Are the Kings for real?

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“It’s a special group, and we knew that all along this season,” said Anze Kopitar, the Slovenian star who had assists on both of Brown’s goals. “Maybe we didn’t break out when we would have liked to, but I think we’ve peaked at the right time, and that’s the most important thing.”
No kiddin’ have they broken out at the right time.  Bottled lightning. These Los Angeles Kings are on pace to post the best record ever under the current  format. In the post lockout era our 2007  Ducks, generally considered the greatest team to ever win the Cup were 16-5 in the playoffs. Kings are on pace to win the Cup on a 16-2 run. 16-2 this is something Ducks fans have seen recently. Our guys put together a 17-3-3 string between New Year and the trade deadline.
Blues coach Ken Hitchcock compared Kings goaltender James Quick to Ed Belfour and Dominick Hasek. The single most telling stat, goal differential says it all. Kings have outscored their opposition 27-13. That’s more than 2 to 1 in just nine games.
“The second period, we really got into our game, the way we’ve played all year to be successful,” St. Louis captain David Backes said. “I don’t think they had a ton of response for it, but they did a good job of bending and not breaking.”

And therein lies the nut said the squirrel to the frog. The Kings bend but they don’t break. They make plenty of mistakes and give up plenty of opportunities but as we all witnessed when Kopitar tucked a loose puck underneath Quick, they always have somebody in a support position. This team battles from goal line to goal line.
“L.A. plays the way you have to play to win the Cup now,” said St. Louis coach Ken Hitchcock, who won the title with Dallas in 1999. “Over the disappointments of the last three or four years, they’ve figured it out.”
The Kings look like a team that has mastered the reset. When they get into trouble as they did in Game 4 against the Nucks and in the second period yesterday, the Kings tend to slow skate and let the puck do the work. They go to their puck possession game. The purpose of this tactic is to settle things down while they look for a seam or a lane or a player to exploit.
As they wait for either the Phoenix Coyotes or the Nashville Predators one thing is certain, these L.A. Kings will be the favorite to start the next series. Becoming the favorite is another reset. Can these Kings win as the favorite?

In the Western Conference Final these Kings will face a team that matches their intensity and focus from the drop of the first puck.

quotes from Associated Press published by Kings edge Blues.

  1. czhokej says:

    We all must admit that the Kings are doing so many things right. Excellent goaltending – nobody can win the Cup with an average netminder. Superior defense, physical, passionate approach, etc.,etc. Just compare their captain to our leader!

  2. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    This reminds me of our Ducks run in 03…solid goaltending and allot of favorable bounces/plays…The Kings need to shut down those opportunities on Quick if they have what it takes to host the cup…It was nice to see McDonald continue to impress. He was St Louis MVP.

    • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

      I cannot believe all the drama associated with the Preds…this team should have had all these bugs debugged prior to the playoffs…

    • czhokej says:

      “you” , you are right. The Ducks 2003 eliminated Detroit 4-0, Dallas 4-2, Minnesota 4-0. Somehow we did not have enough energy in game 7 of the final.

  3. czhokej says:

    I guess I will be cheering for the Yotes, all the way.

    • Is ‘Yotes v. Kings a Cinderella Ball or what cz? I’m thinking they need to reformat this series. Make it a first goal wins. Nobody might score until Game 7 anyway. If you like to watch big guys muck around the wall, this is your series.
      Also like that Dave Tippett, the guy Kings let walk for Andy “ItsAllAboutMe” Murray is coming back for some payback.

      • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

        Good point…Tippett has paid his dues…lets hope the Yotes get a few more bounces then the Kings…unbelievable turn of events from Nashville…

  4. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    I like Doan’s comment after last nights game, “Its been hard being a Yotes fan…we understand that we have accomplished nothing at this point (paraphrased)”…love that! I will also be pulling for the Yotes to host the Cup…Canada will be on their heads…the team that almost went to Hamilton, LOL!

  5. czhokej says:

    I like high scoring games, aggressive forecheck, and offensive game style based on speed and puck movement. OTOH, I can also appreciate good tight defensive strategy, based on positioning, good goaltending, and one-on-one battles along the board. Both, the Yotes and the Kings have excellent goalies, and solid defense. During the regular season, which may not be relevant, Phoenix scored more goals, in the playoffs LA scored more. Phoenix PP stats look better in the playoffs. Both teams have good coaching.

  6. @yougetwhatyouputin Post mortem on the Preds. Some are saying they tried to adapt too late. Adding a couple of game breakers like Radulov and Kostitsyn should have been given more time. i’m inclined to agree. When a team changes its system players go through a reset that includes some self-evaluation and adaptation. Most often when I lost a teammate I felt partially responsible. Like I didn’t enough to help him. And then there’s getting to know the new guys and the changed expectations put on everybody by the Coach. And oh yeah, how ’bout this slogan Phoenix Coyotes, the team NHL didn’t want in Canada 😉 It’s conspiracy I swear lol.

    @czhokej Yeah but I don’t think the Kings will catch the ‘Yotes in WTF mode. Each team is very consistent and very disciplined. The ‘Yotes have been more steady than these johnny-come-lately boys in ELL-EH.

    Phoenix in six!!! Get yer wallet out zseller 😉

    Note: I’m a bit saddened by this latest chapter in the Getzlaf Story. Plus tehre’s some paying work on my desk. I’ll try and get a post up about the WCF late tonight or early tomorrow morning. Until then, you’re all very welcome to continue the conversation here though.

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