Welcome Coach Nye

Posted: 07/15/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

BackCheck’s Blog is honored to announce a new affiliate, Coach Warren Nye’s Ultimate Hockey Source to our growing community. Check out this instruction video on how a D-man picks up his check and stays with him going back.
This is textbook Scott Niedermayer. Notice at the end when the D lets the puck go and stays with his check? We often chat about the first man takes the man, support player scoops up the loose biscuit. Coach McShane takes us through this excellent example.

The Minnesota One on One is what Cam Fowler is struggling to execute at the NHL level. It’s the primary reason for his high minus stat. Cam gets beat for trying to do much. He’ll often attempt a pokecheck looking to force the turnover and go into transition. This ain’t Junior Cam! Stick to the basics. Execute one thing at a time. First pick up your check, (2) ride him off the puck, (3) trust your teammate to scoop up the loose biscuit and get it back to you, (4) Just like Big Bang’s Sheldon Cooper in his Flash get up you Zoom, Zoom up ice in transition.

Coach Nye’s blog and instruction videos are straight up. The way hockey is meant to be played and tactics properly executed.

  1. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Get source of information…like the roster status check!

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