Data mining for draft day prep

Posted: 05/01/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

First the good news. Our Ducks are actually in an enviable position 52 days ahead of  Draft Day. Murray can marshal a smorgasbord of assets, including (1) cap space projected at just over $23million, (2) rights to Justin Schultz, (3) buy out candidates in J.D. Deslauriers and Dan Sexton.
With everybody looking for a cap reset in the upcoming CBA, exercising a possible buyout amnesty on players like Deslauriers and Sexton would free up a million in cap space and two roster spots.
Will we really get nothing for the rights to Justin Schultz? The time to fish or cut bait is now.
Murray may have to throw $6-7million at Ryan Suter just to make the cap minimum.
Rick Nash can and does line up on either wing. He’d be a great fit alongside The Twins.The idea that our Ducks can’t be bidders on the best UFA talent available is just not paying attention. With $41million spread among 16 players we could add both Rick Nash, Ryan Suter and still have still have $7-8million in cap space.
Bonino-Ryan-Selanne/Suter- Sbisa

is 3 fairly impressive 5 man units.


  1. How much more do we have to spend to reach the cap minimum? I don’t know the minimum, but that is the only way I see us making a splash in the free agent market.

    • Ducks need to spend $7.24million to reach the cap floor of $48.3million, assuming the numbers don’t change with the new CBA. Based on various reports I suspect any change in the cap floor would be 2% or less.
      Upwards from $7million should get us a pretty good hockey player(s). How would you use that money? Some parts we need include an upgrade after Hiller, at least one physically punishing stay@home Dman, and another 20 goal scorer.
      BTW, I registered at your site. Is it okay to post this topic on your site as well?

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