Quick hits: In defense of Bob Murray and a bag of chips

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via Ducks Daily Blog

As you have probably noticed, a “Fire Ducks’ GM Bob Murray” petition has been making its rounds through the twitterverse lately, fueled by writers over at Anaheim Calling. It recently picked up even more steam when Puck Daddy spotlighted the endeavor. As of the time of this writing, it has gathered over 300 signatures.

Dobias chronicles the positives that have occurred under Murray’s watch. It’s a good read.

via BackCheck @SlashSkater on Twitter –


Hey Jared, as a law clerk your eloquent, though half-hearted defense of Barstool Bob is the best I’ve read to date.
It is the conventional view that Burke left our Ducks in a cap-challenged mess, we don’t know what Burke would have done to resolve it. IE, I can’t imagine Burke trading Pronger, maybe he would have let Scotty retire if not for Henry “working quietly behind the scenes” Samueli.

Note: It isn’t necessary to always agree with somebody to appreciate their talent. Jared Dobias at Ducks Daily is a fine advocate.

In other news…

a real trade happened yesterday and none of the Gossip Girls had predicted it. St. Louis Blues sent depth forward BJ Crombeen and its 4th round Entry Draft pick in 2013 to Tampa Bay Lightning for the Bolts 4th round picks in 2013 and 2014.

Various corporate media sources are reporting interest in Dallas Stars power forward Brendan Morrow. File this as plan D for those teams not acquiring one of Shane Doan, Rick Nash or Bobby Ryan. Ducks fans will recall that Coach Babcock slotted Morrow alongside Perry &  Getzlaf on Canada’s 2010 gold medal Olympic team.

NHL Trade Report reveals Rick Nash’s shortlist of teams he’d accept a trade to is reportedly the Detroit Red Wings, San Jose Sharks, Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Boston Bruins, and the New York Rangers.
I believe it kinda, sorta as the list makes sense. It still has the feel of a “Mom Gives Birth to Alien Love Child” tabloid story. 

  1. Jared Dobias says:

    Thanks, I appreciate it. I also appreciate when people can respectfully disagree. Take care.

  2. czhokej says:

    This comment is for Jared Dobias, I just hope that he comes again to our blog. For our regulars, there is nothing new, I have posted these things before.

    Verba contra “Robert Murray”.

    He did not earn his job, he basically inherited it. He did not have any accomplishment in the past. (Quoting backcheck : “Finally, it is Murray’s record as GM after seven years, three in Chicago and
    four here. His teams have made the playoffs twice and won one series.” (When we still had Pronger and Niedermayer).

    We must agree that Burke left a mess behind him. But there were other solutions available. Murray let some players go, and then signed up some others (not even of the same quality), for the same amount of money. Many trades were quite questionable. There was some preferential treatment of several players. On the top of it, Bob M. made several insulting statements about the players in the past, when defending RC and his coaching style, and then shipped people out like cattle.

    He was not able to recognize in time that RC’s strategy and system were poorly designed (starting in 2008), which looks like lack of common sense, or hockey intelligence. In fact he defended Carlyle (his friend) to the very end.
    February 19, 2009 : “I’m sick and tired of that question, and I want to be perfectly clear about that,” said Murray. “When a team struggles, everyone goes after the coach. I think it’s ridiculous. If the players are waiting for him to be gone, a whole bunch of them will be gone before he is.”
    Murray’s statement from November 2009 (November 2010 statement was very similar): “Randy’s not going anywhere,” Murray declared in a very public vote of confidence. “If our players are thinking they’re going to use that as an excuse – because you know that’s what happens – well, the heck with that. There are going to be a lot of players out of here before he’s out of here.”

    Eventually he proved himself wrong, firing Carlyle.

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