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As reported by Eric Stephens, “”After the trade deadline, I thought some of the guys were relieved not to be traded and their desperation dropped off a little bit,” said Bob Murray.
This blog has noted the same thing a handful of times. We’ll never get the chance to followup with Mr. Murray because of our Ducks policy of refusing the free media access. The official policy of our Ducks is to exclude the blogosphere in favor of controlled corporate media.
In the matter of this blog, I’ve never asked for a seat in the press box. I only asked for access and participation in the post game media scrums and other press conferences. But I digress.
Murray continued, “A few of them let me down. I have to be honest.”  It wouldn’t be any deep secret to name the few though Ice never goes there in his report.
Ryan Getzlaf struggled through his second consecutive disappointing season. This is the guy who was going to lead us back to the Cup. Lubomir Visnovsky and Toni Lydman never properly rehabbed following surgeries and each battled through the effects all season. Saku Koivu was as smooth and heady as always but his production is in decline. Scoring from the back line is down by nearly half in year to year comparison.
Bob Murray is challenged in the art of communication. The all too rare times he does speak, it’s refreshing to know that we’re on the page.

In other news via NHL Trade Report e-blast Ice is reporting that Swedish goalie Viktor Fasth has signed a one way contract with our Ducks. The Ducks have not confirmed as of this posting. If accurate and Ice always has his facts right, Fasth  will serve as Jonas Hiller’s caddy next season.
Dan Ellis likely won’t be resigned.
Fasth was 23-21 this season for AIK in the Swedish Elite League during the regular season with 2.12 GAA and a .931 save percentage. We’ll get our first chance to see him in upcoming World Championships. Fasth is expected to backstop Team Sweden following his dominating performance at the same tourney last year.

  1. Second consecutive? How was last season disappointing? 76 points in 67 games, was center of the best line in hockey, and was 4th in assists even though he missed 15 games where everyone above him on that list played 82 games. This all happened with a new pregnant wife at home and a child that came in the latter half of the season.

    Getzlaf has been a disappointment this season, but heck a lot of great players have had disappointing seasons.

  2. First, welcome to the board Moderators. Well documented opposing opinions are always welcome here, however cussing of any kind isn’t. Consequently, I edited your post. I checked out your blog. Good stuff.

    Anytime a guy with Ryan Getzlaf’s talent and skill set fails to score 20 goals it’s a disappointment. I don’t excuse him for 15 games missed due to the injury or for his Daddy duties. If Getz went out there and (1) moved his feet every second of every shift, (2) attacked net with regularity instead of drifting off to the perimeter (3) put himself into position to shoot more often; he’d score 30 goals a year.

  3. Oh sorry about that, didn’t even realized I did. Thanks for editing it.

    Yeah, that’s just not his style though. He wants others to achieve and is unselfish. But this year I see him moving his feet more and trying harder. If he can combine that with past seasons success then he would be great. This year is just a fluke IMO, he’ll score 80+ points next season.

    Yeah thanks, I’m using this twitter now to promote the site. I use to be @t_betts but deactivated it

    • Think I followed @t_betts so yeah, now you’re familiar.
      You might be right that this season is a fluke. I know not what tomorrow may bring. And yeah he has pushed himself harder down the stretch but I don’t think that was true before Christmas.
      Getz record shows he has great 25-40 game stretches. His game, when he’s on starts with his skating. When his feet are moving he’s usually producing.
      Coach Boudreau has mentioned Getz appears to lack confidence in his scoring ability. If so, he’s fighting what he needs to do in order to realize his talent.
      When I look at Ryan Getzlaf I see 30+ goals 100+pts and dominating the center lane from slot to slot. Instead, he’s become 10 goal 60pt perimeter player. So yeah, he needs to change his game.

    • zseller says:

      Not quite sure what games you are watching Getzy where he is moving his feet or trying harder.
      The game against Vancouver is the reason I am so frustrated with Getz.
      He was skating hard, head down when going back up the ice to get in on a back check.
      Out muscling people along the boards to get the puck.
      In otherwords playing up to his full capabilities.
      I am willing to bet that he has not done this for 10 games all year.
      His stats prove it in that he just does not put forth the effort every night to use what God has blessed him with.
      I would love to see him play like he did the other night for 70 games a year and let him go Randy Moss for the other 12. The Ducks likely would be in the playoffs if he did and then hopefully he could go all out for every playoff game.
      Problem is that he teases us with the talent and then coasts for too much of the season.

  4. czhokej says:

    I am always glad when we get another contributor here. Welcome Moderators!
    We do not want to gang against you, but I was not really thrilled with Getzy’s last season either (even though it was much better than this one). The team was built around him, and Getz was expected to grow into 40 goal scorer. We cannot evaluate him only on the basis of his total points, because he gets a lot of PP time and because he played (last season) with several good scorers (Perry, Ryan, Teemu). He gets a lot of points for assists. (Perry scored 50 in 2011, Teemu 31, Ryan 34). So the criteria are much more strict for Getz, especially because of his talent. I consider him, Perry and Bobby Ryan equally talented. They are all capable of scoring 40 goals a season. Perry already proved it. Getzlaf has the hardest shot on our team, but he doesn’t use it. He had only 117 shot on goal last year. His FO% was also below the expectation in 2010-2011. He did not want to screen or battle in front of the net and he took too many plays to the cycle. And sometimes it is not only about scoring, or passing. His positioning was off, and being a passer first is not enough for the player of his calibre. However, Getzlaf was improving slowly under BB, and I would like him to develop into a power center as we all hoped him to be. He showed his defensive skills in some games, he demonstrated that he himself can take puck to the net, and attack the net from the rush, etc. But there is something about his behavior……

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