GameDay: Edmonton @ Anaheim

Posted: 04/01/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

The Challenge: The schedule makers favored our Ducks this weekend. We were stoned by Mike Smith and the Coyotes last night. Bring on the Hall-less Oilers who we’ve outscored 9-2 in the previous games. This game is like getting back up  on the bicycle after you’ve skinned your knee.
The Oilers meanwhile are looking to avoid a 3 game losing streak.
The Skinny: Ducks face a bit of a makeshift Oilers blue line tonight. Former Duck prospect Ladislav Smid and up and coming Jeff Petry are doubtful. In their place will be can’t miss kid turned journeyman Cam Barker and former Ontario Reign Colton Teubert.
The Oilers may want to play shorthanded as our Ducks went  5/39 for an unexplainable 12.8% efficiency rating through March.
Keys to the Game: With a back line featuring Andy Sutton and Colton Teubert, Ducks will be reminded to keep their heads up. Ducks will also need to avoid retaliating so as not to put the NHL’s 2nd best PP into the game. Here’s a new one as we’ve talked about FO’s and turnovers all season. It occurred to me last night while watching Ekman-Larsson slide one under Deslauriers we need to focus, focus, focus. We need to eliminate the mental errors that lead to these costly turnovers.

  1. Our Ducks have been ensconced 12th/13th in the Western Conference for so long most of us have overlooked the implications of back2back losses on the standings. Seven of the bottom eight teams are separated by six points with each having three games remaining. Ducks, tied with the Leafs and the Islanders at 77pts are right in the middle of the pack.
    The bottom five teams participate in the draft lottery. If our Ducks fall to 26th overall they could snag the first overall pick in the Entry Draft. Think Powerball, as if you didn’t buy a Lotto ticket last week.
    In case you haven’t heard, the Oilers defeated our Ducks 2-1 in what might have been Teemu Selanne’s last home game as a Duck. Mat Clark, a late call up from Syracuse acquitted himself well in his first NHL game. The big kid from Lakewood, CO blocked a couple of shots, played 11 ES minutes and failed to earn a mention in Adam Brady’s Game Log. Anytime a stay@homer is that inconspicuous he played a good game.
    Sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves what isn’t said after back2back losses. What isn’t being said about our Ducks is that they quit. There was a time when this group would have quit by executing a parade to the sin bin during these kind of games. Sometimes it’s more about how you lose that makes you better when you do turn it around.
    In each game our guys never quit bringing it. And yeah for the most part they got turned away except for Teemu’s goal. But they kept on coming. On bringing it.
    Tuesday our Ducks embark on a Western swing through Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary to finish the season. Following the end of the NHL season most of our Ducks will turn up again in the World Cup.

  2. czhokej says:

    I have to admit, I somehow lost interest. I lost that passion for the game. Our Ducks stopped scoring. Are we trying to enter the draft lottery?

    The Oilers were lucky, but then again, we should have scored more than once.

    For a change I watched Perry and his positioning last night. I must say even he feels now more comfortable behind the goal line than in front of the crease. Getzlaf was trying harder, he had more shots than usual, but he misses a lot.

    • Gabby has tried every winger but Teemu to get some consistent production from The Twins. Follow Teemu T=& The Twins with a Vet line (Saku-Hawg or Blake – Cogliano) and a Kid Line Bones-Ryan Smith-Peely

  3. czhokej says:

    It is sad, but the Kings games are now more exciting to watch, even though I cannot force myself to root for them. But they do many things right.

    • The trade, Jack Johnson for Jeff Carter has helped the Kings in the short term. It remains to be seen if they can extend themselves beyond one and done in the playoffs. If they make the playoffs.
      Carter has given them a lift offensively and they play a sound defensive game. This team billed itself as positioned to make the jump from playoff contender to Cup contender.
      So far at least cz, Dean Lombardi’s Kings have over-promised and under-performed.

  4. czhokej says:

    I do not see them as Cup contenders. But at least we will have some hockey in April (if they advance, which is likely). I expected much more from Carter and Richards. Penner had a bad season too, with 17 points he is much worse than Getz. But the Kings have good goaltending and solid defense, and they started scoring more.

  5. bbdux93 says:

    I was at the Sunday game – not good.

    Sorta’ like CZ – I’ve almost lost interest in the year’s Ducks and worst still I find the Kings games more exciting to watch. If it weren’t for having to listen to Jim Fox I’d watch them with the sound on all of the time.

    Something HAS to be done over the summer – Gabby has improved the team – but he needs help. I’d still like to see an improvement in our defense & trading Getz might help Perry…. sad 😦

    • For 23 or so games it all came together as we saw how good this team can be. 17-3-3 was playing over their heads. Other than that 5-6 week run this team just hasn’t been able to put offense and defense together. For the most part they’re competitive because of Jonas HIller.
      The get ES scoring as they have of late and the PP goes into the crapper.They get a PP goal and then they make ordinary goalies look like Dominic Hasek.
      One thing I notice with them is that they still don’t adapt and change things up during the game. For example they tested Dubnyk’s glove early and continued shooting to his strength all game long.
      If we don’t move Getzlaf I truly fear that we’ll be stuck with an overpaid Steve Rucchin.

  6. bbdux93 says:

    I don’t remember Rucchin’s numbers but I’d bet they are better than Getz. Also – I think he was also blessed to have Paul and Teemu as his winers for a period when they were very productive. – Could be wrong on that – it’s been awhile

  7. czhokej says:

    I must say that I liked Rucchin’s reliability. From 1995 t0 2003 he was solid 20 goal scorer or close (with the exceptions of the time when he was injured. He spent a lot of time in front of the net, battling with the Ds and hunting rebounds. Yes, both Kariya and Teemu scored much more, but his positioning gave them more room to use their speed and skills. Getzlaf’s past stat numbers look a little bit better (he is also better paid), but he is not the same player this year. Rucchin’s numbers started going down when he was 33, Getz is now 27. What can we expect???

    • True cz, Rucchin did a lot of the yeoman work that Getz just can’t seem to bring himself to do. Getzlaf is marketed to us one of the best play makers in the game? If that’s true why is why haven’t the lesser lights who’ve played on his line, Blake, Hagman, Belesky done better? Big whoop that Corey Perry, Bobby Ryan and Teemu Selanne are 40, 30 20+ goal scorers respectively. They don’t achieve that because of Ryan Getzlaf. All have done just fine when Getz has been out. As did Kariya and Selanne when Rucchin was out.
      My point in comparing Getzlaf to Rucchin is to ask who is benefiting most by the association, Getz or his line mates? I also don’t mean to be taking anything away from Rucchin. He was a solid two way hockey player who earned a distinguished career. Either was the kind of player who could strap a team on their back and carry it like Perry, Selanne and Hiller have done.

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