Tip: Ignore the current media spin on CBA chatter

Posted: 07/16/2012 by bc in Uncategorized
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Update: One corporate media reporter agrees with this blog post. In No surprises in NHL’s offer, ESPN’s Scott Burnside lays it out for the grownups out there.

The A-Z media chorus essentially labeling the owner’s initial offer as a declaration of war is just Town Crier noise on an otherwise slow hockey news day.
As someone who has sat in the room during similar negotiations, I assure you a stone cold pro like Donald Fehr isn’t having any hissy drama fit after the owner’s submitted their initial low ball offer. Jeez, I once packed up my file, closed my briefcase and had one foot out the door when a lender relented and acquiesced on a point.

Each side has already agreed to play next season under the current CBA. The characterizations like declaration of war, lockout looming is just blah blah blah. Don’t take any of it seriously at this point.


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