kitchen. Perry scored when he tracked down Getzlaf’s rebound in the crease. Guenin’s goal was helped when Kyle Palmieri provided the screen out front. It’s all about establishing net presence.

  2. Don’t know if you saw it in the post game interview, but the trapezius on Guenin are massive (scarry). Aside from that random comment – I’d like to see the PBR line together for another game. It would be nice for the turd in the crowd (i.e. Bobby Ryan) to blend in on a line for once – wouldn’t it be nice if we finally found the beginnings of that?

    I watched the game on and off, but it looked to me that DSP found some time playing next to the twins. Thoughts on that?

    Oh, and I’ve seen you toss the question out to McKenzie and Eric S. on twitter but haven’t seen a response yet – any news on Schultz?

    • Blake sent me to Wiki to look up trapezius. Then it was off to hunt up some Nate Guenin video. This was the best I could find. You can see the top of his trap muscle. This was irresistible so you get a double dose of Guenin with your morning Wheaties. BTW, Twitter fiend Marc Posner perorated that Guenin has performed better than the guy he replaced, Toni Lydman. Guenin has made great strides this year.
      Hazy commented that Devo created some time and space for The Twins. He’s the best mucker we have, which is exactly what The Twins need. Amazing how Coach has gone through the roster looking for the right piece. Ryan, Hagman, Beleskey, Blake and now Smith-Pelly. You’d think with line mates as good as Perry and Getzlaf it would be easy to blend in.
      PBR is a good blend of skills. Bonino & Ryan bring size and Palmieri has the wheels and tenacity. Bonino is a great playmaker alongside two snipers.
      One, if not the reason, Gabby spread out the scoring is that San Jose has two scoring lines and two checking lines. This is something to note for the file going forward. It may give us some insight into Coach Boudreau’s m.o.
      Only news on Schultz, via google news alerts, is that the Rangers appear interested.
      New York Post’s Larry Brooks, the New York Rangers are one of the teams that are going to go hard after Justin Schultz ”Their interest likely is intensified because of uncertainty regarding the health of Michael Sauer, who has been sidelined since December 5 with post-concussion symptoms.
      You can bet the Rags aren’t the only team snooping around Murray’s leavings.
      Great post Blake. thanks for the contribution.

  3. czhokej says:

    It’s more fun commenting after a win, and especially against the Sharks, trying to make the play-offs. ( I still do not understand how easily we gave away the game against the Kings). The last time we scored 5 goals was on February 12.
    I too have noticed Palmieri’s nice screening of the goalie. PBR created a lot of chances. Ryan looked more alive with these line-mates.
    I found myself confused – I was always criticizing Carlyle for changing line combos too often, and I am OK with BB.
    bb’s friend once said ( at the game) that Teemu had too many giveaways. I love Teemu, but he is aging. I must say that the older players are more afraid of injuries and every collision with younger guys hurts them more.
    DSP on the top line – interesting decision by BB, and again a good one. Somebody must do the dirty work for the Twins. There was no screening for that line for a long time. Neither Perry nor Getz are willing to do it. Perry used to be there more often in the past, but not recently. As bc pointed out several times, they stay on the periphery. However, Getzlaf is improving (slowly).
    Deslauiers (easier would be using just Jeff) was good, we were skating and moving the puck well.

    • cz, are you okay with BB changing the lines because RC often did it as punishment whereas BB does it for different reasons? RC didn’t always do it to punish but he often said the only weapon a Coach has is TOI.

  4. bbdux93 says:

    Much as I think of Teemu, it is time for him to retire. The other two – Blake & Koivu – maybe have some time left, but why not end your career while you’re still performing well. IMO just as Marchant did last year, they may need to acknowledge it’s getting harder to match up to the younger players.

    DSP seems a good match for the twins – especially with Corey’s sore shoulder. Two scoring lines – two checking lines looked good.

  5. I started following the ducks closely about 1/3 of the way through their 2007 season. Dad had season tickets when I was a kid, though, and the whole gretzky to la buzz as a kid got me very involved in street roller hockey…so not a complete newb at that point in time. But I don’t recall enough about how penner played…how would y’all compare him to dsp?

    And re: perry become a perimeter player -agreed. I recall a time where it seemed like he spent half the game on top of the opposing goalie. Not so much anymore

    • Penner and Devo are very similar Blake. The differences that jump out at ya are Devo’s hot wheels and so far at least Penner has the soft hands of a scorer. Coach described Devo as solid 3rd liner with the potential to become a second line scorer. So far at least he’s scored more of the mucker/grinder ugly goals but hasn’t shown a lot of a scorer’s touch. That twisted wrister in the video is a goal scorers goal though.
      Power forwards do take longer to develop for reasons unknown to me. Historically it’s been a 5 year rather than the customary 3 year learning curve for most forwards. Though I must admit, seeing the development of our young guys, Fowler, Bonino & Smith-Pelly, it’s tempting to re-evaluate the standard rule of thumb time tables.
      Are these guys exceptions that prove the rule or have enhanced training and learning techniques impacting the rate of improvement among young players?

  6. bbdux93 says:

    Brad To your comment that given their talent – it should be easy to find the right line mate for the twins – maybe not. Getz has always had Corey along side of him and to fit some else in on the other side hasn’t happened. DSP may have what it takes to make Getz trust that he has another dependable line mate.

    In ’06-’07 the PPG line had these same qualities. Size = Penner, Playmaker = Getz, Scorers = Perry. I can’t think of anyone that has really filled that spot (maybe been allowed or encouraged by G & P) since Penner left, Bobby tried but it’s clear he didn’t want to play “2nd fiddle” to Perry.

    I also like the BRP line – Bobby has the size – Bo & Pa have the speed – this could be a legit #2 scoring line. This is Bobby’s opportunity to – as the expression goes – “put his money where his mouth is”. What he makes of that in these last games may decided whether he stays or gets traded – Same with Getz.

    I missed it – why was Lydman replaced?

    • BRP Line is a good one bb 🙂 If Ryan’s line mates were named Freeman & Turner our Ducks would have a FRT line. That would be a gas, no? Sorry, you can’t give a guy a belch joke and not expect him to do something with it. It would be un-guyly.
      Toni Lydman had an upper body injury. He’s been day to day and is now expected back Wednesday. “You have no idea how many bumps and bruises he’s got and he’s been a warrior all year in playing through it,” Boudreau said. “I thought if he played tonight (Sunday) he would be just that way tomorrow and he might not be able to play Wednesday against St. Louis.”
      Aside: A community organizer gal here in Crestline told us she always wanted to be considered one of the guys. So we gave her some guy tests. She left the seat up in the women’s room. She had beer out of a bottle instead of her usual glass of wine. We had hope until she failed spilling food on her blouse and leaving it there all day. So we made her one of the Buds.

  7. bbdux93 says:

    Hey Brad – Whatever Teemu decides to do next year – is fine by me. 🙂

  8. bbdux93 says:

    Brad LOL – really – out loud. I’m glad to be one of your Buds. You have to forgive this Bud, as one of my friends said to me “you can be so vanilla” I did not see the BRP until you wrote the FRT
    Way too funny – glad to provide you with the material. 🙂

  9. czhokej says:

    blake, if I may add something about Penner. First, Penner of the past was quite different form Penner today. (I do not have a good explanation why, but he was a great fit with the Twins.) His size, positioning, scoring touch and other qualities helped him to benefit from Getzlaf’s and Perry’s playmaking. During the regular season 2006-2007, he scored 29 goals (Getz 25, Perry 17), in playoffs Getz and Perry had 7 each. Penner only 3. His weakness was the lack of speed, sometimes he was lazy. At that time Getzlaf’s ego was within normal limits, and all three of them went to the net, all three of them were willing to do the hard work in the corners and around the crease. That rotation of big bodies, their aggressiveness and a quick transition from the cycle into the scoring positions often created a havoc in front of the goal. Also, they did not have to face the top opposition players on regular basis, because Pahlsson and his line usually took care of them. To summarize this, it’s not only about the third man on our top line, the issue is also Getzlaf, and to a lesser degree Perry. I think it’s too early to compare DSP to other players, he is young and developing. You can see that he needs more experience, but so far I like him, and I believe he has a good potential.

  10. I agree it’s too soon to compare the two…just thinking about when the last time the twins had a bulldozer on their line….someone who truly played with size/grit as a big part of their game. I don’t recall when the last time that was, but my impression of Penner was that he was more that type of player. Like I said, I don’t recall that year very clearly…so maybe my impression was off.

    BTW, Getz is on a 5 game point streak, racking up 7 points over that period. First time since November that we’ve seen this sort of consistency from him (as far as showing up on the scoresheet). A little too late. I still think it’s too soon to write him off though.

    • Your impressions are accurate Blake. Devo & Penner are similar generally in that they’re both power forwards. Their respective skills sets are little different though. But yeah, you got the idea.
      Devo looks good right now but will he still look good alongside The Twins if Getzlaf doesn’t show up until January again next season?

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