WCF: Can anybody stop these Kings?

Posted: 05/15/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

It’s 4-zip El-Eh in the waning minutes of the third. Jeez, eh. Kings are beginning to make a believer out of me. Phoenix looks a beaten hockey team. Mike Smith could face a suspension for the whack on Brown. That will be a distraction the ‘Yotes just don’t need.

Kings just don’t give up on any play. Watch the sticks and bodies. Kings get something in the way to interfere with the Coyotes want to do. There hasn’t been as dominate a playoff performance since our Ducks won the Cup.

  1. czhokej says:

    I am shocked, I am amazed. I now have a lot of respect for the new Kings, which went through unforeseen transformation. The fact is that I feel like a fool. It was so unexpected. The Kings were for a long time the worst scoring team in the NHL. But they peaked at the right time.
    I should have known that getting Carter and Richards would make the team much stronger, but others also improved a lot (Dwight King, Justin Williams, Penner, Stoll). Kopitar and Brown were their stars for a long time, but I am still astonished how those two play now (compared to the beginning of the season). So much confidence, aggressiveness, and accuracy, speed, and hockey intelligence. The Kings assembled a good team, while Bob Murray was, for a long time, happy with Randy Carlyle and Getzlaf. He was passive watching our misery for almost 3 years, and sometimes he traded people to make the team worse. We had only three scorers – difference makers on the team (Teemu, Bobby R. and Perry). The Kings now have 8 forwards at the similar level. When you look at the stats of Carter and Richards, two leading scorers in Philly for 4 years (since 2008 season), any team would be much stronger having those players (I know, there were some behavioral problems).
    Suddenly, the team, which was defensively one of the best (2nd in the NHL this season), and was offensively challenged, is now extremely strong at both ends.
    Can somebody explain to me, how the Kings managed the money and their salary cap?

  2. czhokej says:

    Can Tippett think of something? Even he seems to be startled.

    I should be happy for the Kings – local team, because it’s good for hockey in the SC. But it’s a rival team and it’s hard.

  3. tearingitup says:

    I am also impressed with the Kings…respect given. To me, they look unbeatable and have the ability to keep that going for years. I do not believe we are close to being that competitive. My friends that are Kings fans have been turning me inside out,but they have the right don’t they?

  4. bbdux93 says:

    I’m not one who has ever hated a team – with the exception of when the football 49ers always beat the Rams. The Kings have gone through a lot to get where they are now and if their fans were more civilized I could be happy for the team. As it is – I”m glad the OCR no longer has a Ducks blog – that would be bad.

  5. bilverado says:

    The Kings and Coyotes have continued to make moves to make themselves better in what could arguably be the most competitive division in the NHL. The Ducks GM strategy has been to stand pat — whether it’s lack of cap space or just plain stupidity, When others are getting better and you’re staying the same, you’re gonna end up in last place while watching your major competitors vie for a chance to play for the Cup.

    Agree with czhokej that Murray became too enamored with Carlyle and Getzlaf and we’re paying the price and likely will for years to come. But Murray ran the Blackhawks into the ground and they arose from the ashes. Maybe the Ducks can too, some day.

  6. As if Phoenix isn’t already reelin’ & rockin’ Martin Hanzal is suspended for Game 3 for his hit on Brown. It could have been much worse. Shanny could have suspended Smith, Doan and Morris as well. Will they let Raffi Torres back in? Not that it will matter. Phoenix looks like a beaten team.

    The Kings have got inside the heads of their opponents early and often. They are finishing checks with relentless regularity. I’m repeating my self but they just don’t give up on any play and there’s always someone in support position. It really is textbook hockey.
    I’ve already outlined how you beat what the Kings are doing. Fact is so far at least nobody has come close to beating them.

  7. czhokej says:

    From the World championships: Canada was eliminated by Slovakia 3-4. Getzlaf was thrown out of the game for an ugly foul (knee), and of course received 5 minute penalty before that. Slovakia scored on PP 2 minutes before the end of the game.

  8. czhokej says:

    USA – Finland 2-3, The US were eliminated by the defending champion. Finland scored with 8 seconds left. Our goals were scored by Palmieri and Bobby Ryan. BTW, Bobby scored 5 goals at the championships.
    Finland will play Russia in the semis, Slovakia will face either Sweden or the Czechs in the other semifinals.

    • Bobby did very well paired with Habs Max Pacioretty ES and on the PP when Avs Paul Stastny centered the pair. Stastny is long rumored to be available. His contract is pricey but the cap is thought to be increasing to to the $68-72million neighborhood.
      Stats seems forever doomed to comparisons to his Dad and uncles, but he is a solid two way centerman who puts up solid top six numbers.

  9. czhokej says:

    After watching the game 4 the Kings vs. the Coyotes: ” Where was Bob Murray (and Carlyle) when the Kings and the Coyotes were assembling their team, over period of several years? Were they admiring Getzlaf and his skating and shooting? Applauding his ability to lead the Ducks as a captain? Or was he thinking of what other players he should get rid of, because they did not recognize RC’s genius?”

    According to MTV3, the official broadcaster of the world hockey championship, Getzlaf showed his leadership in the night club in Helsinki, challenging the other guests with this statement: “I am the captain of the Anaheim Ducks and I can knock everyone out in three minutes.”
    ( I know, old news, but it nicely fits and corresponds with my story).

    • 2phunny cz. Somebody really smart once advised us to ignore what people say and watch they do. This is especially good advicewith respect to Bob Murray. I don’t believe Mr. Murray ever genuinely signed on to Brian Burke hockey.
      As has been well chronicled here, Mr. Murray woke up one morning, looked at the team practicing and said, “All of sudden we weren’t the Big Bad Ducks anymore. We were small and fast.”
      Ironically, just a few months prior to taking the helm, Murray posted an article on Ducks.com stating that the goal that year was to get younger and faster. When we made teh plaoffs in ’11 Murray wen tout and made us bigger and faster at the deadline when he acquired Ruutu & Winchester.
      Bob Murray has never communicated his vision for our Ducks wioth us fans. He’s stated goals over they years. Even the goals have been lowered from being a Stanley Cup Contender to a merely making the playoffs.
      In that sense, you really can’t blame for his half-hearted efforts. Under Murray maybe making the playoffs is good enough.
      As you said cz, Bob Murray was a disaster in Chicago. He’s been a disaster here as well.
      As for Getzlaf, we could well be stuck with him. I highly doubt that we could get a #1 D-man for him today. About the best we might do today would be to send Getz to say Florida for a package of say Weis and Gudbranson?

  10. bbdux93 says:

    CZ – we share your frustration

  11. bbdux93 says:

    Off original topic – just a bit a a segue from CZ & BC’s posts.

    A conversation about Getzlaf and the C.
    If they take the C off Getz’s jersey who do they give it to? We do have leaders in Koivu and Selanne (assuming he comes back) but I’m pretty sure neither wants the C at this point in their career.
    You can’t give it to Perry or Ryan – IMO Perry is not right for the job and Ryan is streaky and not mature enough yet. I can’t think of anyone on the D that would fit the role of captain.

    So, not only has our GM made our team small, fast and certainly not to be feared – he has also failed to give the team a true leader. If we had a young man with the dedication of someone like Jonahtan Toews, I’d have more hope for the future of this club, under the current management.

    We fans are encouraged to remain dedicated – even when mgmt fails to give us much reason to be so. Their work in this off season needs to produce some really positive results – or Murray needs to be fired before the 2012/13 season begins.

    One only has to think back to his handling of contract negotiations with Jame Wisnewski and Bobby Ryan to be reminded of what a bad job he does when true professionalism is called for.

    • Francois Beauchemin? Nobody has ever accused Frankie of doggin’ it.
      Assuming for the moment that Getz is relieved of the captain’s duty, is his on ice role reduced as well? Drop him to the 2nd unit PP? Move him to wing? Pair him with rookies and sophmores?

  12. czhokej says:

    Good comments, bb. Perry might be another problem, even though I was mostly criticizing Getzlaf.
    He seems to be taking his professionalism too lightly as well.

  13. bbdux93 says:

    BC – I thought of Beauch – I just don’t get the feeling 🙂 – that’s he’s the right fit. I do think he would be better than Getz.

    I think considering that Getz doesn’t play as good as we all believe he can with the C and lots of ice time, w/out either his play would likely decline further. IMO trading him also has problems, but it may be the best solution for the team. Sort of a “Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t” situation

    • Maybe surgery could repair the cranium-in-rectum syndrome that seems to have inflicted Getz. That is the preferred solution but I’ve lost my faith bb. His issues are above my pay grade and outside my skill set. He really worked hard last summer to show up in the best shape of his life. When the puck dropped in October though he just didn’t make the effort to reward himself for all his hard work. I don’t get that at all.
      The best solution now is a trade. I really fear that if we wait his value will go down instead of up. He won’t get less on his next contract regardless of what he does on the ice this season. Some fat-cat owner will overpay for him.

  14. czhokej says:

    I forgot about Beauch, he would be a good candidate. He sacrificed his body more than any other D, he worked extremely hard and he was solid. His more than 25 minutes per game TOI, for 82 games, that’s something praiseworthy. For a while he was just Scotty’s sidekick and his secondary, but this year he demonstrated he can stand on his own feet and can knock others down. Late bloomer, he’s matured, and has now integrity and professionalism. But I still do not know what to do with RG and his role. Why to have a C who behaves like a 16 year old?.

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