Murray’s lies cost us Justin Schultz and may cost us Bobby Ryan

Posted: 06/24/2012 by bc in Uncategorized
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Ever heard the old saying if your word is no good, you’re no good?

Consider that two summers ago Bob Murray broke his word to Bobby Ryan and his agent, Don Meehan of Newport Sports. At the time I posted that this would come back to haunt Bob Murray and more importantly our Ducks. Today, the OCR has the first public notice of the cost of Murray’s lies. Justin Schultz is represented by Newport Sports.
As we all know, Schultz doesn’t want to play here and now we learn Bobby Ryan has asked for a trade.
Newport’s other Ducks’ client, Corey Perry.

No NHL GM can succeed without at the least the respect of player agents and the NHLPA. You earn respect by being trustworthy and credible. People have to be to rely on your word. Maybe this idea is just too simple for a reputed genius like Henry Samueli to appreciate or maybe he just condones it.

Poor Hampus Lindholm on the day he’s drafted into the NHL he’s already compared to Jake Gardiner, Justin Schultz, Matt Dumba, Derek Pouliot, Filip Forsberg Jacob Trouba and Mikhail Grigorenko. Unless he proves to be the best among that group, he’s a bust.

  1. jenelynrusso says:

    At the risk of sounding completely uninformed, could you link me to a description of “Murray’s Lies” regarding Bobby Ryan? And what specifically did Murray lie about in regards to Schultz? I’m not defending or accusing anyone here. Just looking for some more detailed info instead of generalities.

    • An advanced google news search for key words Bobby Ryan, contract negotiations, Murray, Meehan got me two pages but not the chronology of those negotiations. IIRC, Eric Stephens blogged about it, so I’ll look there later. two pages did a search link so I can only give the chronology and narrative from memory at this moment.

      • jenelynrusso says:

        No rush, I’m just curious. Seems from what I’ve read that Justin Schultz has done some lying of his own. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

    • I found this chatter at Hockey’s Future. Click on the link and scroll to the post by alx*83 @ 5:16p.m. and the few that follow. Hope you appreciate that those aren’t my words though.
      These are just posters making references to Bobby turning down Murray’s offer of $5million per year for 5 years. I did search Twitter for the Ducks tweets but it didn’t pop up.
      What I recall is that Murray had an agreement with Bobby’s agent Don Meehan and counselor/adviser/rep Herb Guy not negotiate in public. As you know the Ducks have a policy of not releasing contract details anyway.
      The lie was Murray went public with the details on the Ryan contract negotiation. there was one report at the time that recounted Murray stomping out of a room and announcing a halt to all contract communication between our Ducks and Bobby’s representatives.

      I may have received some of that info on condition that I don’t reveal a source. Next search is this site and my emails, I never discard or delete email but maintain it in a searchable data base.

      Also and I apologize if this is TMI Jenelyn, but my bundle package is intermittently inoperative commencing 6/25 through 7/3 until I fully switch to Direct TV with a Verizon voice and dsl. They don’t offer FIOS in these thar hills.

      But yeah, I don’t call people liars without having direct evidence. It will turn up. Just embarrassed by the delay in getting back with you.

  2. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    We can all agree, that in the four years that barstool has been at the helm he has destroyed our team…the product speaks for itself…we have accomplished nothing since the Cup…time will tell if he is able to pull off a miracle trade or sign a few quality Free Agents that make us a CUP CONTENDER!

    As for the handling of the Schultz drama, here is my 2 cents:

    I believe we, Anaheim are getting shafted. We drafted this player with the intent that he would become a Duck…Schultz should not be allowed to sign with another team unless the drafting team is no longer interested, it should be a mute point. College players should not have this much power to manipulate the system just because they are unhappy with the way management is running the team. He is 21 (22 July) years old, what does he understand about the business. Your pay is clear and your ability at this level is not. I anticipate the CBA will be revised and the language will be clarified at our expense.

    Let’s remember why failing teams draft first. It’s because they need the help. If the CBA is not revised I would only draft college players that are in their third to final season of college hockey…it is not worth the risk of a 21/22 year old changing his mind!

    Final thought…it would be great if the GMs don’t give Schultz the opportunity to sign with anyone unless his drafting team is no longer interested. It could become taboo like the offer sheet. The reality is it could/has impacted the entire league. The bottom line is the organization should not have to bend over backwards to accommodate a prospect that has yet to play a single game in the NHL!

    Also Anaheim should be filing tampering charges because if no interest was shown he would be signing with the Ducks.

    • Yeah U no doubt the out clause for young men coming out of college and into the pro ranks will change with the new CBA.
      As for Schultz, seeing him in an opposing uni is reason enough to re-up ‘Stache & Brookbank. Before our first game agaisnt Schultz and his new team, I put a bounty on him.
      Maybe we fans can put a bounty out? We each pledge a few bucks to the Travis Roy Foundation in the name of the Duck who face watches Shultzie. I kick it off with a 25 buck pop.

      • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

        Great READ…Finally some fresh air and balance from Canada on the Schultz drama…it was so good I almost feel he read the post here first, LOL!

      • Great find U thanks, with a caveat:
        The owners wrote the rules. In contract law, when one side writes the contract, in this instance the CBA, ambiguity and unfairness accrue against the drafting signatory and/or party. I can’t blame Justin Schultz for exercising the right to choose his employer.
        Under Bob Murray, our Ducks have dissed a lot of players and lied to their agents. There’s only so much guys like Corey Perry, Teemu Delanne or Saku Koivu can do to overcome the negative impression Bob Murray has created.

  3. bbdux93 says:

    BC – This is one of the few times I disagree with you. Do I like or agree with what Schultz is doing – No. If this situation isn’t corrected in the next CBA everyone will be the losers, but IMO retaliation is not warranted.

    There are various articles about why he changed his mind about signing with the Ducks. My best guess is he wanted to go to a Cup contendor with a better reputation for good treatment of it’s players.

    I do recall the mess that Murray made of the negotiations with Bobby – I believe something was published in the Ducks OCR blog – but won’t spend any time looking for it.

    I think it was in an article on over the weekend – Brian Burke had just traded a player – their goalie I think and how he spoke of the youngman and the teams involved was classy. It is a quality that Murray lacks and others in the league know it.

    To read the difference – read the way Murray spoke of trading Visnofsky. Not one word of thanks for what Vis did for the team, not one word of best wishes for his future, instead when asked if this was about money, he said something like “we chose to spend our money in a different way”. Rude, thoughtless and stupid – at best. How do the owners put up with this!

    So now ask yourself – you’re a young player – highly spoken of and with many suitors – What would you do if the current CBA allowed you to go to another team.

    If anyone deserves a “face wash” – it’s Murray, though my preference would be a well placed kick.

    • Hmmm, a wall placed kick would be a backwash, no?
      The rumors and speculation suggest Schultzie is going to a Canadian team.
      BTW, Ken Holland has to replace Nik Lidstrom & Brad Stuart on the Red Wings D. Not as daunting as replacing Pronger & Niedermayer but for the first time since drafting Lidstrom in 1992, Holland has to rebuild his blue line. Suter & Schultz would be a good start.

  4. bbdux93 says:

    More like a butt wash – 🙂

  5. bbdux93 says:

    Way too funny – I walked away and realized what you said….LOL

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