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If anyone is wondering if this is my way of rubbing Bob Murray’s nose in a stink of his own making, you’d be absolutely right. Bad dog Bob. Bad, bad dog.

Updated 04/09/2012

From Bucky’s 5th Quarter by Chuck Schwartz:

Saturday, April 7th was by far the most important date for the Anaheim Ducks in their pursuit to sign Wisconsin junior defenseman Justin Schultz. The day came and went, with no announcement from either side that they have reached an agreement.

The reason the date was significant was because it was the last day that the Ducks could get Schultz under contract for the current NHL season.

The biggest bargaining chip for the Ducks was the fact that they could burn a year off his entry level contract by signing him during the current season, allowing Schultz to become a restricted free agent sooner, and in turn accelerating his timeline for a bigger pay day.

Turning down that offer from the Ducks says a lot about Schultz’s intentions. Not only did he leave $200,000 on the table by not finishing the season with the Ducks, but he also gave up an opportunity to accelerate his timeline for that bigger payday down the road.

My take hasn’t changed. Bob Murray needs to get something for Schultz’ rights. All that bullspin about Ducks’ officials believing Schultz wanted to play in Anaheim was a B Market level PR ploy. Bob Murray and the Ducks owe us fans more respect than they show us. Don’t insult our intelligence. Disney launched from here. We know the difference between fantasy and fact.

Updated 04/05/2012
Was it something we said? Hope so 😉

The Anaheim Ducks have released the following statement from GM Bob Murray:

“We have been in communication with Justin and his family. Justin has decided to finish the current school year before making a decision regarding his future. If and when he decides to turn professional, we will make every attempt to sign him and bring him to Anaheim.
“Justin is a bright kid, and his education has always been important to him and his family. We fully support him 100%.”

Per an Eric Stephens’ Tweet, “Many key Ducks decision makers have talked w/Schultz this season, coming away w/feeling that he wants to play in ANA”
My take is that had Justin Schultz said something like, “Anaheim is 30th on my NHL wish list” Ducks Suits would still tell a reporter that they “came away (from meetings) feeling Schultz wants to play in ANA.” As Jonas Hiller might say, ‘Yeah.”

Another observer, Richard Cloutier blogging for Hockey Buzz considers the trade value to Schultz’ rights. I like Oilers #2 in the 2012 Entry Draft upgraded to the #1 if Schultz signs. Ryan Murray or Jacob Trouba would be a decent consolation prize if Justin Schultz signed with the Oilers.

Updated 03/29/2012

Justin Schultz has broken his silence to say that he won’t be signing a contract prior to the end of this NHL season on  April 7.
Schultz told Andy Baggot of the Wisconsin State Journal, “We feel it’s best to finish out the school year and then look at my options and then see what’s best for me.”
Shultz believes he’s ready for the NHL but may return to school next season if a new CBA isn’t in place.

Updated 03/27/2012:

Schultz on the All-CHN team
Junior defenseman leads the nation in scoring from the blue line

Justin Schultz

March 27, 2012MADISON, Wis. –- Well-decorated Wisconsin junior defenseman Justin Schultz (West Kelowna, British Columbia) added another notch to his belt on Tuesday with his inclusion on the 2012 All-CHN First Team, as announced by Collegehockeynews.com.

Schultz, a two-time Hobey Baker Memorial Award finalist, is also a two-time WCHA Defensive Player of the Year and two time First-Team All-WCHA selection. He currently leads the nation’s defensemen with 16 goals, 44 points and a 1.19 points-per-game scoring average.

Schultz currently ranks third at UW and ninth in WCHA history with 40 career goals from the blue line. His 113 points rank tied for eighth in UW history for rear guards.

For more on Justin Schultz, and his candidacy for the 2012 Hobey Baker Memorial Award, click here.

Updated 03/24/2012 @ 8:15a.m.:
Jim Matheson, one of the most respected hockey journalists, characterized  the Oilers as among the “stampede of teams wanting him (Schultz.)” If you’re following the link scroll to Matty’s Short Shifts.

From Bucky’s 5th Quarter republished here in its entirety:

Tuesday WCHA Pro Signing Rumors

I checked in with my source on the Justin Schultz situation who told me that there has been no change in status for the Badger junior. As you already know, Schultz is weighing his options between returning to school for his senior season, signing with Anaheim right now, or waiting to become a free agent over the summer.

Last week I was told that Schultz is in no hurry to sign with Anaheim. That hasn’t changed according to sources close to him. Schultz would have to sign prior to the end of the NHL season to burn a year off his entry level contract. The longer this drags out, the more and more likely we’ll see Schultz opt to become a free agent over the summer where he’ll have a number of suitors.

My take is that he’s gone. I remember hearing that Justin was very upset when the Ducks traded Jake Gardiner. The Badgers had looked forward to playing pro together. Wishes aside Schultz took it as a sign that our Ducks weren’t committed to either he or Gardiner. We crushed their dreams and now Bob Murray thinks the kid is going to forgive and forget? In your dreams Barstool. 

According to the Fourth Period you can now add the Carolina Hurricanes looking to make an offer to Justin Schultz in the event he goes UFA.

Additionally, Bob McKenzie on TSN’s Inside Trading:

“Well (Ryan) Suter and (Zach) Parise are unquestionably the top two unrestricted free agents. I’m going out and suggesting very strongly that the third biggest name in free agency this year will be Anaheim second round pick Justin Schultz.”

I can’t imagine how Bob Murray survives missing the playoffs again and losing a top prospect like Justin Schultz because he didn’t understand the contractual rights and obligations that were in force and effect. And Bob Murray got us fired by a minor league team. How much longer Mr. Samueli?

  1. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    TSN’s Bob McKenzie Thinks Justin Schultz Could Sign With The Edmonton Oilers…

    This is ridiculous…this should not be allowed…if this happens why would any team waste their draft pick on a college player unless they are required to sign with the team that drafted them. The Yotes were also shafted when Blake Wheeler signed with Boston…another issues the leagues needs to address. Sometimes I feel the league allows this to happen as it does not impact High Profile teams. What do you guys think?

    • Schultz could go to Edmonton and try to be the next Paul Coffey.

      Whether or not he should be allowed to go is a separate issue. Schultz and others are eligible to go UFA because they have a year of junior in addition to their NCAA experience. I think the rules are okay. Put the responsibility blame where it belongs, Bob Murray didn’t line up his Ducks. Yeah bad pun.
      Murray just doesn’t do his homework though. Don’t think for a minute that if his buddy Jake Gardiner were here that Justin Schultz would be here as well. It was reported and opined in numerous places that Gardiner and Schultz were looking forward to playing for our Ducks together.

  2. zseller says:

    Why would this kid want to go to Edmonton? I really do not see any connection that would link him to Edmonton.
    I think that it is time to get Scotty N on the job and talk Justin into coming to Anaheim.
    I realize that there is likely a strong tie between Schultz and Gardiner, but how about the prospects of playing with Fowler, Sbisa and not to mention the weather that So Cal has to offer?
    I will be disappointed if the Ducks lose out on this kid as it would then be 2 top prospects gone with nothing to show for it.

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