Trading Bobby Ryan

Posted: 06/21/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

Given some of the reported asking prices and speculated for Rick Nash; one has the Rags sending Dubinsky, Del Soto and a 1st while BJ’s GM Scott Howson is reportedly asking for 2 top six forwards and two first round ED picks. Here a few idears on what Ducks blockbuster draft day trades might look like. Another Duck, Lubomir Visnosky’s name has also popped up in Draft Day rumor roundups and gossip girl blogs.
So what if they were offered as a package? Returns might look like this:

To Flyers: Bobby Ryan, Lubomir Visnovsky
To Ducks: Kimmo Timmonen, James van Riemsdyk, Braydon Coburn

Flyers add 50 goals to their attack and a much needed PP QB in Lubo.

Ducks get an aging #1 D-man in Timmonen, a 20 goal scorer in JVR who would compliment Bonino or skate alongside the Finn Twins and the big match up D-man we need in Coburn. The single best player in deal is also the youngest in Ryan and the Flyers should be prepared to pay a premium.

To CBJ: Ryan, Vis & Jeff Deslauriers, our 1st
To Ducks: Rick Nash, Jack Johnson or Fedor Tutin their 1st.

We take on about $2million salary and move up to snag Everitt Silvertips Ryan Murray. (Take that Justin Schultz.) BJ’s give up some snarl and skating in Nash but get back more offensive upside in Ryan.

To Pens: Ryan & Lubo
To Ducks: Jordan Staal & Zbynek Mychalek
Ducks get the #2 center who can challenge a lackadaisical  Getzlaf for his spot atop the depth chart and the solid match up D-man in Mychalek who’s presence would improve play in our zone. Hiller would love having a guy like Zee-bee tying up guys in the low slot..

To Devils: Ryan & Lubo
To Ducks: Travis Zajac and  Anton Volchenkov

With Tallinder back Devils can afford to shed the NHL’s #1 shot blocker Volchenkov. Zajac & Getzlaf could form to next great 1-2 punch down the middle. Devils get the PP QB they desperately need and another goal scorer in Ryan. It’s trade that benefits both teams as Ducks shed some offense for improved D and GAA.

or Ryan to NYR for Dubinsky and del Zotto. with del Zotto joining our young D, Justin Schultz can eat my shorts.

These trades are pure speculation. You’re welcome to shoot at them and/or post your own. The idea is to get a sense of Bobby Ryan’s value on the trade market on the Entry Draft eve.

  1. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    The CBJ is what I am looking for…I think we are the only team willing to pickup the salary while moving talent…NYR and NJ deals would also make me happy…The Flyers deal will never happen if Coburn is in the mix (Flyers need his intensity and commitment)…hope bar-stool sticks to his guns (if this deal is even a possibility) and requires that Coburn must be in the mix!

    FYI Bar-stool: No trades with Toronto as we always get the short end of the stick…Burke is desperate to make the playoffs!

    • Obviously none of those happen since Lubo to the Isles for their 2nd round pick in 2013. I don’t understand how a top 4 D-man is worth a guy who will have a 40% of ever playing an NHL game on the day he is drafted.
      Jeez, you, not you, you, but any you has to seriously question our Ducks asset management policy.

  2. czhokej says:

    I am back from my trip to Europe, trying to catch up and digest some surprising news. I am not pleased…..

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