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Posted: 07/19/2012 by bc in Uncategorized
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Check out Gossip Girl Dwayne Klessel (aka Eklund) whine that he’s tired of Shane Doan pushing back his deadline. Wow, may we never delay a headline to a blogger lest that blogger might diss us in a post. What a crock full of taking oneself too seriously on Klessel’s part. How ’bout bloggers the Gossip Girl begin putting on his big boy or girl britches on leg at a time.
‘Girl’ britches is added because I don’t know of Klessel’s preference in undergarments. At the risk of starting a rumor, I choose non-discrimination as the lesser of two evils.
Shane Doan has extended his deadline out of consideration for the needs of his family and his sense of duty and loyalty to the Phoenix Coyotes. And some yahoo blogger disses him for the sake of a headline? Now you know why I mock hockey’s Gossip Girls so. There’s that plus keyword Gossip Girls gets us a few extra views as well 😉

In Ducks news –

Dave Champion of the The Hockey Writers predicts our Ducks will be better next year than last. You can skip his long-winded rehash of the disaster that was last season, unless of course you like to wallow in the mire, as Jim Morrison once sang.
The real story begins at Why Next Year Will be Different.


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