Hiller for Masterton Trophy

Posted: 03/24/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

The Anaheim chapter of the Professional Hockey Writers Association has nominated Jonas Hiller for the Bill Masterton Trophy given to the player who best exemplifies dedication, sportsmanship and perseverance.
The local chapters nominate one player for each team. Following the nominations the PHWA then opens the voting to its league wide membership. I attempted to look up the members of our Anaheim chapter but the site is experiencing technical difficulties.
Other Ducks who have won the award include Saku Koivu in 2001-02, Teemu Selanne 2005-06 and Jason Blake 2006-07.Former Duck Joffrey Lupul is the Leafs nominee. Washington Capitals D-men who came back after six surgeries to repair the femoral vein his thigh is also thought by many to be a deserving finalist.

OCR’s Eric Stephens caught up with Ducks goalie coach Pete Peeters who said;

“In fairness, I think Jonas was really good for us at the start of the season,” said Pete Peeters, the Ducks’ goaltending consultant. “Then I felt there was just a little slide in his game and then it seemed in the new year, he just took off.

“The more he played, the better he got. He just seemed to rise to the occasion every night. He was just getting better and better and better and better.”

Despite claims to the contrary I was unconvinced that Jonas was cured because of the types of goals he was allowing during that “little slide.” It was the type of soft goals, unobstructed view of shots taken from well out, he was allowing during that stretch in November.

Jonas seems to have put the symptoms of vertigo behind him but they can recur without notice.

The competition for this year’s Masterton is keen. I think Jonas makes the cut to finalist but Dennis Wideman nearly lost his leg and Loops medical challenges are well documented here and elsewhere.

  1. czhokej says:

    I do not think that Hiller will get the trophy. He did well for us for the last three months, and should have been given more recognition in terms of those Stars.

    • Sorry for the delayed response cz. I hate it when someone takes the time to share some thought s and they don’t get a response to their post.
      You could be right but I think Jonas deserves to make the final 3 at least.

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