Backchecking with Saku Koivu

Posted: 03/26/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

The Ducks vet shared quite a bit with Matt Vevoda.

On returning next season:
“I feel like I don’t want to finish my playing career by not making the playoffs.”
The end of a season is a process for a player. You’ve spent 6-8 months with a group of great guys, some of whom you will never see again. Then there’s the self-assessment part. On a non-playoff team you’re always a little harder on yourself. When you’re a part of an under-achieving non-playoff team the self-assessment is brutal.

On the Ducks team:
“This team does have the core guys, the tremendous skill level and ability. I think this team has a good mix of the young and old, some veteran leadership.
True Sak but it takes more than skill to win in the NHL. The team is lacking in some critical elements. For starters this team lacks heart. We just don’t seem to have the discipline to be ready to go for 60 minutes when the puck drops in October. The issues with the blue line are well chronicled here. Maybe it’s time for the vets, you, Flash & Francois Beauchemin step up take a letter. If a change in leadership serves as a heart transplant, I’m all for it.

On the future:
“When you look at it from January on and how well we played, I’m confident that this team can do it.”
Define ‘it’? Just make the playoffs? Win the Cup? Something in between? Most players can accept losing if they feel everyone left it all out on the ice. I’ve lived long enough to really appreciate the old saw that nobody is as good on their best day everyday or as bad in their worst moment every moment. This is why even a serial killer can commit an act of kindness.
As for our Ducks I’ve been fooled by the great month or great six weeks to keep faith. This team needs some serious help before it is ready “to do it.”

On coming back:
“We’ve loved it here and feel comfortable. But at this time, it’s both sides have to agree on that it’s the direction we’re taking. I’m hoping we can get it done here.”
And we love you back, Sak. Are you willing to play a different role that might include a change of line mates? Could you accept the challenge of carrying a couple of rookies (Etem & Palmieri) on your wings if it comes to that? What about 4th line duty if Bonino and Holland prove able to move up the depth chart?
Saku Koivu deserves a better ending to his career than going out on a non-playoff team. I wonder if Anaheim can provide him what he’s earned.

  1. taking a little break (procrastination?) from dropping some $$ on work clothes. Online shopping from the couch during a ducks game takes the cake, eh?

    I’d like to see Koivu back. He’d have to take a different role though. I’d hate to see him as a 4th line player getting 8 mins or less a night. If Holland can step up it might be necessary though (that is, necessary if he is going to stay here).

    On to tonight’s game (yea, I know there is a different thread) – I go back and forth on Getzy. It’s almost like he has become a defensive forward. Seems to backcheck harder than he forechecks…fights harder in front of his goalie’s crease and shy’s away from the opposistion crease. I don’t get it.

    I’ve heard a few times that he is ‘uncoachable.’ I’m not sure where that came from and I don’t recall seeing anything from coach or whoever stating so. Is this a though the grapevine or reading between the lines type thing. One thing is certain – he is far too invisible for a 1st line center who is supposed to be a top 5 NHL center. It would be interesting to hear from coach what his opinion is of the big G. Afterall, he continues to give him 20+ TOI (was Getz the TOI leader tonight?)

    • The bit on Getz being uncoachable is my opinion. Carlyle tried to get him to go to the net and Gabby has tried as well. Two coaches with different approaches and still no change in Getz’ game. I highly doubt we’ll ever hear a coach bad mouth the team captain.
      In Boston they even brought in Phil Esposito to work with Joe Thornton and get him to change his game by going to the net and shooting more often. When that failed, Big Joe was traded.
      If management loves ya, they seem to show incredible patience as they have with Getz. If they don’t you get moved like Pronger. Sometimes they hate you one minutes and let walk via UFA. then they fall back in love with you trade to get you back and give you a raise as is the experience of Francois Beauchemin.
      I don’t claim any insight or info into thinking. I just report it with a comment.

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