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The Flyers have signed Weber to a 14-year offer sheet worth $110 million. The Nashville Predators have seven days to match the offer.

If the the Preds don’t match they get the following:

Compensation in the form of draft picks is tied to the average per year cap hit of the offer sheet. It is expected the Predators would receive either four first round draft picks or two first round picks, one second and one third from the Flyers.

I guess some teams have learned nothing from the Luongo contract, and the Dipietro contract,to name a few. THIS IS INSANE

  1. bc says:

    Wow!!! The fallout or sidebar stories are fascinating. The Preds had discussed trading Weber to the Flyers, Red Wings, Sharks and Rangers. Apparently Philly has put those talks to rest.
    For us Ducks fans, we have to ask, where the heck was Bob Murray? According to Darren Dreger, who is quoted in the Making Waves video, our Ducks weren’t even in the conversation.
    From a purely hockey standpoint, would you give up four 1st round entry draft picks for Shea Weber just entering his prime? That’s a no brainer. You do it. Weber, who turns 27 on August 14 has six peak years immediately ahead of him. Each year barring injury Weber provides Norris Trophy caliber minutes. Once more, he’s no slacker and that could well be why our Ducks weren’t in the conversation. Shea simply didn’t want to come here.
    It’s too soon for me to comment if the offer sheet makes good business sense. I certainly appreciate and respect yougetwhatyouputin initial reaction that THIS IS INSANE! This contract as were the contracts to Parise and Suter is a game changer.
    Imagine though, Shea Weber alongside a healthy Chris Pronger and Kimmo Timmonen. Jeeeez!!! Sadly, it doesn’t appear that Prongs will be back. I hope I’m wrong but his prognosis isn’t good.
    As yougetwhatputin noted, the Predators have seven days to match. Can you say rebuild?

    • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

      I can only imagine…Burke will be heading the fallout, LOL…As usual Bobstool was nowhere to be found. Not even in discussions, sad.

      “ Imagine though, Shea Weber alongside a healthy Chris Pronger and Kimmo Timmonen” —Just hand them the cup.

      A review over the web indicates that the Predators will match. However, it seems impossible as Dreger indicated in his video call that the offer sheet has Weber making 26 million in a season within the 14 year contract. Also, does Weber want to remain in Nashville?

      Regardless, the Preds have been ripped apart…

      What do these contracts and potential contracts mean to resigning Perry and perhaps Getz (if he brings is A game) at the end of the season? Only time will tell…crazy state of affairs.

      • bc says:

        Amazingly U, teams are rushing to do long term deals before the next CBA is ratified. It’s beyond nuts, eh.
        A Wall Street guy once told me that the value of a Stanley Cup win to the Detroit Red Wings was in the neighborhood of $250m. While that number isn’t constant among all teams, it does provide an idea as to why owners appear to shoot themselves in the foot. At the end of the day it’s all about risk assessment. Great posts BTW!

  2. tearingitup says:

    We have not been anywhere close to signing the talented UFAs (as far as I have read) I do not believe we have been in contact with their agents….is BM wishing on a star? Anyway looks like the roster is set for next seasons’ attempt at a fast start out of the gate. I really believed that we were in the mix to sign an A class Norris candidate.If the Preds loose out for Weber…maybe that will be one team we can finish above next season………is that being optimistic?

  3. tearingitup says:

    Once again I will eat my words if we land Doan

    • bc says:

      Jeez tearing it up you’re always putting a rosy blue sky pic on everything 😉 Lots of guys had bad years last season, Alex Ovechkin, Eric Staal to name two. Only one earned a slacker tag though. If you were Shane Doan and had your pick among Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterburg, Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malki, Anze Kopitar or Ryan Getzlaf to skate with, where would you sign?

  4. tearingitup says:

    I understand totally bc……but maybe some disgruntled wife will want out of the Provinces and we can land a beach lover. It happened before

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