Down for a few days

Posted: 04/11/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

Retired Hockey Mom caught a bug at the courthouse and we’ve both been sicker than sin since Saturday. Not serious but man a nasty cold bug. You know the ones where you find yourself drifting off into space for minutes and longer? With paid work backing up I’m going to need a few days to get back to the blog. In the meantime, you might want to try these sites, if you haven’t already.

  1. tearingitup says:

    I hope things for you and your family are getting better.I am also glad that we have not shut it down till the next season. Seems like most comments around town in respects to the Ducks have revolved around Getz and Ryan……ie rumors. I am also hoping that the GM has a plan and is able to think out of the box. Watching some play off games, but the interest is not boiling over….get well.

  2. czhokej says:

    Get well soon, bc.
    After watching Kings’ game, I must say they play good hockey, positionaly sound, with good goaltending, solid defense, and then, at the right time, their offensive game started being productive. They attack the net, and they move the puck well. If they continue playinglike this, they will finish the Nucks soon. It’s amazing, The Canucks woin Presidents’ Trophy, clinched the top seed, and they are down 0-2. As a Ducks’ fan, I have a hard time rooting for the Kings, but they play well.

  3. czhokej says:

    Watching some play-off game, I have realized that bb was absolutely right. It’s somehow better that we did not get into the post- season. We do not have the size, physicality, speed, intensity and passion to compete at this level. It’s a warning for our GM, that we need quite a few changes. Actually something should have been done 2-3 years ago, when RC started showing his lack of strategic thinking.

    I must say – first, there is something wrong with the team, when the best scorer is 42 years old!!!
    And there is something wrong with the team, when the best-paid player scores only 11 goals and, at the same time, he is -11. (Getzlaf looks like a 3rd line center.) Koivu could still play on the 2nd but his size and age will prevent him from being better player next year. Our youngsters need to step up. I could continue, but I remember zseller’s post (at The Vent Thread), which is much better and comprehensive analysis of our problems.

  4. czhokej says:

    I like this quote from OC Register by Paul Scauzillo:

    I love this time of year. I get to watch some of my favorite Ducks in the playoffs. Guys like bryzgalov, McDonald, Pahlsson, Penner and Kunitz. Thank you Brian Burke and Bob Murray.

  5. tearingitup says:

    I am also impressed with the Kings….still can’t accept that fact. I also dislike the head-hunting that has been seen in most of the early play0ff games. Little to no respect for other players…….ah for the bygone days. Back to reality…..we would not of been competitive if we would of sratched back to the post season. They would simply try to shut down no.8 and the rest of the team would not be able to rally. Man the NHL since our cup days has become fast and furious and I don’t mean Eric Holder style…….guys are fast and tough.

  6. czhokej says:

    You are right “tear”, the Ducks used to be the toughest, roughest and biggest team in the NHL (and many people said nastiest). But they were not beastly, ruthless and brutal, like what we see today. Blind hits from behind, late hits became normal and acceptable, elbows are flying too often, and there is hardly any room and time for technical hockey. I remember Pronger being suspended for 2 games when he pushed one of the Wings player with an elbow. It was not even a hit but the Detroit player stayed on the ice just to get Pronger off the ice. But that was nothing when we compare it to playoffs 2012. Maybe people want to see blood, maybe they need gladiators more than hockey.

  7. czhokej says:

    I forgot to say that too many hits were charging with jumping to get the head…..

  8. bbdux93 says:

    I agree – the undisclipined play needs to be stopped. Where the heck are the coaches – why are they allowing this to happen. Aren’t they supposed to control their players? No One can convince me they couldn’t stop this if they wanted to.

    That said – I am again very impressed with Jonathan Toews. After the hit on Hossa he could have lead the hunt on Torres. Instead after a couple of minutes – he composed himself and The Hawks got back to playing a very good game.

    I just read a headline on that I find amazing. It said the offense in the Pens – Flyers series is reminiscent of the wide open game of the 1980s. Makes me glad I wasn’t a fan then. I actually think this series does not represent the way hockey is most often played in today’s game. As for the amazing lack of good goal tending and stupid fights – this series is embarrassing. For those who come to watch the game for the first time – and see the NHL’s “Golden Boy” Crosby displaying such childish behavior – it reflects bad on the sport as a whole.. A couple of great series that you can only hope they’ve watched and can appreciate as what hockey should be – are The Hawks – Coyotes and Kings – Canucks games.

    Play-off Hockey every night – it doesn’t get much better than that ! 🙂

  9. tearingitup says:

    I understand what you mean, but I enjoy the high skilled play of that last Flyer Pitt game. I am a west coast hockey guy, but respect Crosby… he gets upset…I wish Getz was that bad. It also showed that we are not close enough to their level of play. Just my opinion and head bashing must go. I thought Shanny was really controlling things at one point now I am not sure if these guys take him seriously

  10. bbdux93 says:

    HOLY COW – I just saw the Torres suspension – 25 games pretty much means he’s done for this season. The message I think – will not be lost on other players – who as they say “play on the edge”.

  11. czhokej says:

    Brown’s hit on Sedin was similar and dangerous, but he did not jump.

    I also think that high scoring games are more entertaining, but I do not like brutality replacing skills, and technical plays.
    The Sharks were eliminated, and Detroit too. The Wings had a good season, but at the end they did not play well. Some injuries and fatigue of quite a few older players slowed them down.

    One of my favorite players, former Duck Andy McDonald, helped the Blues to eliminate the Sharks. He scored 10 goals in 25 games during the regular season, and already has 4 goals in the play-offs.
    His trade started a period of destruction of the Ducks. (Burke had other options). Andy was traded for Doug Weight, who did not do too much for the Ducks. And then somebody decided to build the team around Getzlaf.

  12. bbdux93 says:

    Lots of goals is probably more entertaining for most fans. One of the best games I’ve seen recently was near the end of the regular season. It was between the Kings and (I think) the Blues. At the end of OT the score was still 0 – 0. I don’t even remember who finally won – since I’m not a fan of either team it wasn’t important to me.

    The game was an awesome display of all the things I love about the game – speed, skill & well timed -well placed hard hitting. IMO each team brought their “A game” and it was – for me – hockey as it should be played. If there were any fights, they were incidental – not instrumental – to the final outcome.

  13. tearingitup says:

    Down to the Kings and Nucks today. Should be a great game. I thought the Caps could do it, but it will now be an up hill battle game 7 in Boston

  14. czhokej says:

    So far we have 4 team eliminated and other 8 clubs still fighting. After Torres’ suspension, there is less of those dangerous hits, even though most of the games are still very physical. I like that, and I also enjoy the speed, hard work, and amazing skills of players participating in the play-offs. The scores of the Pens – Philly games were the real surprise.

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