Ducks magic number is 1

Posted: 03/26/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

The numbers don’t lie. Our Ducks have 75 points with six games to go. The best they can do is run the table and finish with 87 points. Phoenix has 87 points, Kings, Sharks and Avs are at 86.
Tonight Kings are in Vancouver while the Sharks & Avs meetup at the Shark Tank in San Jose. One of the latter, Sharks or Avs will eliminate our Ducks from playoff competition. If the Kings beat the Nucks, who are playing without Daniel Sedin, our Ducks are done like dinner.
Eliminated by the Kings! Not so fast. The Avs/Sharks games starts 30 minutes after the puck drops in Vancouver. This is a tad too close for comfort though.
“The whole thing is tough to swallow,” Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf said. “Just the fact that we’ve worked really hard the last three months. We just had such a big hole to come out of there. I guess we’ll see what happens Wednesday.”
Getz is right. They did work really hard the last 3 months. Too bad the season lasts six months.

  1. czhokej says:

    This is a quote from Richard Cloutier (hockey buzz): “Players like Perry and Getzlaf don’t fall from the sky. I’d be trying to re-sign them. I wouldn’t be dealing Ryan, and I’d be bringing Selanne back if possible next season too.”
    I trust Boudreau and I hope that he is going to guide our GM how to make the team stronger.
    I usually pick on Getzlaf, which is the most obvious problem right now, but it’s more than just him. Blake and Hagman ($3 mil. salaries) are not producing enough, I was hoping for Koivu to get closer to 20 goals this season, and Ryan 35 or 40. Perry after a great year should have been also better. Fowler still makes too many mistakes, but he is too young.

    • For the most part I’ve been focused on Getz on the ice and not the contract. Next year is his ‘contract’ year. Do you think he deserves a raise?
      Our Ducks are solid and getting deeper up front. I’m speculating a bit but with Smith-Pelly, Bonino, Palmieri, and Etem & Holland on the way to go along with Perry, Selanne, Ryan, Getzlaf, Cogliano we are L_O_D_I_D up top.
      We’re solid in goal but a backup is on the shopping list.
      Really, when you look at our Ducks from last season to this season, the fall off in Getzlaf, Visnovsky & Lydman is the main reason for this very ugly season.
      With Getz, it’s been a two year slide. Lubo & Lydman’s drop off might be due to injury. Lubo turns 36 in August and Toni is 35 this September. How much of the drop off do you assign to injury and how much to age?
      You’re in good company cz. Teemu Selanne, THN’s Ryan Kennedy and many others think this season is aberration. I’m not so sure.
      Ironic, that for so long it’s you who saw the glass half empty. Today it’s me.

  2. czhokej says:

    I know I am up and down quite often. I just got more enthusiasm with the new coach, and the new system. I was watching the Bruins and thought of what you said: quite a few short passes with the speed. In spite of many improvements under Gabby, we have to work on several other aspects of the game. FOs are one of the artistic features of the game, usually so quick that we cannot analyze the process, only the outcome. The difference between the good FO team (for example Boston 54.2%) and the Ducks (47.2%) is 7%, which is significant, mainly for the PP and when we protect the lead or try to tie the game. Moreover, over fore-check was not that good (again we spent a lot of energy chasing the puck).

    • With you on Gabby and the system. You maybe wouldn’t know it by following this blog lately but I’m basically a positive guy. BTW, Leafs are now 4-6-2 under Carlyle. ‘Nuff said.
      Is there a way to relieve Getz of face off responsibility? IMO FO% is a team stat. You need guys to pounce on those loose pucks. At the same time you need those pucks directed to where your teammate can get to it. A first line center has to do better than 47%. Getzlaf is 253rd in FO%.
      Coach pulled the top line with an offensive zone face off called after a shift of only 11 seconds. That’s quite a message.

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