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Posted: 07/08/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

In the immortal word s of Alanis Morrisette, Give ’em what they want:

Via google news service –

Ice Stephens is reporting that our Ducks have signed former Kings prospect Corey Elkins. The signing was announced by Elkins’ agent via Twitter. Our Ducks have yet to confirm. The 6’3″ – 216# center played last season for Pardubice HC in the Czech Republic. Look for the late-bloomer to provide stiff competition to Nick Bonino and Peter Holland as they audition for TOI as 3rd and 4th line center.

Andrew Koll at Hockey’s Future reports Numerous Anaheim prospects experienced breakout 2012 seasons.

Sens could be in the hunt for Bobby Ryan. File this one under fantasy unless we’re talking Erik Karlsson. OTOH, Ryan Getzlaf for Jason Spezza might be worth some chatter.

Paul Stastny could be a great center for Bobby Ryan if either Bones or Holland don’t pan out. Ryan for Stastny though? Kinda defeats the purpose but here it is from an AVS perspective on Bleacher Report.

BackCheck’s Blog Reality Check, why would any team trade for Bobby Ryan when Shane Doan could be available as a UFA? Now you know why I mock gossip and speculation. Most of it doesn’t pass the laugh test.

Via NHL Trade Report

According to various Arizona based media reports Shane Doan has been talking with prospective Phoenix Coyotes owner Greg Jamison.
Doan has thus far refused to talk to teams as he wants to see what will happen in Phoenix. A decision is supposed to be made by Monday as that is the supposed deadline for a deal between Jamison and the NHL. Doan has been a member of the franchise since its days in Winnipeg and established roots in the Phoenix area but will start listening to other offers if the ownership situation is not resolved by Monday.

Philadelphia Flyers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Pittsburgh Penguins, Detroit Red Wings, Tampa Bay Lightning and Senators are amongst a group of teams that will make a pitch for Ryan. The Ducks may also have to clear salary off the deck to sign Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry.

BackCheck’s Blog stands by its reports that Bob Murray has also heard inquiries about the availability of  Ryan Getzlaf.

Our most enjoyable Ducks to watch is Ducks Power Play Girls. Lucky Eric ‘Ice’ Stephens snagged this assignment for the OCR Ducks blog. We just lost some viewiers 😉

  1. czhokej says:

    1. Corey Elkins; he was bothered by groin injury last season, but scored 6 goals, had 7 assists in 26 games in the Czech top league. He missed the play-offs, but his team won the championship. He has a good size and plays physical, and he could be part of our shut-down line, but he can score too (or energy line, if we try to build one?). There is my problem: Teemu and Koivu = 3rd line, BR + somebody=-2nd line, Getzlaf (oh) and Perry = the top line (?). It means 3 spots available there (Devante, Cogliano, Beleskey?).
    2. Paul Stastny (good scoring touch, excellent in the face-off circle) would be a nice fit with Bobby Ryan (but please do not trade Ryan).
    3. (Party-boy Getzlaf) I have nothing against the fun and parties, but when we pay somebody 5 mills, I expect that person to perform on the ice.
    4. I do not know too much about today’s state-of- the- art coaching philosophy, but I feel we need a good shut down line. Do we have a manpower for that?

  2. czhokej says:

    “Steve Palumbo posted that Eklund was saying the Toronto Maple Leafs were very interested in Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf.
    Since the first round of Ryan rumors, Palumbo have said trading Getzlaf was the better option. Sometimes trading away the captain of sinking ship can help the ship remain afloat.
    Getzlaf had a statistically awful season in 2011-12, but it goes beyond that. The Ducks captain has never been the swiftest of skaters and last season he looked as though he could barely move out there. He was beat to pucks and caught out of position on several occasions. Pretty tough to watch from the Ducks supposed top-line center.
    He is a fan favorite and those are the toughest players to trade. I’m not sure what Anaheim could get in return for Getzlaf, but a change of scenery could do him and the team some good.”

    I do not disagree, but there is more to Getzlaf’s problems than slow skating and being caught out of position “on several occasions”. I would say that during the whole season, he was in the right position “on several occasions”. His passes found the right person “on several occasions” etc.

    Losing Bobby Ryan would be a real disaster for the Ducks.

    • bc says:

      Part of Getzlaf being a fan favorite is he is the fair haired boy in the franchise. Our Ducks are heavily invested in Getzlaf achieving the greatness we all believe is in him.
      The other night NHL Network had special on the 60’s Blackhawks. Stan Mikita and Bobby Hull won a Cup at a very young age. Hull now says they thought it would be easy to repeat. They never won another though.
      Not only did success, the Cup and Olympic gold come easily to Getzlaf, one could make a good argument that he was passenger on those teams. He certainly was on Canada’s gold medal team. In many ways Getzlaf had the road paved for him whereas Bobby Ryan had to earn it and re-earn it.
      part of that is the big man bias in hockey. big guys have to prove they can’t play while smaller guys have to prove they can.
      As far as Getz goes, I think he’s proven can play. What he hasn’t shown is the desire to be the best he can be.
      None of this makes Ryan Getzlaf a bad person. it makes him human. I’m not convinced he wants it. Obviously he wants the perks but does he want the perks badly enough to put in the work such that he can continue improving his game?

  3. czhokej says:

    From Bruce Ciskie: “I have no earthly idea why Bob Murray would ever think that trading Ryan is a good idea, especially given the mass exodus of stars from Anaheim in the last three or so years.”

  4. bbdux93 says:

    cz – The last line in your post about Bruce C – says all that we have been saying here for at least 2 years. Where in the heck are the owners!

  5. czhokej says:

    bc, what are the chances Getz will realize that talent is only a small part of success. Does he have enough intelligence and will power to discipline and motivate himself ? It looks like he has dexterity and skills, but quite often he doesn’t think straight.

    bb, I am afraid that the owner doesn’t know anything about hockey, otherwise he would have had stepped in.

    • bc says:

      Basing this comment solely on his play one does wonder about Getz’ Hockey IQ. Are the giveaways a result of his trying to do the impossible or is just tossing the biscuit into a no man’s land because he’s a slacker? I’m neither close enough to Getz or academically qualified to give an opinion.
      That’s twice you’ve stumped me this week cz. I like my hockey Q’s like I like my women. Easy 😉

  6. bbdux93 says:

    cz I won’t venture a guess at the amount owners have invested in this hockey team, but I’m thikning it must be a lot. No smart businessman I’ve ever known could be accused of not knowing much about the business they’re investmented in – it just doesn’t make sense.

    IMO the owners are being fed a lot of non-sense by management and haven’t – or for some reason can’t – see through it. The mess that Murray has made just can’t be so obvious to people on the outside and not be recognized by those who should know.

    • bc says:

      ‘Scuse the butt in bb. Henry Samueli has been called loyal to a fault. That could have something to do with his ignoring what seems to us and many fans and especially hockey people, common sense or practical business logic.
      Jeez, I wish somebody would let me make as many million dollar mistakes as Samueli allows Barstool Bob. Instead of my waxing whimsical though, maybe we should put that to Retired Hockey Mom 😉

  7. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Some more fuel for the fire boys,

    Let’s look at this objectively…

    Captain: Getzy has motivation issues (everyone does at times).We all have witnessed the type of player he can be. Therefore, the question to ask, how does he become motivated again? And what have we learned to avoid complacency to settle in again with Getyz and future players? Perhaps shorter contracts (i.e. Penner with LA, 1 year). I anticipate Getyz to be motivated this season as his contract is up.

    Ownership: The Samuels have not been successful businessman because they jump into an industry without understanding what it takes to succeed. It is a numbers game…so let’s briefly do some math. They are not going to sign unproven players to crazy contracts. They signed Scotty to a 27 million 4-year deal with three Stanley Cups under his belt (he was proven and well worth it). Perhaps they told Murray to sign players to short term contracts for the least amount. I believe, during Murray tenure, he has not signed any players for longer than three years.

    Management: Perhaps Murray is doing exactly what he has been directed to do with the funds available. Perhaps the reason he is still around is because he plays ball with management. I no longer hold Murray solely responsible for or continued failure. FYI, he signed a 4-year contract extension in 2011.

    The bottom line: there is no one specific reason for our continued failure. If you want things to change stop renewing season/mini plans. Nothing speaks change more than empty seats. I understand that the Samuels have a business to run and if the numbers don’t work why continue spending. Perhaps we the fans have champagne taste on beer budget? Perhaps we are a big right-off? Too many unknowns… However, there comes a point in our southern California market that if you continue to fail you become second rate news and we don’t want that to happen to this organization!

    Final thought, we obviously passionate for our team and the sport hence our dialog. We want nothing more than for this team to compete year after year for the cup. The key is getting the key players and management to want the same thing year after year…this is a challenge for any successful business/organization!

    • bc says:

      Curious about your thoughts on how ownership has treated its two GMs. There is definitely more, “quietly behind the scenes” input or flat out direction given Bob Murray than was given Brian Burke. I’ve never believed the decision to un-retire Scotty and trade Chris Pronger was Burke’s decision. That kind of “quietly behind the scenes” direction may have been part of the reason Burke left. Also, Burke had a blank check. Not just in terms of spending to the cap either. Burke’s office had a blank check. Not so for Murray. We call him Bargain Bob for a reason. Sometimes budget constraints force him to trade at the discount window. One the thing the budgeting evidences is that ownership has significantly less faith and trust in Bob Murray than it did Brian Burke. To what extent, if any would yougetwhatyouputin say this has contributed to the performance of recent Ducks teams?

      • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

        Let’s dissect this a little further…Samuels and Burke era began in 2005. Perhaps Burke was given the blank check/green light to make a statement that Anaheim is a competitive team and the team will remain in Anaheim (I recall some talk about relocating the team). We were competitive and won the cup shortly after. I would have to agree that in comparison to Burke, Murray has short strings. However, after six years of ownership experience if they had so little faith in Murray why did they renew his contract in 2011? Perhaps they renewed his contract because they have an understanding that it’s more of a business and winning the cup is a bonus…this approach works in markets like Toronto that have yearly sellouts and nose bleed seats that cost $40 regardless of the outcome. Hope I’m wrong and Murray signs/trade that makes us better.

  8. bilverado says:

    One would hope that our crosstown rival’s recent success would light a fire under the entire organization. On the other hand, you have to have the smarts as well as the willingness to make the trades and build the pieces. With the Justin Schulz mess and other things this past couple of years, you have to wonder if there isn’t a black mark on the organization. Maybe Murray brought the Blackhawks’ curse with him.

    How long do you give a player like Getzlaf to prove his worth? I think he’s had more than enough time on this last contract. I’m afraid he’s going to go out and have a good enough year that we’ll hitch ourselves to his wagon for another contract and end up going through the same routine for two-three more years. And if he does go, will Perry want to stick around?

    • bc says:

      Your fear of hitching our wagon to Getzlaf is shared. Getz for Spezza? Getz for Stastny +? Getz for Giroux? Notice you don’t see Pears name in there bilverado.

  9. czhokej says:

    I have read that Toronto is interested in Getzlaf. And now I even do not care what we can get for him in return.
    Remember, we are talking about the guy who was leaving the night club in Helsinki at 3 AM – during WHC! And it is alleged that Getzlaf threatened to beat up a group of men and said, “I can knock all of you out in 3 minutes, I’m the captain of the Anaheim Ducks.” (What a captain!)
    I judge people by their actions, and those support my negative opinion of Getzlaf and Murray. It’s possible that our GM was given some orders behind the scenes, but to build an average team (or below the average) is bad business. You save on expenses, and then there is no revenue.
    Last season I went to see 6 or seven games. It’s not cheap, and I did not get my money’s worth.
    Other fans will feel the same.

    • bc says:

      Any trade with Toronto has to start with Jake Gardiner and Morgan Reilly. The problem is Leafs don’t have a serviceable center they can ship back.
      A 3-way trade would be necessary.
      If Leafs could acquire one of say Habs Tom Plekanic, AVS Paul Stastny or Bruins Patrice Bergeron, that would give us, as the song goes, something to talk about.

      Fowler, Sbisa, Gardiner and Reilly would solidify our D going forward. The centers are all relatively young enough to serve as the #1 until either Holland or Rackal is ready or we draft or trade for the next #1 center.
      BTW, did you read Eric Stephens compare Getzlaf to Sidney Crosby in his Ducks A-Z. Jeez, Ice has always impressed me as possessing a sober, deliberative intellect. Maybe it was a slip of the keyboard 😉

  10. bilverado says:

    July 1st has come and gone, and no final word on Teemu. Is this good news or bad news?
    I’m good with either way he goes, but would like for the team to have some time to consider their next move if he decides to follow Nick Lidstrom out the door.

    • bc says:

      Hey bilverado, here’s what this blog reported on 4/23/2012:

      My take is that Teemu will be back. I hear in his voice a feeling of unfinished business associated with this team. He really does, like the vast majority of us, believe this team is better than its record. Secondarily, is the personal milestones, not the least of which is a 20 year NHL career as opposed to a 19 year career. He’s already the top Finn to have ever played the game. In a few categories, Selanne’s accomplishments stand alongside all time greats like Gordie Howe, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Mike Bossy, Guy Lafleur, Marcel Dionne, Phil Esposito, Brett Hull and yeah, Jarri Kurri.
      You can bet that when Teemu makes the decision, Sirpa will take a deep breath alongside him and commit for another season. And 2012-13, assuming no lockout, will be his last. Just a guess but at the end of the day retiring from a playoff team is a whole lot more satisfying than the present. Especially when Flash is still part of the solution.

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