GameDay: Guppies @ Ducks

Posted: 03/28/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

Stakes: Our Ducks are still in it mathematically but for all intent and purpose they are playing for pride and next year’s job. The Sharks are in the thick of the playoff battle with their season on the line in every game. All the pressure is on the visitor. Ducks were baked and roasted before Christmas and have nothing more to lose. Ducks can play spoiler. There is some cold comfort to be found there. Cold comfort is still better than no comfort at all.

MatchUps: Upfront Coach Boudreau likes to go strength v. strength. The strategic match up is always form the back line against the opposing forwards. Look for Beauchemin to take the ice against Big Joe. Sbisa or Lydman will draw Logan Couture.

Keys to the Game: Lately it seems that the easiest way to beat our Ducks is to take a bunch of penalties. Failing Coach McLellan executing a kamikaze strategy these teams are similarly structured and play very similar styles. when this situation arises it comes down to the one on one battles or the game within the game. Look for who is getting to those loose pucks as well. This will dictate the momentum swings and the eventual winner. The best news for both teams it is the easiest type of game to turn around when things don’t go in your favor.

  1. Ducks win 3-1 on goals by Selanne, Ryan & and a weird call goal gifted to Corey Perry. It is the 16th time in his 19 year career that Flash has scored 25 goals.
    Our Ducks were officially eliminated form playoff competition as the both the Kings and Stars won their games.
    I need Homey (Matt Belesky) to score 5 goals in 5 games to win my bet with zseller. Bobby Ryan needs two goals to reach 30.
    Hiller is a Shark killer, no?

  2. bbdux93 says:

    I’m glad they played good enough to win – even knowing before it started – there would be no post season play.

    Our young players have done well – gives me hope for a better 2012/13 season.

  3. Youth is always cause for hope, no bb? Devo is a good fit anywhere. Bonino is a keeper who will only get better. Bo & Bobby Ryan are really developing into a reliable twosome. What interests me about Bo & Bobby is the ES scoring they are producing. Luca Sbisa established himself as genuine Top 6 and arguably Top 4 this season. Even Beleskey has performed well as a depth forward. Those four can and should build on what they accomplished this season.While it didn’t show up on the stat sheet Cam Fowler became a much smarter hockey player.
    Eight pending UFA’s, Selanne, Koivu, Blake, Hagman, Pelley, Parros, Brookbank and Ellis would indicate there will be some job openings. Palmieri, Etem, Maroon and Holland are knocking on the door making for an extremely competitive camp.

  4. bbdux93 says:

    For those of us who have been around almost as long as Dirt – Youth is a beautiful thing – often glorious to watch and at times frustrating to hear. 🙂 Most often it brings a smile to my face

  5. czhokej says:

    Not a great great game, but a good win. Hiller was the difference. Teemu still goes to the net and he had several nice deflections lately. For him it’s another nice ways to score. Too bad that he is not that effective anymore on breakaways and in the shoot-outs. I did some calculations (maybe not very meaningful): Under RC we were 35.4% team, under Gabby 56.6%. Even that would not be enough for the playoffs, but that number includes poor Decemeber (unlearning transformation period). I must say that Bonino’s line has much better geometry of the game than our top line. We weren’t again very effective in the FO circle – only 44%.

    • Leafs are headed toward a .354 P% as well cz. I guess its the players there too. Just like it was always the players in Colorado, Vancouver and Dallas for another one hit wonder, Marc Crawford.
      Coach Boudreau is instituting much of what you and I have chatted about for what is it now 3 or 4 years? The proof is in the results. BTW, sorry dear I forget our hockey anniversary, lol.

      Because our Ducks have undoubtedly improved under Coach Boudreau many assume they would have made the playoffs had Gabby replaced RC sooner. Not so. As cz calculated, a win rate of .566 under the new coach is still not good enough. The current 8th seed Kings have a P% of .571.
      Much needs to be done just to get back to the playoffs.

  6. bbdux93 says:

    This morning I read an article by ?? Proteau on The Hockey News. It listed the 10 most disappointing players of this season – Getz was #3. It citing his declining numbers and said (in my words) he isn’t earning his pay.

    That assessment is not news to us, many have been saying it here for a long time. I haven’t looked, but I think Getz has one more year on his contract. Unless he improves – a lot – next season, his pay check could also see a big decline. Can “Gabby’s” coaching improve his play – I doubt it.

  7. czhokej says:

    Agreed bb. His improvement is very, very slow, even though Gabby is trying (I can tell). He improved defensively, and his +/- stats went from -20 to -9. But he still doesn’t go to the net enough, and when he occasionally goes, he just quickly skates pass the goal, instead of establishing himself in a shooting (or screening or deflection position). His assists are often very nice, but that’s not satisfactory given his $$$$, and the fact, that he designs the plays for his line-mates. But BB once said that RG is not coach-able, or something like that.

  8. czhokej says:

    Brad, this is related to previous discussion – the disallowed goal when Cogliano was in the crease. Since I am not an expert in interpretation of rules, I would need somebody to make it clear to me.
    In the past the players were not allowed in the goalie’s crease unless the puck was already there. That was crystal clear (well, almost – remember Bret Hull’s goal). The official rules do not say anything about obstructing vision, that phrase is in the defined interpretation of the rule 78. Rule 69 says. 1: Goals should be disallowed if the attacking player, either by his positioning or by contact, impairs the goalkeeper’s ability to move freely within his crease or defend his goal.
    78.5 Apparent goal should be disallowed : (v) when an attacking player has interfered with a goalkeeper in his goal crease.
    The problem is what considered interference. If obstruction of vision is interference, then any presence of an attacking player in the crease is a vision obstruction (let’s say peripheral vision may be obstructed, because goalies need to know where the other players are).
    My dilemma is (and apparently Boudreau’s and some other players’ too) that it is not a clear rule and it is not called consistently.

    • Rule 69.1 includes these magic words, “The rule will be enforced exclusively in accordance with the on-ice judgment of the Referee(s), and not by means of video replay or review.”

      What is absurd is that the no goal on Beleskey was made by the back Ref. The Ref at the net with the best view of the play called goal. Why the heck are they deferring to a pair of eyes some 60 feet away? Maybe they rule writers now need to clarify the obvious, The Ref closest to the play shall make the call.

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