Kings win Clarance Campbell Bowl!!!

Posted: 05/23/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

The Los Angeles Kings are the Western Conference and have become a legitimate Stanley Cup contender this season. Now I’m going to take a hammer to my fingers and thumbs.
Jeez, it still hurt more to actually type those words than breaking my fingers for typing those words.
Ah well, it’s a great day for SoCal hockey. And they needed former Duck Dustin Penner to score the winner for them.

  1. czhokej says:

    Penner had a miserable season (worse than Getz), but seems to be playing better in the playoffs. Ryan Carter and Chipchura also played very well.
    bc, you are not the only one who did not see the coming transformation and the potential of our northern neighbor. I blame myself too.

    • Perhaps noteworthy about Philly-West is that the Richards-Carter duo forms the second line, not the first as they did in Philly.
      IMO, the most significant under-reported element is the maturation of Anze Kopitar. If there’s an heir to the best Selke-Byng Trophy winning point per game all purpose hockey player established by Pavel Datsyuk it’s Kopi.

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