Ducks send Lubo to Islanders for squat

Posted: 06/22/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

in the form of NYI’s 2013 2nd round Entry Draft pick is a 40% chance of playing an NHL game for Lubo. Jeez, on my deceased Mom’s honor all you can say is that 2013 2nd rnd pick better be one heck of a hockey player to make us forget Lubo. Murray has traded Chris Pronger, watched Scott Neidermayer retire, acquire Ryan Whitney and parlayed him into Lubo for Isles 2013 2nd rnd ‘er. The d has really blown apart under Barstool’s watchful eye and guiding hand, eh. Check out what other Ducks fans have to say about Murray and the Lubo trade here. And for a snicker don’t miss THN’s trade analyses here.
The best spin I can put on this is Lubo was traded to make room for Scot Niedermayer’s return. I don’t believe it but…there must be another shoe about to drop. Ryan Suter? Shea Weber? Dan Boyle? Alexander Edler? Tyler Myers? Knowing Murray, put your money on Joe Corvo or maybe Barstooge Bob trades Nick Bonino for Steve Eminger.

With the 6th overall pick Barstool picked Hampus Lindholm out of Sweden. He’s a bull in a package that took best endurance at the Combine. Lindholm was rated to go in the mid-teens. McKenzie called it a great pick because at least two teams had Lindholm rated in their top 5. McQuire called Lindholm the sleeper in the draft.He’s seen as a smart player who makes good decisions. Likes to lug the puck up a lane, join the offense and can compliment Cam Fowler. Might be a steal. Still, with Matt Dumba, Cody Ceci, Filip Forsberg still available it’s hard to believe our Ducks stuck to the “best player available” as Madden said the day before the draft. Check out how Madden spun it after the draft here.

Oh wow, Pens send Jordan Staal to Carolina for Branden Sutter and picks. This trade will work very well for each.

Bobby Ryan tweeted that he’d rather be traded now than become Ducks fall guy later. Not a great day for Ducks fans at the Barstooge Bob Show….

  1. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:


  2. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Unbelievable!…unless we need to clear cap space for Weber or Suter…

    • props@u for Morgan Reilly going 5th to Leafs and me when Dumba was Minny’s 7th overall selection. Maybe he moved Lubo to make room Justin Schultz ELC. I fear the damage if they actually let this guy trade Bobby Ryan.

  3. bbdux93 says:

    As we’ve said here many times – Murray had better make the team better during this off-season or he needs to be Fired! If we draft a player that can have an immediate – positive impact on the team -he might survive.

    I’d hate to see Bobby go, but if what we get in return is worth it I’ll be OK with that. This is a business and winning should matter to management as much as it does to the fans.

  4. bbdux93 says:

    Read the Ducks blog on OCR – I’d say Bobby is gone. You don’t go public with the comments he made and stay with the team. Question is – is it now or when the season starts – if it does.

    Carlyle is gone so – that’s not something he can point to – maybe Bobby needs to do some growing up ???

    From a fan’s prespective I don’t understand why someone like Ryan Getzlaf seems to be given carte blanche (sp?) while giving less than 100% for most of this past season and a guy like Bobby who seems to work hard – gets shown the door… What is it mgmt sees that we don’t???

    • I don’t know what mgm’t sees in Getzlaf over Ryan bb. That is how Burke saw it. Bobby was No. 2 behind Getz. and yer right given Bobby’s comments it does remind me of Pronger, Kunitz, Whitney and Lupul right before they were each traded. If Ryan brings a Nash like return it could help. Thing is we’re building around Getzlaf hasn’t earned the franchise player designation.
      Somehow I fear Murray’s next move is going to be overpaying for a Joe Corvo or some over-priced and over the hill UFA.

  5. Ouch, Ryan’s comments don’t sound promising. The Ducks should probably just clear house and start fresh, as bad as that sounds.

    • Hey news, really fighting the urge to vent and rant on the total ineptitude of trading Bobby Ryan because in four seasons you can’t find a spot for him in your lineup.
      If there was ever a time for Henry Samueli to get busy “quietly behind the scenes” it is now.
      Is it just me or is all this Trading Bobby Ryan chatter because there is no market for Getzloaf?

  6. bbdux93 says:

    BC Exactly what I was thinking. Based on Getz declining numbers and lack of noticeable effort over the past two years – who would want to take on his salary. And, for what – someone who says his less than expected effort & results for the past 18 months is because he’s been adjusting to being a new dad? How does that work – you get married and have a family so you don’t work as hard as you did when you only had yourself to care for ? ? ?

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