Not now, not today

Posted: 06/06/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

New Jersey’s no-quit Devils gutted out a 3-1 win to send the series back east for a game 5. Kings have been here twice before and came on to close out series in these 2012 playoffs.
From my seat it looked like the Kings were tight and playing as though they were afraid to make a mistake. Maybe inserting match up physical D-man Henrik Tallinder had something to do with taking the push back out of the Kings. Tallinder, who hasn’t played since January logged over 19 minutes. Did you notice him? If not it means he did his job. Heck, I’ll fess up. I didn’t know he played until I watched a post game video on
Before Saturday count on Coach Sutter will show them something worse than losing to fear.
What Kings need to be concerned about is that the Devils scored more than 1 goal in a game for the first time in this series. Ilya Kovalchuk and Zach Parise found the back of the net. If these guys go on a tear we could be in a for a very long series.
To anybody who’s studied and worked to prepare for a crucial exam, or submitted an application to college and waited for the results or tried to win the final game in a championship series knows of the jitters and beejeebers that the Kings must quell before they can even think about winning another game. Stanley Cup champion is a pretty exclusive club. Anybody who’s ever worked to belong to something greater than themselves understands the pressure on these Kings now.
Ken Campbell, arguably the best corporate media reporter not working for explains why the Kings should be concerned. It wasn’t just that the Devils won a game. It is how the Devils won that game that poses a significant challenge.
And with what we saw tonight they have to do it against a team that won’t lay down for them. At the outset I predicted a competitive series. Two games were decided in OT. Tonight’s game was decided in the final minute of the third period.
The pressure on the Devils is quite different. Not expected to win all they have to do is live to play another day. A win Saturday night and these Devils will plant the seed of doubt in the minds of the Kings. I don’t hear no fat lady.


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