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Posted: 07/16/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

With all but one significant game changing UFA signed, a sticky arbitration with Nick Bonino avoided and the signing of our Finnish Flash for his 20th season, our Ducks roster is fairly settled for the moment.
Shane Doan has informed the Phoenix Coyotes that if the ownership issue isn’t settled by end of business today, then he’ll start reviewing offers in earnest. We have no news as to Ducks status in the courting of Shane Doan. Jeez, it’s time like this that I miss the candor of Brian Burke most. At least with Burkey Ducks fans always knew where the team stood on the major news stories.
Under Murray, even inconsequential information such as have we at least sent Doan the Anaheim Ducks promo pack is labelled Top Secret – Eyes Only.  Crimminey!

While nothing is engraved in stone and we can expect a surprise or two from Coach Boudreau. Still, the roster is settled such that we can take a mid summer peek with the caveat that deductive logic is anything but an exact science.

Unless it comes via trade, there’s no reason to expect a breakup of the Perry-Getzlaf. The question is, who rides shotgun? If we import a winger for the Twins Shane Doan and Brendan Morrow should be leading candidates. This is a makes too much sense of no-brainer proportions, which is also why it won’t happen.
Look for Devante Smith-Pelly to be given an extended top line audition at camp. He’s got the right skill set. Not as fast as Chris Kunitz but Gabby won’t have to light a fire under his butt like Randy Carlyle did with Dustin Penner. DSP is exactly the kind of low-maintenance player every coach appreciates.
Pushing Devante will be Emerson Etem, Patrick Maroon and Matt ‘My Homey” Beleskey.
Someone always surprises with a good camp. Our under the radar possibles include Luca Caputi and Max Friberg.

The Finn Twins, Teemu Selanne and Saku Koivu are also joined at the hip. Even after 19 and 16 seasons behind them respectively, our Finn Twins are among the top give and go combos in the NHL. Given the competition for #1 give and combo includes the likes St. Louis & Stamkos, Malkin and anybody, Datsyuk & Zetterburg, our guys are right there in that conversation. Bobby Ryan has to be considered the leading candidate, Andrew Cogliano did well alongside Sak & Flash last season. Others in the running include the aforementioned competitors for the top line opening.

Bobby Ryan was thrilled to learn that Gabby intends to build a line around him next season. Silver asked rhetorically, “Can you imagine how good I’m going to be after a year under this guy?” Yeah, we can Bobby. So much so that we’ll set your OV/UN at 40 goals next season.
Nick Bonino and Peter Holland will wage a fierce battle for who centers Bobby.  Newcomer Corey Elkins will push them both. Jeez, that spot has to be worth at least 25 assists. RW could well go to Emerson Etem followed by Kyle Palmieri, DSP or one of the depth forwards if one picks it up a notch.
My hunch is Peter Holland takes it in a tough call but along about November/December/January we’ll be very glad Gabby followed his instincts.

Brad Staubitz is a lock at 4th line RW. Bonino will center due to his one way contract over Elkins. Beleskey is the leading candidate at LW.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the back line and goaltending. Unless of course, yougetwhatyouputin decides to take that on first.

  1. bigducksfan says:

    Heard an internet rumor that Doan wants to stay out west with the Kings, Sharks, and ‘Nucks as the short list. If the Kings get him I’ll have a complete wicked-witch-of-the-west meltdown.

    • bc says:

      Hey BigDucksFan, if I buy the video app will you upload the meltdown? Kings, Sharks and Nucks are the conventional wisdom choices. Anaheim offers an easier commute for Doan to visit with family. Souray is here in large part for that same reason. True our Ducks have some huge questions but Doan’s presence is also a huge answer to completing the top line or on a line with say Ryan and Holland. If Cam Fowler has the kind of statement making season Luca Sbisa made last year. If Getzlaf exorcises his evil twin Getzloaf, these Ducks ain’t too shabby.

      • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

        If I were Lombardi I would not want to mix up what has fallen into place. Adding a power forward (Doan) may negatively impact the chemistry…Anaheim would be a great fit and Doan may just give us the spark we need as a gritty forward. Murray make it happen!

  2. czhokej says:

    I am skeptical, because somehow I do not believe that Murray can complete a big acquisition deal. And the Ducks are not a Cup contender (or are they?), which could appeal to some players..
    Getzlaf and his behavior on and off the ice might be another deterrent (huge number of giveaways, below the average FOs, poor positioning, questionable communication and people skills, etc.).
    I do not feel (expect) that our youngsters (forwards) will do what PPG line did in 2007.

    • bc says:

      Jeez, no way are these Ducks a Cup contender cz. Sure, the on ice leadership has shown itself able to part of a great team, Getzlaf has also shown that he lacks the parts to lead a great team. Remember the Olympics? Yzerman and Babcock held an open spot while Getz rehabbed his wonky ankle. Remember the collective roar from St. John, NFLD to Vancouver, BC on the announcement that Getzlaf would play in the Olympics? Everybody thought so highly of Ryan Getzlaf that they even tried moving Sidney Crosby to wing so that Getz could center the top line. Then they watched in muted shock as the promise that is Ryan Getzlaf became the reality of a demotion to 4th line center. Perimeter players like Joe Thornton and Ryan Gertzlaf need finishers like Marleau and Perry to be effective. The converse isn’t necessarily true. Perry has always done well when Getz is out of the lineup. Marleau was already a 30 goal scorer when Thornton arrived in San Jose. Interesting to note that the two greatest play makers of all time, Wayne Gretzky and Adam Oates were never accused of being perimeter players. Each went into the heavy traffic, scooped up loose biscuits and found a teammate in scoring position. This is why you can’t build winners around perimeter players. Their style of play screams that they aren’t willing to pay the price necessary to win. As he is, Ryan Getzlaf is a fine 2nd line center. Just don’t mistake him for a Ron Francis or Rod Brind’Amour. He just doesn’t have the heart for it.

      As for the kids? Hope springs eternal cz. No doubt it will have painful moments. We watch in absolute amazement at what challenges kids as they grow and learn. For example, who would have thought Cam Fowler would have such a time mastering the Minnesota One on Oneat the NHL level? In my day we called it picking up your check. Not doing it was the quickest way to a seat on the end of the bench or worse. Today there is more reliance on teamwork. You can tell a Francois Beauchemin or Toni Lydman not to let his check or Fowler get behind him out there 😉 Sometimes guys play together long enough to work that out for themselves as well.

      Will our Ducks have more success next season than last? To achieve that Getz needs to rebound. We need two scoring lines behind the top line. One is built on Teemu & Sak. The other on Bobby Ryan. A fourth line, often called the Energy Line will be more an Attitude Line four 2012-13 Ducks. With Brad Staubitz anchoring the ‘tude line and big boys like Souray and Allen in support, the snarl is back. Following the ES is the PP. With Gabby committed to building an ES line around Bobby Ryan, will he also build the second unit PP on his shoulders? If so, will Coach give the 2nd unit enough TOI to be successful? Ryan’s supporting cast could include any of Saku Koivu, Peter Holland, Nick Bonino, Corey Elkins, Devante Smith-Pelly, Emerson Etem, Kyle Palmieri, Sheldon Souray, Luca Sbisa, Francois Beauchemin, Bryan Allen or Toni Lydman.

      CZ’s skepticism is appreciated. Otherwise, I would come off as a pie in the sky dreamer. Thanks Bud, for all you do!

  3. bbdux93 says:

    Last off season I predicted a big acquisition and that didn’t happen. Looking at the remaining cap space – even if mgmt reserves $3.5m, we have $17.4m left and only 19 players signed. Something has to happen – what ??? A nasty attitude big forward – like Doan – should helps in lots of ways – can they “sweeten the pie” enough for him to consider Anaheim – another big ???

    • bc says:

      Take a way2be for inspiration bb. Your comment encourages me to consider what we don’t know. Specifically, that is the internal unannounced budget that is set quietly behind the scenes. You’re right. Budget wise our Ducks appear positioned to make a big move. OTOH they might be so situated due to the financial ability of ownership. Samueli’s net worth estimated in the $2b range can go pretty quickly when an asset is losing $20-40m per year. We also don’t know of his liquidity. A third and fourth possibility is that our Ducks are positioned strategically to the uncertainty of the expiring CBA and/or maintaining cap space necessary to sign both Perry and Getzlaf next season. A fifth possibility is that our Ducks are positioned to take on more salary via trade and/or another UFA signing. We know Bob Murray is at least participating in conversations about the availability of Ryan Getzlaf and Bobby Ryan. Projecting that our Ducks enter camp with this roster, the reason(s) could be one of the above or any combination of more than one. The existing cap space could also be for reason(s) not considered here.

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