Kings win tainted by horrible officiating

Posted: 06/11/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

Kings won the Cup props to them. Sadly it in large part the result of the worst officiating I’ve ever witnessed in all of sport. Chris Rooney and/or Dan O’Rourke made the right cal. Bernier deserved the major he got. Where they totally blew it was a few seconds before the hit on Scuderi when Kings Jarred Stoll lined up Devils Brian Gionta for a needless check from behind at the Devils bench. If Rooney and O’Rourke make the call, the hit on Scuderi likely doesn’t happen.
Devils lost their cool as the Kings scored 3 goals on the ensuing 5 minute PP. That isn’t forgivable of course but it’s at least understandable.

Enjoy your Cup Kings. Just don’t tell me you won it on the square. Kings won it as a result of human error. At various times throughout the season this blog has called upon the NHL to improve the quality of its officiating. Now that negligence has sullied one of hockey’s showcase moments.
This morning after, apologists are out in force in the NHL pandering corporate media. They can spin it but they won’t sell it to anything but Kool-Aid drinking Kings fans.
Had Rooney & O’Rourke called the game fairly, the play wouldn’t have happened as I’ve already shown. A sharp-eyed Bob McKenzie points out that the both Brown & Penner could have been called for minors on the play. Had the game been called properly, those calls would have resulted in the Devils getting a 4 on 3 and the Kings getting a 3 minute 5 on 4.

Also maybe now everyone can appreciate why I’ve been calling the NHL and the Stanley Cup hockey’s 2nd best after the Olympics.

  1. tearingitup says:

    Brodeur was not as strong as usual, but the Kings played well enough to win.I am done talking about the Kings. I agree the officiating was suspect at the least

  2. Thanks for sharing tearingitup. The worst thing that can happen to a blogger is not getting a response to a post.

  3. bbdux93 says:

    I love hockey – have utter distain for a certain element of LA sports fans – was really disappointed with this game. I agree 100% the officials inserted themselves in a way that is not what should be expected of professionals. How they can miss some important calls and not others will continue to amaze me. How many of them does it take to correctly call a game. If players can be suspended for plays that cross the line of acceptable play – officals should be penalized in a way that brings better results.

    I also like home improvement shows and after the 2nd goal – I switched to something more predictable. Made me more than a little disappointed.

    • totally agree. There’s no reason to inject themselves into a game to the point where the official dictates the outcome. Devils were shorthanded for 13 minutes before they got their first PP. The infractions are never ever that one sided.

  4. zseller says:

    I think that you are letting your emotions cloud your judgement.
    The officiating is not the reason that the Kings won the Cup.
    The Kings were the better team, they prevailed and congrats to them.
    I had opportunities to go to all of the Finals games in LA and chose not to because I would rather have someone who was a diehard Kings fan go instead.
    I am Ducks fan first and will always root for them.
    Not being a true Kings fan it is hard for me to get worked up one way or the other.
    With no emotional investment in either team I was just happy for CA that another CA team was able to hoist the Cup.
    I might feel differently in the Kings would have dispatched the Ducks along the way but given what I do for a living I am good with the outcome.
    The only issue I have is the bandwagon fans who jump on just because an LA team is winning.
    The Kings have some of the most passionate fans in the sport, unfortunately they also have a higher percentage of the “want to be in the in seen” fans.
    Ducks had these as well back in their Cup run so lets dump on the Kings for the sake of dumping.
    In a discussion with a co-worker today he summed it up pretty well. This is CA, give it a week and the “in crowd” will be on to another team, be it the Dodgers, Trojans, LA Angels (cmon they are not even in LA County) or possibly UCLA.
    Having grown up in MN i struggle with how quickly people jump on or off their team but then relaize that it is a cultural thing about CA. There are many great things about anywhere as well as drawbacks, this is one of them for the LA scene.
    Keep up the good work, just keep the negative emotions from clouding your objectivity.

    • and 25 bucks to the Travis Roy Foundation. Jeez z, you might want to take the roll yer on to Vegas!

      I agree that the officiating is not why the Kings won the Cup. It was the reason they won that game.

  5. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    BC I agree that the officiating was the reason the Kings won the game…the hit on Bernier would have never happened…Its games like this that a part of me feels the finals are/may be fixed for the following:

    • The non-calls on LA (I recall 3).

    • 10 minutes, game misconduct on Scuderi…just give LA the Cup in the 1st period…this call/penalty is an unrecoverable…5 minute would have been good enough.

    • Scuderi picks out Bernier (perhaps the Kings weakest link, 1 assist for the entire playoff run)

    • 9 penalties assessed to NJ to LA 3

    However, as a hockey fan, this has got to be the worst officiating in playoff history. What a way to win the Cup…terrible way to end the series.

    In the end it was nice looking at the blond behind the NJ bench…way-to-be NBC cameraman, LOL!…Schultz a taste of what you will be missing in beautiful So-Cal.

    Would have loved for this series to go 7!

  6. bbdux93 says:

    zseller, I take issue with the comment about people in So Cal jumping on or off the bandwagon – as being a cultural thing here. No one I know jumps on or off of any sports bandwagon and the fools that do are not true sports fans – no matter where they live.

    I am a big fan of the game of hockey and want the officiating to improve. Were the Kings the better team – probably, but bad officiating should not help to decide the outcome and I think it did.

  7. Note to zseller. I removed your post because name calling will not be tolerated on this site. I have two rules, the first one is attack the post not the poster.

    bb, I removed your post as well because it doesn’t make sense to leave a response to a post that is no longer there.

  8. zseller says:

    Sorry if I crossed the line with my attempt at humor, it was certainly not intended to be offensive.
    Apologies to you BB if you were offended.

  9. The rulebooks are designed to provide consistency of calls when officiating any sport so that fairness is achieved and the results are determined by the actions of the players and not the actions or inactions of the officials. The goal of officials is to call penalties consistently throughout the game/series. The Stanley Cup Playoffs missed that by a long shot. Every series had discussions about calls by the refs that directly impacted the results of the game. While the quality of officiating will always be a part of the game, its impact on the outcome should never rise to the level it has; it cheapens the victory and the sport. In spite of the perceived dominance of the Kings, there is a reason why the Finals can go to the final whistle of Game 7 – you never know what can happen.

    And as a Devils fan, that is something I will never be able to stop wondering about.

  10. bbdux93 says:

    No big deal. I always enjoy reading your posts – I don’t always agree with you – but that helps to keep this site an interesting – thought provoking place to come to.

  11. Bill Kearns says:

    This pic says it all. Feel free to add it to your page 😉

  12. bilverado says:

    Have to wonder why the Olympics and the World cup can get good officiating — for the most part — but the premier event in the sport — the Stanley Cup Finals get worse every year.

    I don’t think it’s about a fix as much as it is about a trend in officiating in professional sports overall. It’s stopped being about the officials being invisible and just enforcing the rules and has started being about “I’m the referee and I can make or not make this call.” It’s always puzzled me that something that isn’t called in the 1st period is suddenly called in the 3rd, or something that’s called 3-4 times early in a game, suddenly is let go when the game is one the line.

    A rule should be a rule and when it’s broken it should be enforced. It seems that there has been a lot of effort to clearly define what is and what is not a penalty but very little effort to ensure that the calls are made consistently and fairly.

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