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via NHL Trade Report

Matt Carle and the Tampa Bay Lightning have entered into a contract, ending any chance Carle dons a Ducks uni this fall. Matt is returning to where his career began when he was mentored by Dan Boyle. Deft move by Bolts GM Steve Yzerman.

Minnesota Wild Sign Ryan Suter And Zach Parise

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Pierre LeBrun is reporting also here that Free Agents Zach Parise and Ryan Suter have decided to sign with the Minnesota Wild.

Pierre LeBrun is reporting that both Parise and Suter’s deals are for $98 million over 13 years.

Ren Lavoie is reporting that Parise’s deal is for 13 years.TSN is reporting that Suter’sdeal is also for 13 years.

Financial terms have not yet been disclosed but reports are that Parise’s deal was “close to 100 million”

We will continue to update as details come out.

Mikko Koivu is the happiest guy in Finland today. Ccheck what this does for the Wild on ES:
on the 1st Unit PP:

Look for Heatley to thrive in a Teemu-like role.

In other news…

Jaromir Jagr Part Deaux –

Dallas Stars have announced signing JJ to a one year contract. No doubt they’ll be looking for him to do for Loui Eriksson, Jamie Benn and newly acquired Derek Roy as he did for Flyers Claude Giroux last season. Realizing your talent potential in the NHL is a lot for a young guy to shoulder.  Stars have added a couple of great “have been” guys in Jagr and Ray Whitney.

In Ducks news…

BruinDanny of Anaheim Calling’s I-team penned a must read post headlined, Boudreau Addresses Fans…

There’s back story to the “Bobby Ryan: Move me” chatter that we can finally share. Essentially this blog has it right. The B Market Bozo of a reporter, Randy Miller at the Camden, NJ based Courier Post, took what Bobby said totally out of context. A source close to Ryan has told this blog that Bobby has met with Bob Murray and the our GM gets that the reporter absolutely embellished and misrepresented what Bobby told him.
After his exit interview with Coach Boudreau, Bobby told everybody he was excited that Coach intends to build around a line around him. Asking rhetorically, “Can you imagine how good I’m going to be after a full year under this guy?”  Does this sound to you like a guy who asked for a trade? So what does Murray do about all the offers he’s getting for Ryan or Getzlaf? He listens…to be continued.

Oh, if Randy Miller ever decides to man up and make things right with Bobby Ryan, I’ll rent the rink so they can settle it on the ice. In fact I’ll fire pucks into a corner where they can battle and see who gets the biscuit 😉

NHL/NHLPA split the baby talks

From Puck Daddy –

New Puck Daddy: NHL, NHLPA complete first day of ‘cordial’ talks; where have we heard that before? 

  1. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Can you say cha-ching North Stars? I mean holly Wild Fletcher… Approximately 23% of your cap for 13 years on to two players… Wish you all the best except against our Ducks.

    Hope you are correct with the Bobby drama…he needs to remain a Duck.

  2. tearingitup says:

    In the back of my heart and when my eyes were closed, I saw Parise wearing a Ducks jersey. I was hoping for the best and expected the worst( maybe not the worst)….after all he could have gone to the Kings or Detroit. At least now he can unite with his buddy

    • bc says:

      And Zach and Suit are going home to play hockey for a $100million each. Can only wish them well except when they play our Ducks. Jeez, yer right tearingitup, thank gawd it wasn’t L.A. or Detroit 🙂

    • czhokej says:

      I was also hoping for Parise or Suter (or both) to wear Ducks’ jerseys. But for 13 years?????
      Any news whom we are trying to get?

      • bc says:

        Hey cz & tearingitup, Too tired to search it up IIRC, Doan has been quoted as saying he wants to stay out West. What he hasn’t said publicly is that he’s 35 and hasn’t won anything but respect. The 16 games post season games he enjoyed this are as many as saw action in over the previous 11 seasons combined. The WCF is his first shot at going deep enough to think Stanley Cup.
        Are we a Cup contender with Doan? Probably not. We still need to do some work on the blue line. Of the available UFA’s Matt Carle might be a great fit. Of the players said to available Keith Yandle is another fine puck D-man. We have to trade for Yandle though. There will be competition from everywhere.
        Would Lydman, Palmieri or Etem and mid round Entry Draft pick be enough?
        Teh good news is it looks like we’re two players, a power forward and a puck moving D-man away from making a deep playoff run.
        Had a long chat with a Bud about the center situation. I’ll put that together together over the next day or two.

  3. tearingitup says:

    No real impact players left to sign….same ole same ole. Next season start with baby steps…first: come out of the starting blocks with passion…second , try to make the play offs. third: beat the Kings….HAPPY 4TH

  4. tearingitup says:

    I was thinking he would resign with the Yotes…….would respect BM if we could get him

  5. bbdux93 says:

    One of Murray’s challenges may be signing some one who wants more than Getz or Perry.

    Suter and Parise may have said they wanted to “go home’ but I’m inclined to believe the $20m signing bonus and 13 year contracts played a big role in their decision.

    These long term contract don’t make much sense to me – look at the Luongo mess.

    • bc says:

      THN’s Ken Campbell thinks a term limitation will be negotiated in the new CBA. Thus the rush to extend now. You probably know this bb, but for those contract rookies, bonuses are amortized into the cap hit over the length of the contract. Otherwise bonuses would be a cap circumvention and challenged.

  6. bbdux93 says:

    Sorry for the typo – following $20m it should read signing bonus

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