Clock ticking away on Justin Schultz

Posted: 05/25/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

Most everybody knows by now that Bob McKenzie tweeted teh news that Justin Schultz has given the Badgers notice that he won’t be returning for his senior year. That doesn’t mean he won’t complete his degree. Many NHL players have completed their education and gone on to attain post grad degrees while still playing in the NHL.
For our Ducks and quite possibly Bob Murray’s future in Anaheim we have 30 days to sign him, trade him or lose him for nothing if should go UFA. In Schultz situation I’m not entirely certain what going UFA means. Does he come into the NHL on the standard 3 year Entry Level contract or is he truly unrestricted? I don’t know but better minds than mine will share their thinking soon enough.
As for Schultz, ask youself two questions, (1) What kind of team is the Anaheim Ducks? (2) Where and how does Schultz fit on our blue line?
Most of corporate media and the blogosphere is of the opinion that signing Schultz makes Lubomire Visnovsky expendable. I think not. Gabby could ice some very balanced pairings such as, Sbisa-Lubo; Beauch-Fowler & Lydman-Schultz. On the PK Beauch with either Sbisa or Lydman become the top unit pairing. On the PP go with the hot hands. 
Another popular meme out there in corporate media is that Lubo’s cap hit of $5.5million is expensive. Odd that it was a bargain when scored 18 goals and 68 points. Lubo is due only $3million in cash nest season. We have some accounting pros visiting this site so I might get corrected. Still, taking a $5.5million cap hit on a $3million outlay spells bargain to me.
My gut is that we’ll know if Schultz is coming here within 10 days to two weeks.
The smart thing is for Murray to put his best offer on the table and if he’s spurned then trade Schultz rights. At least get something for him. Though the manner by which Barstool Bob has managed our Ducks assets…well hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

  1. czhokej says:

    I heard the rumor that Justin is heading for Toronto.

    • Everybody’s going to Toronto. Don’t believe me though cz. Just ask the Leafs fan nearest you.
      Justin Schultz is arguably the best player available not already playing in the NHL. He wouldn’t be the first NCAA player ready for roster spot straight out of college.
      Murray doesn’t have to sign Schultz save face. He just has to get something for his rights.

  2. czhokej says:

    We lost so much talent and potential in the past, that I am skeptical. But as we know B. Burke and his situation there, he will be actively pursuing every chance. He started there in November 2008, and accomplished what? Nothing. The Leafs finished 24th, 29th, 22nd and 26th during his 4 seasons with the club. Actually it looks that he made the team worse.
    But I am with you and also hope that at least we will get something for him, wherever he goes.

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