PostGame Night: Blues 3 @ Ducks 4

Posted: 03/21/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

We missed getting the GameDay post up due to some minor surgery. An ingrown toe nail got away from me and needed the Doc to cut and dig it out. It was a couple-few “F-bomb that hurts” but is better now. My Doc is such a good shot he hit the top inside toe nerve with his needle. Kinda puts the exclamation point in spot on! Thing is you can’t budge. The Doc has a needle in your big toe and moving will only make matters worse. It’s a shooting pain that travels the length of the nerve. Feels like electricity passing through ya. It was a weird sensation. Anyway it’s behind me now.
His nurse is going to her first Ducks game Sunday. It’s a birthday present for her daughter.  Have to admit I was enjoying the eye candy but women get boring quick when they talk about their kids and husbands. Good looking women should not have good marriages. Make me President and I say good-looking gals have to be available. Really, I can’t believe the Doc couldn’t figure out why my blood pressure is higher when Morgan takes it.  Ah well, the game. Yeah that’s why we’re all here.

Our guys took the ice against the NHL’s best team and as Chris Pronger liked to say, “We sent ’em home cryyyyying.” We did our best to give it away committing 13 GA’s and only 5 SOG’s in the opening frame. Jonas Hiller saved their butts once again. Can’t believe he wasn’t a star. Hillsy tied Guy Hebert’s record for most starts in a season.
It was only the first time this season that Blues lost when scoring 3 or more goals. If I heard this right it was also the Blues first loss when leading after two periods.
On a night when 3 of our 4 goals come form the kids, Fowler, Bonino & Devo it’s easy to read teal leaves and pronounce this team healed for next season. Beware the Ides of March Hate to add a buzz kill after a win. Seasoned observers will caution you not to read too much into end of season surges. as we’ve seen with our own Ducks, end of season surges rarely carry over into the next season.

Ducks magic number is 3. Any combination of wins and ties totaling six points by Los Angeles and/or Phoenix will eliminate our Ducks from post season action.

I usually pick a team to follow when our Ducks fall out of it. Recently it’s been the Vancouver Canucks. This season though I’m tempted to pick up on the Blues. They started the season poorly like us but their GM Doug Armstrong didn’t wait and replaced head coach Davis Payne with Ken Hitchcock. Additionally this team had huge problems but didn’t quit. What do you guys say? Got a team you intend to follow through the playoffs?

  1. Haha. Good memories. I got an ingrown toe nail removed back in high school – about a decade ago (shoot I’m getting old). Doc did the same thing to me – I yelled “Freakin’ Muther F-Bomb that hurt”. Had to subsequently apologize to my moms who was standing right there.

  2. You’re just ten years out of high school and you call that old? I turned 59 Monday and bb has called me “Kid.”
    Note the edits in your post Blake. we don’t cuss around here. Nothing personal or moral, This site has and will maintain its G rating. You’re welcome to get creative with it though. I’ve used ‘effen’ ‘effer’ or ‘F-bomb’ when I want to express passion.

  3. czhokej says:

    You guys are really young, I mean both of you. Sorry to hear about your painful experiences.

    Almost equally painful was watching our Ducks during the first period. The Blues were much faster, they moved the puck well, they fore-checked with force and not like most of our players do it – just gently fishing for the puck. They went for the body, for inside position. Because of that St. Louis won so many battles at the board and behind the goal, they forced giveaways. They cycled, but it was with quick movement and timely transition into shooting positions. All that with energy, and a lot of shots on goal. And another poor face-off performance by our team.
    We have won, again because of Hiller (and luck). And he should have been the #1 star. Nice pass by Getz to DSP, but again watching our first line, I was disappointed by the Twins. They did not go to the net enough. Perry is now happy waiting behind the goal (injury??), and Getzlaf prefers to stay outside of the kitchen. To face the Blues in the play-offs, they would win 4 of 5 games.
    Maybe I should not be that critical after the victory (?).

    • Yes we have to show proper respect for our elders as cz is one of the ‘senior’ posters around here 😉

      Hazy was also very critical of the victory and for the same reasons. He said at one point, “Our Ducks just kind of hung around.” They did seem to pick up their emotion when Devo tied it up.
      Coach Boudreau is not at all pleased with what cz described as these, “The Blues were much faster, they moved the puck well, they fore-checked with force and not like most of our players do it – just gently fishing for the puck. They went for the body, for inside position.”
      Hazy commented too that Gabby wants crisp/quick passes and not these softies that get trapped in the snow.
      IMO, most players are very honest when judging their own performances. It’s true of people generally that we tend to be harder on ourselves than are others. My hunch is that every guy on the team knew we won a game that maybe really didn’t deserve to win. The Refs let a lot of things go as well. The Blues couldn’t put us away. Everybody had an off night, no?

  4. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    We didn’t play our best game but we got it done…interesting things happen when you crash the net! This has been one of our biggest problems this season…

  5. bbdux93 says:

    IMO – Our guys played a sloppy game and got lucky. The Blues may have suffered a lack of respect for our team and it ended up costing them the game.

  6. czhokej says:

    Because of speed and positioning, it looked like the Blues were on PP most of the time. Their big players use their size very well, especially against our small Ds.

    • And there we have the very reason Coach wants us playing an up tempo puck support with short quick, crisp give and goes or shares. Absent that puck support or outlet guy in close proximity when we have the puck or trapping when we don’t is how you beat those big fast teams like the Kings and Blues. Big men are awkward. They can’t hit moving targets.
      I’m so looking forward to next season when Gabby gets a training camp to fully prepare the guys on what he wants and expects.

  7. bbdux93 says:

    Since you mentioned the Blues & Kings – I just watched them play one of the best hockey games I’ve seen all year. Score at end of Regulation 0/0, end of OT 0/0. Only bad part was the Kings won it in the shoot out.

    The tempo of play-off hockey has arrived and there’s nothing like it. 🙂

    • 1-0 games can be great bb. Some people call it the perfect game. The best played game I ever saw was 1-0 Czechoslovakia over Team Canada along about 1978-79. I attempted to look up the history of that game but either my memory is off or it isn’t available.

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