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Posted: 06/10/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

During a Q&A at Select-A-Seat Bob Murray finally admitted the obvious to most Ducks’ fans, Justin Schultz will not be signing with the Ducks. Anaheim Calling and Bucky’s 5th Quarter have excellent coverage of the story.
Murray admitted that Schultz had informed our Ducks of his intention to exercise his right to declare his UFA status after previously claiming that Schultz never once indicated that he wouldn’t sign with our Ducks.
I don’t know why Justin Schultz has chosen this route. It certainly isn’t without significant sacrifice on his part because our Ducks were willing to dress him for a few games and burn an entire year of his 3 year EL status. So whatever the reason, it must be fairly substantial for Schultz to spurn our Ducks offer.
At the end of the day this Ducks fan is once again questioning the credibility of our GM. As recently as May, Murray was quoted as saying that Schultz never indicated anything but that he was willing to sign with the Ducks. Obviously and by Murray’s own admission our GM has once again lied to us. This is what I find most disappointing of all.
Perhaps you’ve heard the news that Red Wings GM Ken Holland just traded the rights to Brad Stuart to San Jose. Amazingly, nobody doubted for a minute that Stuart was looking to return to California and San Jose. Absolutely incredible that Holland turned nothing, Stuart was leaving via UFA into something. On the other hand, Bob Murray had two top prospects in Justin Schultz and Jake Gardiner in his hands and he turned those assets into Francois Beauchemin, a guy Murray let walk two years earlier.
Is there any wonder why this franchise is heading in the wrong direction?

  1. tearingitup says:

    One more flush for the credible leadership shown by the GM. I am not at all convinced that things are moving forward in terms of team strength and depth. I do not know if we are ready for prime time….only few weeks to UFAs

    • Jeez, ten minutes into responding to tearingitup my fingers slipped and deleted 3 paragraphs. Here’s the reconstructed version:

      I’ve never had any sense of what a Bob Murray hockey team looks like. It doesn’t seem like he has a firm vision. Maybe we were spoiled by the more basic and well articulated vision of Brian Burke.
      The lying is really less than professional. It’s surprising that Henry Samueli, who has a record of being a stand up guy, tolerates it. A stooge like Murray willing to catch the flak and shrapnel does serve a purpose to an owner self-described as, “preferring to work quietly behind the scenes.”
      Not sure I buy into the new found religion of going back to the Big Bad Ducks. Palmieri and Etem will be given every opportunity to make the team coming out of camp. Neither is particularly big or physically intimidating. If Palmieri and Etem make the Ducks roster it will leave the fourth line as the only opportunity to get Big and Bad.
      There are plenty of former Ducks available on the UFA market. Shawn Thornton, Travis Moen, Zenon Konopka and Brad Winchester fit the mold. Jay McLemont is arguably the best checking line center available. Another UFA depth forward I’ve always liked is Sharks Torrey Mitchell but he gets hurt a lot. Getzlaf nemesis Jordan Tootoo is also a pending UFA.
      A perfect compliment to Pears & Getz is Shane Doan but I doubt that (1) he’ll be available and (2) if he’d be interested in our Ducks. He has too much fun playing against us.
      There’s no shortage of UFA’s who would be an upgrade to our D. Sens Filip Kuba, Blues Barrett Jackman, Kings Willie Mitchell and ‘Canes Bryan Allen are among the elite. But there are some solid less expensive guys available like Bryce Salvador, Adrian Aucoin, Niklas Grossman and Hal Gill are big and physical stay@home types.
      Before our Ducks can even think about moving forward we need bounce back years from Getzlaf, Visnovsky & Lydman as well as breakthrough seasons from Fowler & Sbisa.

  2. bbdux93 says:

    The way Murray handles his job can not inspire any player with other opportunities to come here. If he isn’t fired soon we can only expect more of the same. We had to wait 2 or 3 years longer than we should have to see Carlyle gone, who knows how long it will take to get rid of Murray.

    • Murray’s ability to attract talent will be tested this summer. All of our top players are signed. The cap is expected to go up with the new CBA. The open spots appear to be on the 4th line and 3rd D pairing. Surely a GM can upgrade the depth positions with all that going for him bb.

  3. bbdux93 says:

    At various times we have commented here about “conversations” that should stay in the locker room. IMO there are also conversation and comments that should stay “in the board room”. For Murray to make the kind of comments he does in public speaks to me of his arrogance and stupidity.

    I doubt he is seen among players and management of other teams as a hockey guy. Again just my opinion, Brian Burke is seen as a guy with a passion for hockey and one that players want to play for. If that were not true how was it when he was in charge we were able to attract players who could likely have gone to any team they chose.

    In professional sports as in any other businesses, results are what counts.

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